It suffices to know that I don’t always look at any one particular person, country, or thing.
No, that’s not the way with me.
What triggers me? Well, if I am looking at CNN for example and they are talking about a particular topic or person, then I may further look into it.
Generally, I am usually preoccupied with things happening immediately around me or things I have to do.
If you are thinking that I am constantly looking at, let’s say Kim. Oh no!
So what Kim Jung Un is doing or what Mueller is coming with, may be a total surprise to me too.
So basically, I take my cue from CNN.

Here is a topic that just cross my mind.
Heaven is real. Now, let me explain. Real to some people here on earth or in a courtroom needs the added dimension of touch, to complete the courtroom meaning of real. So by me saying that Heaven is real, may not sit good with courtroom people, but it would sit good with believers.
But some courtroom people are believers too, but while in a courtroom they must separate the two. Courtroom people here are judges and lawyers.
So as I was saying Heaven is real. The Angels are real. There are real people up there.
The spirit world is real.
There are cults out there who will attest to that because they are constantly doing magical works.
On the topic of magic. Well, that’s for another day.



It has been over a year now that we, here at the rang the alarm of Russia meddling in our elections.
I first called it “ the presidency for sanctions” .
Mueller is not done as yet, but today he handed down 13 Russian indictments, for their involvement in United States elections.
However, I still believed that their meddling went as far as deleting actual votes, but it’s yet to be proven or discovered.
The chickens came home to roost.
Thank you Mueller.
Many people haven’t realized the importance of the integrity of the United States sovereignty.
Most people as me, take that very seriously.
I like to cross all my t’s and dot all my i’s, but like I said, it’s not over.
More to come…….

It’s the beginning of lent. If you are a Christian, you should know. Some people make small lifestyle sacrifices in observation of this period.
I know of some people who give up smoking, while others give up drinking, and so on.
But it’s important to note that it is in great earnest and respect that these sacrifices are possible.
So yes, give up doing something and enjoy the discipline. It’s not as hard as you think. Some people give up eating pork, some regular meat.
If giving up taking drugs can be this easy, it would be wonderful. Hey, give it a try.

For this short time, as the weather stands still and the seas are calm. We can reminisce peace. For that’s all that we will be granted, a short interval of peace.
So cherish it before the storm arrives.

What else is going on? The Russians are all over America and their spies are here too. They came in to see, none other than el trumpo.
Who would think that America would get like this. But what brought us here?
Was it the will to die or should I say the will to not live anymore.
America has stoop to new lows. Having no more international respect. It’s no longer the shinning star on the hill.
Gone are those days, but it was all a matter of time. America was brought down by the great Russians, without pulling a trigger.
As if someone said : here it is. Well someone did.
The big looming question is: Could America be saved?
It’s a very complicated answer.
It is worth the effort. Listen! Right now America is torn, right down the middle.
The great fighting force is now fighting amongst itself.
The GOP refuses to protect their democracy.
Yes, it’s very entertaining for the Russians to sit back and enjoy the show.
So they are having everything handed to them on a platter. Theirs for the taking.
Who needs a wall, when the Russian spies come and go at will. They don’t need to jump over any twenty-foot wall.
Trump can also redirect his 26 billion Wall money and buy Russian vodka, so he can entertain his long time friends as they come over.
What a guy!
The Next stop on the train, maybe war with North Korea.
Who knows, that may put a notch in his belt.
Maybe…..or maybe not.

Oh, you don’t need a wall trump, it will cause great problems for you and for the American people.

Song of the week


It’s enjoyable bringing these songs of faith and inspiration to you. Truly, these songs that I recommend, works with continuous listening.
Of course, these songs of faith lightens your load and may even provide answers of long nagging questions.

It is well with my soul, by David Phelps

What crime?

I don’t quite understand how our fellow Republicans are trying so hard to hide the crime that was committed by team trump.
Conspiring with a foreign nation to tilt the election.
They are saying that this scenario is made up by the Dems as being sore losers.
No trump. It isn’t. Many crimes were committed and you are trying to cover it up.

I bring to you accurate news all the time, and I am telling you now, that many crimes were committed.

You talk transparency.
Well let’s talk about that.
1. You refuse to reveal your taxes.
I don’t see much transparency there.
2. Campaign money can not be accounted for.
I don’t see any transparency there.

Another song

This week, I am recommending an old familiar
Song Called: Rock of ages.
This version is beautifully done by: T.Graham Brown, so sit back an enjoy.

It’s ok

This world,… this world. It can be seen as the school of discipline, or is it the school of the damn, or is it the school of Satan, or simply school of the believers and non believers.
I am not here to criticize you, but to merely remind you of the errors of your ways.
If you decide to repent and correct those errors. Then you chances of forgiveness just went up a few notches. If you haven’t, then it’s ok too. The choices you made belongs to you. So it’s ok.
The father’s only concern about you, is that Heaven, belongs to the pure in heart.

The Rapture?

It’s noteworthy that the presence of the second Christ is a mystery to you.
The Almighty God doesn’t want you to know of it.
The Bible doesn’t want you to know of it.
So the church doesn’t want you to know of it either.
But mind you, He might be already here.

The “Dead in Christ” is more of a concern to the father and not so much of the living, and that is due to the entanglement of too much chaos and negative influences in the world. Too many anti-Christ forces.
But what’s most important is that the “Dead in Christ” have already been PURGED and that’s an important factor for entry to the kingdom of Heaven.

This all brings us to a major point. There will be no Rapture and that’s for many reasons.
The Rapture was never brought up in any conversation with Him.
The Rapture is an invention of man and nothing more.
It a misinterpretation of the Bible.
You must obey the laws of nature.
I get it. Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but no one wants to die.

It’s important that ALL souls must be PURGED and that must be through death.
Even the first Christ whom you knew had to die in order to be PURGED of this world.
There is more to Death than people may think. Especially if you have all your ducks in a row and ready for the Heavens.

More to come……

You just never know what we will talk about next. It could be you.

I am contemplation whether to continue this series for lack of audience.
There weren’t too many clicks. If I get 10 thousand visitors per day, then that will be a good reason to continue.

Weapons 3

So many years ago, I was coming back from a long trip from across the seas and I decided to check in with my mom. Surprisingly, I found her at the back of the house painting or touching-up the lower back wall on the deck.
At 90 years old, I thought she would need some help. Don’t you think? Hmm!
So I took over the job and was speeding it up because I noticed dark clouds forming very fast.
So I stopped and started gathering up the materials that she had scattered about.
She is now waiting at the deck door and I had the drop cloth under one arm and the metal paint container with the brush in my other arm. At this point, it suddenly started to rain heavily while lightning was striking at various points in a distant.
As I started to make haste towards the door, starting a distance of about twenty feet, lightning struck and there was a one inch thick lightning rod that fired, right in front of me and froze exactly one inch from my nose and it stood there and I stood still too as I can clearly hear the sizzling.


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