The great???


The great??

America the great, sometimes overlook some very essential necessities where healthcare is concern. If trump wants to do some good as he claims or even get on my good side, then he should lend an ear to the cry of those who suffer from inflated medication cost. I hear these complaints all the time.
The question remains why does these pharmaceuticals request such high co-pay? It’s through the roof.

Is it right that the rich continue to line their pockets without limit from the backs of the poor? As if slavery still exist, but this time it’s cloaked in a well presented package.
Why are pills designed to be taken for the rest of the patient’s life.
With all the advanced scientific techniques, one would think that a considerable objective is to have a pill or two that would do the trick.
In this world 🌎 there are remedies which are grown in your backyard, hidden in the leaves, roots and fruits, that bears the tremendous health properties if taken for a short while, but never to eternity. That’s how nature intended it.

This is where regulations are important for morality and for patriotism.
Yes, it’s the right thing to do that would create a peaceful and enjoyable America.

The answer


Ok, if you remember a few days ago I brought to your attention of an image that I said repeatedly came up.
Well, I have the answers yo the puzzle. The identifications, but I am not yet ready to talk at this time.
Stay tuned.
You might say: But that’s not fair.
Oh it’s fair, it’s just that there are reasons for everything.

Not fit

There is a group of psychiatrists called ” duty to warn” had a conference at Yale university and have remotely concluded that trump is mentally ill. Sadly the old man is not like us but has unreliable judgment. He is not fit to command an army this powerful and this large.

Say no


It’s humiliating enough being laughed at, and it’s even worst being laughed at more than once. This is what America is facing.
If this Exxon waiver is accepted, then trump would once again bring America to its knees through humiliation .
There is no way of escaping this once it is accepted. The question is: would you allow Putin to beat you this time? Would you allow Putin to take another jab at you?
If you want to maintain the authority, then you must leave no stone unturned.
Be firm, Say no to Exxon.
Trump would do anything for a dollar. Don’t allow him. This is all about benefitting him, not America.

β€ͺTrump already sold his soul and word has it, the devil wants to give it back. Says it’s wless,(The feather won bigly ). So trump promises him a full house. Says he has lots of followers.‬
Oh Trump! where did you go wrong?

It’s important to know especially as the world becomes increasingly critical. That the information expressed here in these posts are crucial and undoubtably survival worthy.
So having said that, let’s talk a little about North Korea πŸ‡°πŸ‡΅.
The young Kim is both aggressive and ambitious, but loves life. Although he sees themselves as any other country who is recognizable for their might, knowledge and technology. He prides himself on his achievements and sees the marked importance to carry on his lineage’s objectives. Even though it’s believed that he extends it beyond. He projects fearlessness, however there are more interesting things to know.
More to come…..

Sorry about the picture. I get confused when I am looking at one, I see the other. Maybe because they both harbor the same state of mind. Even though I think that Kim has the edge.
See trump would love be to be like Kim, having total control of his country. Total dictatorship.

Over booking


Over booking, but the guy had a seat.
The United airline flight incident was one of the most horrifying video that I have seen. How can this be done to this person?
It demonstrates lack of compassion by united, lack of professionalism. Just mere greed, all for money.
Remind me, never to fly on united airlines.
Never, never, ever, ever, ever…..
The way they hurt that guy. No way.
What a mess!
The CEO needs to resign.
He should be sued for millions.

Every time I look at that video, I feel so sorry 😐.

This could have happened to me.😞😞😞😒πŸ˜₯

He is a senior citizen being mangled like that. What kind of horrible place are we living in?
Gosh! I feel so sorry and I still believe the CEO should leave.
From his first apology one can tell the kind no of culture that he initially approved what happened to this gentleman.

This type of barbarism, mimics a group like Isis or some other terrorist group, but not Americans at this time, in this century.

People take better care emptying their garbage.
But to treat a human being this way.
The entire crew should also be held responsible.
The police aids should also be fired.
Set an example to all flight crews.

It’s the customers that made united.

Shame on united.

