The ambush


President trump reverses policy in CHAD. So the CHAD soldiers in Niger retreated back to CHAD in protest leaving a void of limited security in Niger.
Subsequently, very soon after (a matter of days), the US soldiers in Niger not having that added protection from the CHAD soldiers were ambushed in Niger and they were savagely killed.
In those parts of Africa there is a problem with Boko Haram and well as isis fighters on the rise.

This story was first publicized by Rachel

Itโ€™s the Travel ban policy being applied to Chad, who had soldiers protecting the U.S. troops in Niger.

In the midst of trump ranting about Obama and always praising himself. There are crucial activities going on.

North Korea is building missiles to reach New York and Washing DC. The project will be ready in about two months.

That is what trump should be concerned about.


America has reached its crossroads once again with regards to guns. Should they have it or should they not?
As with everything else, money holds as the deciding factor and thatโ€™s sad.
Money has been ruling everything so far and morality is really, out the door and to an extent.
Be that as it may, the question still maintains its merit. Should guns or should guns not?
Some blame the bearers of the gun as the factor thatโ€™s responsible for their actions. Attributing it to their abnormal state of mind, while other blame having the guns as a factor or their actions.
The fact is that in America, it has always been a long-standing debate. But I will interject one more factor into the equation.


Meaning donโ€™t expect to have all Guns and Peace as a package.
You must decide whether peace is more important to you or guns are more important to you.
But you canโ€™t have both. Plain and simple.
You will never have PEACE in this land together with Guns.
As yourself: Did you ever have Peace?
I wonder why.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

The debate

I have been listen to gun debates and I got to say irrespective to what just happened in Las Vegas, the pushback seem to be there.
So I just have two questions for these Macho pro-Gun Slinging senators.
Maybe I am missing something, but remind me why does a regular citizen need an Automatic Gun.

I have seen the sorrow and the horror of what went wrong in Las Vegas.
But do you pro Gun-toting law makers are ever affected by dead Americans savagely killed and laying in the streets, like what happen with in Vegas?
Does DEAD Americans laying in the street affect you?
Answer that Rep Mark Amodei
Every time you apply laws against the freedom of these guns, you will ultimately affect future massacres.

Why are you arming yourself with such enormous fire power?
Unless you WORKING UP to overthrow the United States Government? IDK

America mourns

A horrific incident occurred in Las Vegas at a country music event and many people died.
Our sincerest condolences goes out to families of those who died and our thoughts and prayers goes out to the wounded.
This is the time America mourns its dead and unify itself.

Choose please?

There are many outfits in America each having their unique agenda. Some say separate church and state. Some say worship Satan. Some are even saying in effect, a good dose of doom is good. It can become confusing for a young person trying to make a good life and looking for moral direction.

But maybe that’s what God intended: to give you a sample of both worlds.

Then there is chaos here and chaos there. NFL, Puerto Rican’s stranded for more than a week. Administration running out of control. But with all the smoke, it would be prudent for this entire nation to stop and pray. Pray for yourself and as I said, hopefully you would pray to the almighty God.

In this world at any given instance, one can experience or see from afar, what very had times are, to a point that they would proclaim: this is hell.
At the same time there are luxurious moments that do exist, allowing you to proclaim with a giant sigh of relief: this must be Heaven.
So you had a taste of both situations. Now if you can control your destiny, which would you choose?
Having gotten a taste of suffering, no food, no water, no medication and no immediate signs of relief. Would you still wanna go to hell?
Or would you like relaxing on a yacht having all Worldly problems refraining from entering your domain. Just simply Heaven.

Puerto Rico, I pray for and I hear you, but this current admin is no good. I am sorry. Watching the pictures on Tv made me cry.

Trump has this evil axe to grind with Latinos and he deliberately made them suffer.
Holding up a ship’s waver for days and days while people can’t get food or medications.
Well trump, you accomplished your goal.
You Let them suffer.
You have accomplished your dirt deed, not let have what they need.

