Does the word coalition rings a bell? You can easily sum up a coalition from numerous countries who are willing to contribute to the control of the situation in Syria.

So you don’t have to relentlessly crutch on to Putin like a wayward child.

You don’t have to take my advise for I am just a softly spoken messenger who is way out in left field. (Some say I’m 99% right and the other 1% for distractions).

I heard a commentator on CNN talking about why Putin has a surveillance ship sitting close to a US ship out in international waters. Alice you have no evidence or idea what you are talking about. (Spewing fake news on CNN)

Listen, that is place there for intimidation purposes. Trump is taking too long to pay up.
Putin gave trump the presidency, so its time to pay up.
You don’t believe me?
Ok simple.
The Congress should prevent trump from lifting the sanctions. Just to prove my point.
Trump would be sweating everyday and probable have a nervous breakdown, because he won’t be able to deliver.

Prove me wrong trump!
Prove me wrong trump!

If you have nothing to do with Russia as you say, then leave the sanctions in place.

Keep the sanctions there for the rest of your term. At least.



There are two people who can do this.
Firstly, the general himself.
The one time friend of Trump.
The man who could have had the greatest job in the world.
The man who was fired by Trump.
Mr. Flynn
Come clean Flynn and do the country some good. Don’t go down like that.
Coming clean would allow you a very honorable exit. Help this country.
Come clean.

Stay tuned and I will reveal the other people.

Trump sold American Democracy for the disappearance of current sanctions but he can’t pay the debt.
So the Russians wants their payment and want it fast, but trump can’t deliver his end of the deal.

So yesterday, Russia flexed their mussels by mobilizing their troops with the intent of intimidation, but still, trump can’t pay his debt.

Russia is getting irritable by the minute and still, trump can’t pay his debt.

I call it high treason but still, trump can’t pay his debt.

He continues to distract the public on other unimportant things and still, trump can’t pay his debt.

Maybe he should resign and save himself from shame and humiliation because, trump can’t pay his debt.

But mind you. He wants to increase the military to defend against Russia, putting young innocent lives at unnecessary risks because, trump can’t pay his debt.

Pick them up!


Stephen miller: Another outrageous trump supporter, who knows more than the Generals, more than the judges, more than the constitution and even more than the founding fathers.
Oops I think it’s time to send for the straitjacket.

The media ought to refrain from entertaining his presence since his statements cannot be substantiated, but only using your platforms to set off improper propaganda.



Dancing to my post

February 11, 2017
Dancing to my post is relevant and keeps me attentive. My continued emphasis is necessary to the pres or sometimes referred to as some of the president’s men.
Anyway, I feel compelled to send out reminders or putting it slightly differently. It’s like dropping little white petals that hopefully would grab your attention in time and be seen as warnings or even whispering reminders.
Things like; Don’t forget to ask about the paying for military support, as was previously brought up, or perhaps saying things as; Don’t forget to buy some nukes. We are running a sale this week, pick them up on your way back, or on a more serious note, perhaps suggesting something like; How about a visit to Pearl Harbor to lay a wreath for those boys, or maybe a local tribute. Hmm!
A trip down memory lane. I still feel for those boys. Hmm!
This is not about tending to your good side, but simply responding to an uncomfortable quote that was made yesterday about. ” Our relationship runs deep”.
That didn’t sit too nicely with me. Just remembering the boys. Sometimes I think you say these things to coverup your short comings. So dinner @ Largo was extremely an overkill by itself, but paying tribute after would really complete a good visit. I am thinking it was in dancing response to the joke about ; the only state that Donald is going to, is the “state of depression”. Trying to hide your real face? Oh “D”, what have you done now?

We have reach a point here in the universe that causes one to sit back and watch from the sideline and watching with great amazement. Evidently, Trump was selected to do a Job.   I guess the father doesn’t want any more delays. By the looks of things who am I to interfere or cause a delay, even though temptation seems so irresistible that one can only bear so little and the anguish causes an outcry with angry outspoken speeches condemning the current actions of the opposition.

So yes, I must learn to ignore and let trump do his thing.
In the interim, I may not be able to help or stop the forthcoming perils of America. Since you have voted and won, then let the chips fall as they may.
As I must exhibit restraint as I should.
What I do think is that Trump should have the backbone and don’t be a wimp. Don’t go running to Putin looking for a crutch to lean on, under the umbrella of fighting Isis together. If president Kennedy didn’t have the backbone, we may not be here.
If Obama didn’t have the backbone, he won’t have gotten Bin laden. None of these leaders had decided to kick America’s intelligence aside and wimp it with a foreign opposition.
Kinda glad I got that off my chest.
So Trump should have the backbone and do it alone. Be a leader, have the backbone and the belly to go out and fight Isis. No tricks or excuses to go to bed with Putin.
Your interest and his interest are two very different interest.
Don’t be a wimp…… a leader.