Fighting a war with Obama can seem vindictive, never the less, it would give trump some sort of gratification.
Never before in America did a president had such hatred to another. Like a raging maniac, he is reversing all of Obama’s policies, even if it does all the good in the world for the American people, putting Americans at risk to satisfy his selfish desires.
Hatred at its best, puts Donald trump as: despicable by the Dems and some of the GOP, to: Kissing his ring, by his supporters.
Regulations that protects drinking water πŸ’¦
Regulations that protects hibernating bears 🐻
Allowing the selling of your personal data, killing FCC rules.
The Fair Pay order banned forced arbitration clauses for sexual harassment, sexual assault, or discrimination allegations, ptotecting women.
Allowing mentally ill to buy guns.
Botching up healthcare to ruin the lives of many sick and poor people.
Chopping up “meals on wheels” not allowing the poor to have a hot meal πŸ₯˜.

These are just a few of the repeals that’s controversial, but trump gets by.
To some GOP, it’s like dancing πŸ’ƒ in the streets.
Making you concern about trump’s state of mind. Is it necessary to have him watched 24/7?

Keeping him away from sharp objects.
Keeping him away from Obama’s pictures.
Keeping him away from talking about Obama.
Maybe he would feel better if he is told Obama got deported for not having a U.S. birth paper.
Maybe he can’t get over the fact that a black man can be so clean, hitting the high note, that would seem impossible for him, trump.
Oh yes, we come clean too trump, reaching heights that would seem impossible.

Let me remind you that it was Obama who killed America’s #1 terrorist: Bin Laden. Regrettably, he was man who killed thousands of Americans in the NYC Twin Towers.

Sadly, some were burnt to death, innocent people were burnt alive, while others died from breathing issues and other related illnesses.

You got nothing, but your fireworks πŸ’₯ evening show on a remote airstrip belonging to an oil country. It’s nothing for Assad to replace a few planes. Russia wins, because they make more money from selling more planes to Assad.

So ASSAD IS STILL THERE, rejoicing over your wasted attempt. Drinking fine wine 🍷 and laughing at you.
You just couldn’t do it. Incapable perhaps?

But we don’t walk around stock up or looking down at the weak.
We help the poor as if they are the only souls left in the world, as if they are far more important than us.

You claim you destroyed 20% of his planes. We don’t know where you got that number. It doesn’t add up. Your math is different from everybody else’s.

Syria πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡Ύ is a large oil country. Big dollars πŸ’΅. Do you really think that you put a dent in his budget. Russia πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί is their friend and they won’t let go of Syria πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡Ύ.

Trump ex-lawyer just came on CNN trying to sell trump as a compassionate man.
Maybe he is right. Trump is so compassionate that he still won’t let Syrian children come to the US.
He is so compassionate that he has cut aid to Africa starving.
Now that is some compassion. You go boy!

Why doesn’t he release his taxes, let’s see his state of compassion as told from the IRS point of view.

Update 2/11/2016
Another mar-a-largo weekend of wasted money, after all that talking and golfing with Mr xi, trump came up empty handed. It so happens that China just deployed 150 thousand troops to offset predident trumppo move to nort Korea.

Leaving you with the question: Does trump know anything about negotiating?
It’s the second time he failed.
First the wall, then china gave him chop suey instead of Peking duck πŸ¦†.
You like?
100.00 please
no no,…yen, yen please
Yen is bigga money πŸ’΅


With the latest events going on, let’s analyse this case carefully.

Trump told the Russians he was sending in missiles.
The Russians told the Syrians.
The Syrians told everyone else.
So they all pulled a chair and enjoy the show.

Trump should not tell anyone what he going to do.
He reminds me of Jackie Gleason.
“I have got a big mouth”

Even though it can be seen as not totally a success, your new actions are strikingly noticeable. What that means is that his old friendships should be expected to be resolved to a brighter thinking trump.
Hopefully he can be more accurate in his recognition of people.
My recommendation is to stay with your intelligence agencies. You may think that they are not perfect or dependable, but they are your only lifeline.
Speaking about perfect, you weren’t all that perfect either. As you young man you were rambunctious and went to special school. Does that mean you were considered a reject to society? No, but what it does means is that some people or intelligent agencies make mistakes too.


Millionaires and billionaires

No no no, if you are a billionaire, you are not necessarily living an antichrist way of life and not necessary be framed as an antichrist. The important aspect here is your mentality that you have developed towards the people you pass on the way up.
Sometimes it’s the same people you pass on the way down, but let’s not get into that.
Back to my point here.
It’s all about the way you treat people and I heard about a few billionaires who have maintained a humble lifestyle.
It’s how they treat the people who are less fortunate than they are.
Never mock a disabled person not even in joke. I have always took that very seriously. Whether they became disabled from war, from birth, from illness. It doesn’t matter. Little do you know that I have this soft spot for the disabled and it’s not because, I am.

