Savage killing

December 6, 2016 // Uncategorized

We have seen the video and still there wasnt a clean-cut decision on whether to convict this cop or not.
Everyone ought to be on the same page because it ensures proper justice. Not justice for some.
Cases as this undoubtedly give rise to further dreaded “cop killings” which we have seen too often. A frantic situation. It plants an unfair scenario in the minds of the weak, enabling them to take matters in their own hands.
This cop should not be allowed to be set free. The badge and gun shouldn’t allow him to act as an executioner. That’s not his purpose.
This cop is a criminal who hides behind the badge. The worst kind.
Reminds me of Doctor Kevorkian.


December 6, 2016 // Uncategorized

The completion of musol lies soley on president Obama. It can end today or next week. It is all up to him and it’s there for the taking.

Signs of the times

December 4, 2016 // Uncategorized

The world, the world, causing one to hold their head. The situation in the world is quickly becoming a sticky wicket. The road ahead looks perilous, tense and even scary. With the signs of eruptions of war and rumors of war seems to present themselves regardless of where you cast your eyes. One can only bite their nails and await signs of hope. But don’t waste your time, it maybe the sign of the times.
To add fuel to the agony, in the midst of all of this is a very serious matter that’s may evolve into catastrophic conditions.
More to come on this topic…….
For I am just a messenger at the moment.

What just happened?

November 30, 2016 // Uncategorized

What just happened?

Was it a neck breaker or was it mild whiplash? Well, it’s neither because the possibility of trump winning came up periodically, but depending upon whose side you are on, it was automatic to ignore that possibility and that was the stance I took.
I believe it was on two occasions where I indicated a possibility of Trump winning. One was the pass over of VP pick. I referred to Liz as Lady Luck and I also made a comment that if trump tried hard enough he could win.
I also said that to hint you to switch to a higher gear. But who listens?
This now leads us to theorem number two. Was it a world-wide conspiracy?
Most likely it was, with Russia and wikileaks involved, one can instantly draw that conclusion. They feared Hillary.
The question is why did they had to involve themselves in a chain reaction of constantly dowsing emails to keep their fire alive? Involving the unexpected actions by the FBI director who choose not to adhere to policy. Simple! They couldn’t win any other way.
So yes, the unethical fix was on.
There are many questions to be answered here concerning the next step for trump.
Would Trump may have to buy his way to success?
Would Russian love relationship with Trump last or are they heading for divorce before the honeymoon?
What are Russia’s intentions? Hmm!
More to come for the rest of this update.

In the midst of all of this, I have managed to write a piece about all my wounds.
The peculiar aspect is that they are all exact
match to 2000 years ago. Just destiny!

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

The linchpin

June 27, 2016 // Uncategorized

This is my take on the whole issue with UK leaving the EU union. Britain had no idea what they were getting into as a result of the separation.
The point here to note is that, Britain have proved itself to be the linchpin of the world super powers. As a matter of fact, they were holding the entire world together as indicated to me by the heavens.
I know most people would think it was America, but I knew all the time that it was Britain.
Russia is an important force that’s duly noted.
China and India are far too young in growth as super powers.
Having said that, the question is ; Where do we go from here?
I have my thoughts, but I will keep to myself for the time being.
But the question still remains. Could they recover? Could they redo this decision? I don’t think so and it’s not that it’s their fault, but it’s just the sign of the times.
If they force the issue, then I don’t know. It’s not good.
The cycle is coming to an end. I am sorry!

The linchpin has been weakening for some time. It’s just that nobody noticed. Starting from World War One, then World War Two. Now, this……

I have great respect and honor for Britain for its role in the world. They are a great nation.

One more thing: there will be no ” one world order” there will be no one person running the world. That’s craziness. Plus God doesn’t want it.

The people haven’t realized the more they attempt to evade the inevitable, the more chaotic it gets. I have to zip this thing up quickly, so I can start anew for you.
I am trying, but remember the father has the queue.
He runs the show, I am just the physical arm.

This article was sent in by S.

