Unbecoming a president

It’s always a sad day when the odor of impeachment hearings fills the stillness of the air.
So some time back and with my tail between my legs, I went on to the supreme father and I said to Him : Father, I know you said I can’t lose, but I feel like I just did. He looked at me and said: You didn’t lose, in time you will see.
I was a tad confused and then He said : You can not lose. You will defeat everyone who opposes you.
My eyes began to load on hearing and I bow my Head in Sanctity, honor and obedience.
The conversation ended.
Days after, it came to me what the Russians did to the elections and I dissected everything again and again and then began to ring the bell.
I rang the bell and I rang the bell.
Shortly after, many started to pick up on what I was talking about in my post.
To make a long story short.
It has been about seven months later and the wrongs have accumulated to form a blockade.
In time I will see, said He, the Father. For we have defeated Satan.
I simply followed His instructions. That’s all, that is all…..that is all.


Trump! There is no one out to get you. You are your own enemy. There are somethings that money can’t buy, like a conscience. You were destroying the lives of poor people.




The bombshell set off by the Washington post is highly accurate. The Russians did read into what Trump said and got wind of highly covert informations. Those Russians agents who visited the White House are extremely clever and are well seasoned spies, so they shouldn’t be there.

So once again  the old man sold out America’s integrity. He don’t get it.  Russia is not his friend. I keep writing this over and over.

Of course the WH would try to deny this ever happened. 

To add to another bombshell. It was Russia who gave the order to fire Comey.

It looks like America can’t seem to shake loose from Russia . Here we have a president who is a really a Russian in disguised and continuously selling us out.

Well I believed that I told you around the middle of the year. So we are now coasting into July and August. Somehow we need to take this country back from Russia.






Why do people read this blog?

If you are that interested or should I say if you are that loyal, then read on.
Everybody seems to be kicking around the word “loyal” these days, so I might as well partake of the fun.
I am not like trump in any fashion, seeking loyalty as he does his devious deeds.
But I would suggest that keep proving your loyalty to God, the supreme father and I will tell you what’s up and what’s down. I will be your eternal friend.
I am just the one carrying all his power.
People often query: what are you doing in the world, Is it time yet? Are we there yet?
With all the wrongs and corruption going in the world right now. One would be looking up to the father for help and I am telling you. He hears you through my post.
I don’t have a private jet as trump, so you have to wait, till i get to where I am going and then settle down.

Ok trump is no JFK when it comes to Kim Jung un, he, trump doesn’t have the courage to take action for America. The true problem is that Russia has grown to be a very strong ubiquitous nation attempting to control every country. Well as the Father have said you can’t do it without me.
So trump you are leaning in the wrong country. You started your presidency making very big mistakes that caused America to be in a pickle.
I warned Trump a long time ago that this world is full of big boys having big toys called nukes, who doesn’t like to be pushed around.
Anyway, your biggest problem right now is Russia who keeps on deceiving you.
You are believing them as they keep laughing at America.
Get it through you head trump, that Russian is not your friend. Your weakness is your friend, money and they know that and have made deals with you because you can’t resist money. So they got you just where they want.
More to come about Kim…


As the world crumbles under trump’s feet, one can only imagine when the next shoe will drop. They simply have to blink and wallah, a shoe falls.

Everyday another chapter in trump’s presidential career seem to unveil. Lies, lies and corruption. Yesterday was the worst, when he brought in Russians into the WH to irritate the media and Americans, risking the planting of spyware, putting America at risk, one more time.
“He went and done it”
I warned trump that firing director Comey was too hot for him to handle, but he learned the hard way that everything that I write on these posts will direct everything in this world. That’s the way the father has set it.
Like I said most times, that I have to read my own writings as if it was written by someone else. Maybe it was.

As everyday goes by, impeachment becomes clearer and clearer.

Trump insulted his way to the presidency and there are some good men in the GOP. Graham, Romney, Bush. Good men! He hit them all, as he would put it.    He made fun of the disabled,  shortchanged the poor, want to  rip healthcare from millions of the American people, war with the Mexicans, war with just about every other country except Russia. But I think there is more to Russia that meets the eye. There were big money transactions between he and Russia. Laundering and other not so proud activities.

He conned the American people.



It seem like “the earth stood still” since Comey was dismissed. They are all riled up and for good reason. The General consensus is to kick it up a notch. Let the investigation proceed like never before. Just when trump was trying to cover it up, it got new energy. It’s important that Russia not meddle in the affairs of our country, especially our elections. That’s totally forbidden 🚫 

America is quite capable of handling its own affairs and every American will support this, except trump who still believes in Russia 🇷🇺. 

I think that Comey was fired because he was about to look into trump taxes. The taxes that he doesn’t want anyone to see.

With the pressure growing on trump and he having no more to throw into the pathway of the investigation on him. Expect him to probably collapse or some related action.


This article was sent in by S.

Hey Don….thx for the input, it appears divide & conquer is the ongoing strategy!,The global issues seems to focus on immigration…our currency is well positioned to weather the devaluation of said sterling in UK…as trade will have an impact around the world,further we may even see a domino affect Scotland & Northern Ireland will seek same….possibly the other European countries could follow…wait & see. No one here is warming up to the US front runners,they see one of two evils..with the latest episode in gun violence there,black lives have little value demonstrated by the law & government policy lets view the sit in @ US chambers…!!finally I’m delighted UK has elected to stay in NATO…

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Don’t start me up.1

I have one question.