So it’s not about a title, but it’s the man behind the title.
It’s what they do with their money that makes a great man.

Why things matters to them?
Because they are in a position to make changes.
Because they are in a position to make a difference in other people’s life.
Because they are in a position to change the world.
There are millionaires and billionaires who are very admirable and the more you admire them, the more you see the good on earth, as goodness do follow them, leaving someone with a lasting impression and a smile.
I hope that answers your query.

E Game

Russia calls it SATAN2



One world government and everyone thought is was America’s objective, not knowing Russia was secretly attempting to spread their wings over the entire world, by carefully placing their selected influenced operatives as in America’s case, it’s Trump leading the pact. The man who found it irresistible to continuously hail Putin.
But Putin is not done as yet with this well crafted method that works. He is on a world-wide silent rampage that would have continued until the entire world was in the palms of his hands. Having his operatives well placed in every large country, followed by more and more operatives placing them in key position for ownership. Followed by …..

There have always been fierce competition between Russia and America going back a very long time and lately, it’s these intrusions in world-wide elections that always give them the upper hand.
So yes, they are very slick with it and if caught they will deny, deny, deny. Just like what they are doing now.

One world government, being led by Putin the great. It was just a matter of time that America would have fallen…in the palms of Putin’s hands as if hypnotized.
As a matter of fact, there are members of the GOP who are still slow on the take of what just happened. So yes, Had I not caught it in time, well, hook, line… and sinker.
Yes, there were challenges to my drum beat regarding the sanctions as I noted from the media. This caused me to go back to the drawing board to reaffirm my observations.

Now arguably, Russia has always had a slight edge and I think it’s primarily because they seemed to be very good at secretly gathering information right under people’s noses from leading technological countries.
But it paid off for them, up until now.
More to come…

I am not afraid of anyone and I guess it’s because I live by faith not by logic. Logic belongs to the physical world, while faith is of the upper world. Faith requires belief which is the doorway to the supernatural and to the almighty God.
The spiritual side of me is not trained by me. I don’t meditate as you do, nor do anything out of the ordinary as normal man does, but my surge of spirituality is like standing in an elevator and whisking to the 10000 th. floor from zero in a matter of a few seconds, at will. Where normal man’s limit may be, perhaps the 50 th. floor. It’s a bad analogy but you got the gist. The point here is that everything about me has to do with the almighty God. I am not in control of anything, so don’t go there. That’s why I have always urged to the world to listen up or things could begin to happen. Things that you won’t like and again that’s beyond my control.
It’s just that I see things long before you or at most times, you won’t see them at all, unless, I explained them to you, right here in my writings.
Or sometimes in person, for I have collaborated with numerous people over time.

Presidents come and presidents go, but your constituents remains.
The Presidency can be bartered for democracy. But if you trade your democracy, then you lose everything.
Some people wanted power so badly, that they have sold their souls and can’t get it back.
Eventually, they will realize the mistake they have made.

Alt outcome.

Senator Warner and Burr

It has been an alternate outcome but a much accepted one. Senator Burr and senator Warner demonstrated uniqueness combined with great enthusiasm to seek the truth and to save the sovereignty of nation built by founding fathers.
So off the bat, they have the right approach.
But from another perspective, things could have gone increasingly wrong without limit and it would have been so sad and I would just watch.
So yes, they saved the day.
I don’t have anything nice to say about Nunes so I will be quiet on that front.
I don’t want to use GOP very loosely because there are very good people on that side too.
So with this, let’s sit back and watch.


Update 3

So yes, trump’s aim was to destroy America’s intelligence agencies including CIA, FBI and NSA.
Another aim was an attempt to go to war with Russia against Isis and probably under Russian command. Causing America to accept Russia command and liking it to be the norm.
Another aim was to hire only millionaires and have them in key positions that reported to him.
The pattern is very simple, it duplicates Putin’s system.

Now you understand trump’s erratic behavior. It’s all about sneakingly selling out to Russia, giving Putin everything.
Need I say more.

This stuff is not totally new to you, but tomorrow I will indicate to you, Russia’s end game.


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