Hey Don….thx for the input, it appears divide & conquer is the ongoing strategy!,The global issues seems to focus on immigration…our currency is well positioned to weather the devaluation of said sterling in UK…as trade will have an impact around the world,further we may even see a domino affect Scotland & Northern Ireland will seek same….possibly the other European countries could follow…wait & see. No one here is warming up to the US front runners,they see one of two evils..with the latest episode in gun violence there,black lives have little value demonstrated by the law & government policy lets view the sit in @ US chambers…!!finally I’m delighted UK has elected to stay in NATO…

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So you thought Benghazi was bad. The children of FLINT is a real Horror story. 10 children have already died and an entire community about 100,000 will be suffering from lead poisoning.
Talk about mass murder.
Playing Russian roulette with the lives of innocent children, as they are Secretly tortured. All, at the hands of a Republican administration.

That’s the price you pay for being poor. It’s a horrible price, but being poor means people in power could take advantage of you and hide behind the power of elected officials. That’s what bullies do to little children who can’t fend for themselves.

What evil lodges in the mind of man to perform such atrocities and go home to your family and eat and drink the best, while those little innocent children have to drink water heavily contaminatied with lead.
Trying to survive with constant itching, coughing and rashes, with the risk of more and more defects including death? Their entire lives have been ruin, because of two years of complete horror.
You should be ashamed of your life Governor.

I don’t think that Hillary Clinton could ever do that to children. No that’s not in her makeup.
She is a mother and mothers protect. They think differently than savage beast.

I haven’t heard anything from Fox News investigating about this news, they rather focus on drip drip emails, every single day, that would amount to nothing.

BREAKING NEWS….let’s not talk about Flint that’s forbidden territory.

Thank you Obsma for coming to the aid of these poor children in one day. Saving them from the powerful Republican administration who was slowly killing them for 2 years.

Let’s all pray for the children of Flint, Michigan.

For I am just st a messenger at the moment.

The weak

January 5, 2016 // lifestyle

It is so strikingly sad to see a United States president sobbing as he gut wrenchingly talks about the deaths of so many helpless, innocent, young lives subjected to unmarked bullets, without emotional and collective concern by the Republican’s or is it?
As if they are living in an alternative universe. A universe where the price of partisan politics seems to creates an undue divide that’s so marked, that lives don’t matter anymore but the guns, the separation and opposition are far more important.
Obama, this moment in time will live in pages of the American History in a light like no other and for this concern for those young precious lives, I too, extend my thanks to you.
Those lives does mater!

They are “the weak” and the Christian teachings ask for their provisions.
The weak, those who can not help themselves.
The young school children who can not even defend themselves.

Where is your compassion? IS the guns your future or the children your future? This is the question that brought Obama to tears.

Help protect the children and stop finding answers that shows your might, because might don’t make you right.

Just as I am

January 5, 2016 // lifestyle

“Just as I am” it’s a beautiful and moving song that has many renditions that attracts Angels, in time. The effects of these song lightens the spirit and transmits the right signals to the heavens. It’s the same thing as standing in a park and singing out loud. You begin to call the attention of those who hears you and relates to your song.
Well, it’s also the same thing with the heavens, you sing out hymns of praises with reverence and it attracts the heavens, in time. By prolonged use, you will harmonize your room or dwelling.
It ultimately calms the mind or minds in the house. It’s the opposite effect of playing satanic music all day long, you become violent and careless, leading up to atrocious actions.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

A good Christian.

December 27, 2015 // lifestyle

A good Christian.

The marks of a good Christian, is one who doesn’t identify or call someone else a liar. Such a person would be called a hypocrite. Such a person has a soul that weighs much heavier than a feather.
Should such a person be tied up and place to rest in the pit of fire, along with their master?
A true Christian knows better for he or she has unwillingly associated themselves with people who would blatantly condemn them and deny them, but will subsequently teach these hypocrites the way.
For those that condemn and deny a true Christian will live with the pain in their hearts. The pain of what they have done to the father. The greatest spiritual crime from within. Such a person should spend an entire life span in repentance.
Don’t condemn the father’s christians, that’s the father’s job not yours and I will always hold that against you.

It’s my job to pick up that condemn Christian, dust her off and place her up high for the world to see, the father’s strength.
I wrote this with loaded eyes, because that’s how I feel about the wrongful condemnation of fellow Christians,.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

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