Secret moves.


It’s time for an independent counsel so that personal feelings like what senator Nunes is experiencing, doesn’t get in the way of an investigation.
It was an unethical move by Nunes who deliberately displayed an act of Backdoor schemes.
So we got covert moves by people who we are investigating and from the people who are doing the investigation.

Something is very wrong with this picture.
What a mess!

Don’t be surprised 😳 if he was paid for covert services rendered.

Don’t give him a second chance. Don’t trust Nunes. He will never be true.

When you have assigned a special prosecutor, then I will continue to write again.

Meal’s on wheels?

It seem heartless in many ways to cut a budget that allows a person a decent hot meal, daily.

There are many things that we take for granted and that’s because they are always there. But we see the true value of them once they are no longer within reach. Well meals on wheel have value and great value. Value beyond ones imagination, but it is value that reaches the soul because a hot meal satisfies the soul.

Maybe we ought to look at it from the current president’s point of view……Still looking, still looking.
I am trying to find a good reason for someone to cut the budget for meals on wheels. Still looking. Sorry but I can’t find any.

My conclusion leads me here:
The almighty God loves the poor people here on earth. This further means that anything or anyone that opposes the intentions of the almighty God is devilish or is done from a person of satanic descent or satanic intentions.
I am not pointing fingers here, but leave that up to you. Ahem!
If the president of these United States can sacrifice a few weekends to mar-a-largo, then the money saved can certainly equate to the annual budget of meals on wheels.
That should be easily done because this palm beach resort is certainly not part of the assigned building for the presidency, but a 3 million dollar per weekend, waste of money.
I can’t only say, give heart to the heartless and soul to the soul man. .. just made that up, but it sounds good.
But seriously, I can’t teach someone to have a heart and exhibit the Christian teaching or the Christian way of life. I can tell them about it but the rest is up to them and then I will observe who has the heart and who doesn’t and that’s from my point of view and right now, I see things a little differently from the pres.
I will stop right there and allow things to mature, if you know what I mean.

While everyone is still stock on the”start” button. It’s would be surprising to know that the facts would lead you to somewhat bad news. Russia is already here and have infiltrated in many areas of America. Of course their most recent show of presence was tampering with the democracy, which was done right before your eyes.
But you people were too head strong to recognize their movements and you still are. That’s the whole joke. The fact that you are but would still deny it. But don’t let Putin show off his intelligence.

The ironic thing is that you tried to change Russia and Russia tried to change you.
But as it is right now. Russia has the upper hand unless you accept their “involvement in your election” and stop playing games with it.
The GOP is looking very foolish because they are trying to protect their party instead of protecting their sovereignty.
Sometimes you have to lose in order to win in the long run.

For I am just a messenger at the moment

The best


Trump must realize the full functioning of America and must have faith in the American intelligence agencies as well as the military.
He must also try to stop “hating” especially in the magnitude as he does.

If he wants to learn about wiretapping, then he should simply call in his generals or intelligence agencies, sit them down to explain to him the definition along with the parameters. But to read it from clippings, doesn’t really demonstrate an intelligent move.
What’s worst is to tell the entire world how he acquired it, from a childlike point of view. What a national embarrassment . He is making America look cheesy and totally low-grade.

Listen up people, trump is not the brightest bulb and he is certainly not the best we have. But he is who the Russians wanted as our president.

(which also means that whatever Russia wants trump does). Russia doesn’t like Obama. So he tries to undo everything Obama did. Does the word puppet rings a bell?

Trump, you are a very poor leader. Your techniques and approaches are atrocious.

The poor


Let them get well.

Listen up people. Life is all about having an objective. Something that shapes your desire. Something to strive for. Something to wake up each day and seek your purpose. For me, it’s taking care of the poor. Fighting on their behave because they can’t fend for themselves.
They are poor, timid and weak and most times steering disparity in the face. These people are most vulnerable because they have nothing. They don’t want the best, but they make the best of what they can get, which is very little to nothing.
The United States government under Barack Obama was giving these people comfort and hope in the form of healthcare and everything went well. It needed tweaking, but everyone ignored.
Then some from the GOP had an idea of a new healthcare system, which would subsequently pull the rug from under the feet of the poor, leaving them bare. Once again having nothing. As such putting them in the line of hopelessness and disparity. Depriving them of the little comfort left in their life.
Little do these people knows that seeking the interest of the poor is observed by the Heavens, as they have the authority to command and turn the wrongs into rights.
While many of these wrongdoers would suffer as a result, facing bitter waters.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

U go boy!