There should be a law that would force anyone running for the presidency of United States, to reveal his or her taxes.

The wall

The wall, the wall, everyone is talking about the wall. The big question is; How did we get to this point?”
There was once upon a time that the two nations were intertwined. Many Americans married Mexican women and vice versa, giving rise to Mexican-American kids, who grew up in the American culture and made themselves true Americans. So the relationship were so much better, even by today standards. It’s Mexicans who manicured your lawns and babysat your children, while you, the U.S. senators attended sessions. So yes, it is Mexicans who did the work that American wages couldn’t satisfy. What happened? Then came the Mexican-American grievances and history repeated itself, which leads us to our current situation. The Mexican-American standoff, courtesy of president Trump, seeking the American interest through the avenue of dictatorship.
campaign promise? You lost the popular vote which means the majority of Americans didn’t want the wall.

Sometimes you have to cut your losses and move on trump. So do you really need a 25 billion dollar wall?

It brings me back to a story I heard decades ago. If the Americans built a wall, it would cost billions and tie up traffic for years and years. Two Mexicans and a shovel and the wall will be built in a few months flat….. for minimum wage.

And you want to bring back jobs to America. It’s too late and very complicated, Trump. You need the Mexicans!

You are about to make a 25 billion dollar boo boo.

But if you don’t believe me, then go for it and you will realize that it won’t put a dent in your stats.

The world is not a “you are fired gameshow” but true reality with big boys having big toys called nukes and they don’t like to be pushed around.

The world is not totally white trump, but shared wholeheartedly by many different looking people.


Mr. Art of the deal, AKA Trump… and Mexico’s president. Hmm! No deal there.
You would think our closest neighbor becoming our worst enemy.
Speaking about “Hatfield’s and McCoy’s.”
Oh Trump! What have you done now?

One more thing:
When your neighbors turns from friends to enemy, overnight. Be aware that Putin would love to slip right in and install Nuclear launchers.
Of maybe ISIS and Mexico would become bed fellows.
All courtesy of.. you guess it, Mr. Trump.
Careful Trump…It’s clear that you are not that bright!

You are putting this entire country in harm’s way.
Don’t go down the road of being pigheaded!


For I am just a messenger at the moment

It has become quite apparent across the nation that labeling someone who has committed an abnormal crime with some sort of mental issue.

Mental illness is also exhibited from:
Someone’s failure to let go of specific issues.
The inability to accept failure.
The inability to control the media, losing their control to fabricate scenarios that doesn’t put him in his preferred propaganda and this just eats away at him.
Lives in a fairytale world where everyone suppose to love and constantly hail him for everything he does.
He can’t handle criticisms of any kind. It eats him up.

Mental issues become somewhat a great concern, especially when you are selected to use nukes.

These days who is really mentally unstable? They may come to you as a surprise.

Would they pass a psychiatric examination?
Correct thyself.

On a different note.
Elaborating what the pope said recently.
Their maybe a rise of another Hitler, but my concern is that this time the “Minorities” maybe on the receiving end.


It’s truly amazing that the phrase ” alternate facts” was used in an attempt to fool the public.
On hearing that phrase for the first time, I instantly knew it doesn’t make sense. Alternate facts have no significance use or meaning, in other words its pure rubbish.
Facts are facts, there are no other ways to describe it, unless you think very little of the people who are listening to you.

The purpose

The Purpose
In the current situation as we are experiencing at the moment. It would seem as a disconnect, as the Heavens sees the Populous.
There is no doubt that the times have changed. Yes change! and for good reason. Changes to the extent where one would quickly conclude that we are getting closer. There are events however, which have occurred in my absence with you and these events are crucial timelines which I was chosen to execute, but I am not prepared to talk about at this time.
So what I want to emphasize on at this time, is your spirituality which at this last moment could possibly be your saving card. The degree of your spiritual adhesion is crucial. Maybe you have made an error which is riding you now. Why, because you wish that you can undo it? Can you? Maybe not, but your proclamation, whether it is loudly spoken or softly uttered, it must be rigorously demonstrated in your future actions. 
These aren’t hard task for a proper repentance, but a meager effort for a true adept.
 This is your current purpose or it can be your current burden. Whether you are a pastor, preacher or imam, etc., your actions and words would mean more than others and consequently, you would be harshly judged. 
So be careful!


In the interim

In one of my conversations. I started by telling Him: “I have loss.”
My Heavenly Father: No you did not.
I was a little perplexed and responded.
What do you mean?
My Heavenly Father: You won. In time it will be manifested to you. You can’t not lose against any challenge.

Still a little confused, but I realized that I must trust His words as I have always did.
I survive each day by His words. Only by His words.

For I am just a messenger at the moment. Repent!


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