I have but just one question for you the smarty pants of the world.
What have you done for the universe?
What have you contributed to this universe?
Take your time and answer.
Should I take a nap now or later?

Well, we build cars and planes and boats.
By the way, those things are considered negatives, because they induce poisonous gases in the air.
So they are not good for the universe, but they are great for man.

Well. We have cities and structures and sort.
These things are only more garbage for the universe to clean up.
So they are only good for you but not the universe.

The question is; What have you contributed to the universe?
The universe is Controlled by the almighty God.
You as man, occupy its vast resources to worship God and be happy.
What have you contributed to the universe?

Well, It seems like you are searching for the answers.
Send in your comments to the question and I will read them all.

Well, we made medicines and sort.
You got it all from here, the universe through Plants.
They were used thousands of years ago before man existed.
The universe have them there for the taking.
(More on this topic, but I love science but there are things that have to be clarified)

Man just found a way to put it in a pill and sell it to another man for money.
Money is a system that man has developed to exchange goods with another man.
It has nothing to do with the universe but negatives, because the ink they use are poisonous and will harm living creatures once digested.
So that’s another negative.

We, we build tv, phones and watches. Again those are negatives because they induce poisons to make them and poisons in the garbage.
What have man done for the universe?
In other words what have you done for GOD?
The supreme father controls the universe.

Well, satan said it was a good idea.

Well, you don’t go to church anymore because you outgrew your church shoes.
You don’t worship or respect God anymore.
What does this have to do with the universe?
Good vibrations my man, good vibrations.
You have Removed religious items from the work place and from schools.
Don’t start me up.
So what have you done for the universe?

I am here only to warn you of what’s to come, not to destroy you or to extend your life.
Instead of you listening to what I have to say, all that you are interested in is to bend the Christian teachings and want to bend the laws of heaven.

Morally, you are destroying yourselves and physically, you are attempting to destroy the universe.
That’s where the world is heading.

You came here to the universe and TOOK from its natural resources and contributed NOTHING.
You took so much that you are now affecting the ecological balance. The fishes, the trees, the ocean and the land. Inducing POISONS to the systems that will take too long to correct.
The universe doesn’t like it when the balance is affected. It reacts adversely.
What’s next?
This is causing the universe to react in an repulsive way by shortening your cycles in an attempt to shorten YOUR stay here on earth.
Ok Mr. and Mrs. anti-Global warming activist. You can not take from the universe, poison it and expect that it won’t react. You are damaging the system. The universe will see you as a complete menace and will react with premature actions.
You are causing a problem.
Mother Nature can be a real witch sometimes. ( you have heard that before).
I wonder why?

He knows that mother nature would kill you and he, satan will collect.
The universe has the authority to kill and it does that very well.
So when you stand there thinking; well, we haven’t done anything to the universe that’s just its normal cycle. You are so sadly mistaken, you have contributed so much to offset the universe that if you had the job to clean it up yourself. You won’t know how to or where to start.

So it’s simple, the universe will comeback at you with what it does best, that is to destroy the menace who is causing the problem.
I wonder who that might be…let me guess.
It’s man?
No couldn’t be.
They are so gentle and honest souls.
Psss! (come closer)….they are like that,…. yes……from a distance.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

Making its mark

Many decades ago, the reunification of the greatest power of all became very important to the supreme father and to me. The day was bright but the weather really had no interference because this entry happened far above the earth. The high intensive blinding mass of unlimited Divine Power source came home to me slowly through the clouds with the words; ” It’s time to reunite you with your Power.”
Escorted by heaven’s best, it was delivered as I stood there quietly in a receptive mode awaiting His continued words.

This is a paragraph taken from the book concerning the journey of my spiritual life, which will be available soon.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

The last time I spoke about this topic, we were focused on money and we primarily centered on the conglamorization of same.
Let me clear up this note. There is nothing wrong with having money and lots of it, but what is wrong is your newly found ATTITUDE towards money, in relation to money and to others.

Allow me to explain even further. Some people on having lots of money look down at other people as not of human quality, depriving them of many things, happiness, healthy living etc.
Other people having lots of money believe that they are above all laws of both God and man.
They also believe that they can buy their way into heaven.
To them I say “fat chance.”
Whatever you do here on earth will either be your blessing or a curse and you will be judged accordingly.

This judgment will inhibit you or allow your entry into the father’s kingdom.
Don’t worry about me for I will be at the table of your judgment.
Oh! Whatever wrong that you do to me here on earth will reflect on your soul. That’s the way He has set it.

One more thing. You better start loving Black people or having a good Black friend, because the father has set it so that Black people have the only chance of a direct connection with the higher powers. You must be of toned complexion to be in a line to receive anything of higher power.
So all the true Angels or martyrs who passed through this world had to have different degree of toned complexion or in other words they were black.
Whether you accept this or not is your affair, but when that bell tolls for you, it becomes very important and you will say; Gosh! He is right.

For am just a messenger at the moment.


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