I was watching at Fareed Zakaria on CNN and interestingly enough, he spoke about a survey concerning which countries favor trump the most and if a world-wide poll was taken, what would be result.
Well, again interestingly enough, the two countries which tend to favor trump the most were both Russia and China.
No surprise there!
However, a world-wide poll revealed that Hillary Clinton would have beaten him by 59% against trump 27%.
What does this mean?
It means that the entire world rejected trump as a leader, not just in America.
But keep this quiet because trump goes into a tantrum at hearing such news.
He can’t bear the fact that he lost again. He would probably call it “fake news”.

Trump you were chosen. No doubt, but for all the wrong reasons. A misfit perhaps.
But who cares. You go boy!

You must remember people, this is not a difficult problem.

The question that you ought to ask yourself is: What would Russia need more than anything else.
It’s simple: They need the sanctions lifted.
Obama have placed severe sanctions on the Russians.
So they had to go with trump as oppose to Hillary. They knew that Hillary would follow through with what president Obama started.
They also knew that trump opposed Obama so much, that it would be wise to have trump as a president. This would have become a sure thing to have the sanctions lifted by trump.

So the plot was on;
They had to help trump because trump was the underdog in the race.

This is where the plot thickens;
After planning with trump. The Russians engaged Wikileaks to inject the race with a barrage of negative emails in a timely fashion that kept the public from swaying to her.
Trump loved leaks then.
And now you know the rest of the story.

So now, trump owes his part of the deal and this have him very concerned.

In the interim, congress have passed a bill that doesn’t allow trump to lift the sanctions without their involvement.
Good move by the United States congress.

So Trump and his associates are now on the hot seat.

Now you understand trump’s role in befriending Putin to an extent of being good buddies.

There is so much more to this deal makings, that will be revealed in time.
For example: the hacking and other severe interferences that attempted to derail our democracy.

Investigate more on sanctions,laundering and trump.
Why they need sanctions removed?
I can’t say anymore at the moment, for I am just a tiny voice in the wilderness, that’s here to help you.

The Lamb + update

Lamb of God
I come
I come
I come
As I am.
For I am Wounded.

But my time is not yet.
For Who am I?
Living in pain, each and everyday.
No one knows.
For Who am I?

Maybe it’s the most kept secret.
For who am I?

There are many secrets that I must die with.
Between me and my God. Always!
For who am I?

Maybe one day I will tell the world.
But the world is not forgiving.
Maybe the world won’t forgive nor repent.
Maybe the world must see the father.
But not right side up.
The secret of this or the secret of that.
And maybe it’s not important to tell.
For Who am I?
The scars all match the pain which reminds me as I live each day as a total Miracle. Telling me that I am his. In his care.
But the father wants me here for I have my job to do.
Doing the good or dispensing bitterness, for he has designed me this way. So please, just do as he request, for he will ruin you in ways your immigration can’t envision
I can’t do these things, for I don’t know how or where to begin.
The father rules so believe in him.

But I know who I am!

The Trump administration was trying to silence the FBI regarding the Russian/US election involvement.
Now do you understand why Bannon and Trump were attempting to discredit the media. Trying to make them unbelievable as part of their coverup scheme.
They are desperately trying to hide a massive scandal.
The media is not dishonest, but guess who is?

Update 2/2/2017
Yes, the trump administration is slowly coming apart. One by one, they are falling.
It’s only a matter of time now.
It’s also embedded in my craw, that the Democracy of the USA has been compromised.
The truth will be unveiled, because there is too much dishonesty running around.

@CNN My analysis is that Jeff sessions is not intellectually ready for the job of A.G. if he got the question wrong. He lied and he should resign, for the sake of the integrity of the office of A.General.

Does the word coalition rings a bell? You can easily sum up a coalition from numerous countries who are willing to contribute to the control of the situation in Syria.

So you don’t have to relentlessly crutch on to Putin like a wayward child.

You don’t have to take my advise for I am just a softly spoken messenger who is way out in left field. (some say I am 99.9% right while most say that I am 100%.)

I heard a commentator on CNN talking about why Putin has a surveillance ship sitting close to a US ship out in international waters. Alice you have no evidence or idea what you are talking about. (Spewing fake news on CNN)

Listen, that is place there for intimidation purposes. Trump is taking too long to pay up.
Putin gave trump the presidency, so its time to pay up.
You don’t believe me?
Ok simple.
The Congress should prevent trump from lifting the sanctions. Just to prove my point.
Trump would be sweating everyday and probable have a nervous breakdown, because he won’t be able to deliver.

Prove me wrong trump!
Prove me wrong trump!

If you have nothing to do with Russia as you say, then leave the sanctions in place.

Keep the sanctions there for the rest of your term. At least.


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