The Russian probe

In the midst of the Russian investigation. I have mentioned before that the Russian aren’t done with us as yet. No, no, no. They are working secretly to create chaos in America and with trump in the White House, they already have one foot in the door. If they can create internal chaos even between the races as what’s going on now with the NFL and with the Spanish community. Installing chaos in our agenda and they are experts at influencing the masses. Quiet and slick, but effective. As reports show they are experts at American social media.
America has equal experts here but they are not tuned in to execute such jobs. I think we have to step it up some. Gee, it just occurred to me that we have the wrong president at the moment. We need an American president to activate our intelligent agencies to answer Russian aggressive activities.
We haven’t had an American president in about eight months. Hmm!
But on the bright side, Mueller is working on it.
Houston, we have identified the problem and our man Mueller is working on it.
I am still waiting for the experts to find voter count interference.

Gun toting nazis

Intentionally removed


It confuses me to the understanding that people who don’t believe in God also believes in superstitious activities. They believe in one form of spirituality but doesn’t believe the other. I am lumping superstition as a form of pliable unknown. As an unknown to them, it falls under the influence of spiritual conduct. It’s a low-level spiritual angel, that has been handed down from some implication of the truth. Just goes to show that before the advent of incandescent light, man indulged is a gratuitous amount of spiritual affairs.
Fast forwarding to today, the influence moved over to social media, money and Power. Mimicking a shortcut to the top, omitting the basics.
But realistically, the progress of man spirituality depends on his personal indulgence, while hugging the basics. In essence, creating an infusion with the basics will ultimately ensure a proper spiritual command, with time.
Strengthening your foundation in preparation of future spiritual growth to the, next level.
Which brings us back full circle. If you believe in any spiritual format, then it would be prudent and rewarding to believe in the almighty God. Don’t deny him, because Hell can be a burning torture.

Who needs Jesus????
June 6,
As I have always told you how God works. There was once upon a time and granted, itโ€™s necessary when starting a religion. That the proper mental preparation was imposed upon you as a novice. The positive and holy aspect of looking at situations and at the world, was the platform from which the Christian religion was built. Honor thy neighbor. Help the poor. Love thy enemy, humble yourself to the almighty God. Honor thy father and mother. Donโ€™t do this and donโ€™t do that. So the philosophical approach was introduced to you as your new thinking and it was and still is imperative to have everyone on the same page.
Having the right thought pattern was the key or the most needed approach, not only to live your righteousness lives, but to be accepted to the Heavens and indeed, it is necessary.
The pious mentality engulfed with humility and lamentable attitude was always the door to the next level. But to this date, many will question this approach and many have. They will want to question the almighty father and oppose Him to the very end.
Many have thought; if you grow up in a good family and go to the fine colleges, get a fine education, get a good job. Who needs Jesus?
Have an exotic car, a dog, large house and a cool few millions in the bank. I have reached, said he.
Who needs Jesus?
Thatโ€™s for the poor people, not us the middle class or the rich. Who needs Jesus?
Well the truth is; there is no argument there.
If you believe that you have conquered, then there is no argument there and I am not going to preach you a sermon.
Bad news!
The only very bad news is that when you die, you are stripped of everything because God now takes over.
All that you ever worked for and ever stressed over. All the best schooling and the fine kids and big dog, big house and the cool millions are now taken away.
In essence, you are back at square one.
Well, who cares. It was a nice ride!
Indeed it was, but it isnโ€™t over,
Not at any stretch.
Why? Because you are now the subject of all your actions. Everything that you ever did in life, both good and bad are presented to you.
The big decision has to be made about your next level. Where to allocate you? We have to put you somewhere. Almighty God wants your souls and Satan wants your souls too.
But it isnโ€™t up to you. Where you go next is up to us. Better yet, it all depends on the quality of your soul.
So you are now dead and you stand there stripped of everything awaiting your fate. Ask yourself this question; in your glorious days having fine school, fine job, fancy car, the grand house, millions in the bank. Your attitude told the story: who needed Jesus then!
Remember the phrase ; who needs Jesus? Well, so you are standing there hoping you will be living with the father in his glory. But you didnโ€™t want Jesus when you had everything but you want him now. This subject will be brought up as a Turning point against you and the result may not be good. You didnโ€™t need him then. Donโ€™t think you can live with Him in glorious Heaven after.
Death is just the beginning!
Life on earth was just your big examination.
Eternity is what it is, forever. While your time on earth was just temporary.


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