A cesspit?

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As the political race nears the completion, Trump slings more mud than is deserving. In his desperate move to gain any kind of tracking, his latest proposal seem to be targeting a high-ranking charitable organization govern by the Clinton, whose main purpose is to help the desperate needy throughout the world.
Shame on you Trump! This just goes to show that my assessment about trump was bulls eye all along. His hands remind me of an open cesspit as you pass by. If anyone believes that trump has a clean bone in his body then they better think again. Trump is a professional. A professional con man who acquired his wealth from financial bully tactics.
Need I say more.
Hillary is a seasoned veteran who as with many people has minor flaws. But she is far more capable for the task than Trump.
That’s also why the Russians are pushing for Trump to win. Because he is so bent on money for himself that he will always take his eye of the game. Just what the Russians need. They might even attempt to take over America with ease, if Trump is president.
But Hillary is a problem to them. She is strong and knowledgeable. A no-nonsense leader who will never ever, sell this country. No no-no, she will fight to the very end.
I believe in this woman so much and I strongly believe that she will do a superb job as President of these United States.

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If the Christ that you know had the same mission here on earth.
Trump would get such a flogging and then kicked out.
He and his money

But the Christ this time has a completely different mission.
Different purpose.

Memory lane

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As we all read that the Christ that you know was placed between two thieves. His held no heavenly honor while he was on earth for his glory is set for another world. A heavenly kingdom where his honor is very highly regarded. This world was run and owned by Satan but will eventually change hands.

He mingled with the deceitful and gave food and drink. Yet, He thought him the holy scriptures.
So His mission was not wavered, for He was sent to start a new religion. So He was given all the tools necessary to do just that.

However, don’t expect Him to be the same for His new mission, for it is completely different.
Having tools that’s completely different which rhymes with the current mission.
So the Heavenly Father sets all the rules of engagement and man would indeed be surprise how the supreme father is so active.
More to come…..

For I am jus a messenger at the moment.


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Condolences goes out to the families of the 5 police officers who were killed in the line of duty.
It’s a sad day for America and I am hoping the conversations regarding unity and peace will prevail and bridges of community policing will be set off.
Our thoughts of love and compassion goes out to these families during these most tragic time, as we continue to pray for them.


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Condolences goes out twice. Firstly to the Sterling family whose son was unconscionably shot by the police in Baton Rouge.
Secondly, to the Castile family whose son was carelessly shot by the police in Minnesota.

As I have said before, that too often these rogue and senseless killings have no place in modern society.
I have also noted that it puts a spot light on rogue police officers who have no right in the force. I hope they would never ever be in law enforcement ever again.
They are the worst stains on the good, in the police department.

The linchpin

June 27, 2016 // Uncategorized

This is my take on the whole issue with UK leaving the EU union. Britain had no idea what they were getting into as a result of the separation.
The point here to note is that, Britain have proved itself to be the linchpin of the world super powers. As a matter of fact, they were holding the entire world together as indicated to me by the heavens.
I know most people would think it was America, but I knew all the time that it was Britain.
Russia is an important force that’s duly noted.
China and India are far too young in growth as super powers.
Having said that, the question is ; Where do we go from here?
I have my thoughts, but I will keep to myself for the time being.
But the question still remains. Could they recover? Could they redo this decision? I don’t think so and it’s not that it’s their fault, but it’s just the sign of the times.
If they force the issue, then I don’t know. It’s not good.
The cycle is coming to an end. I am sorry!

The linchpin has been weakening for some time. It’s just that nobody noticed. Starting from World War One, then World War Two. Now, this……

I have great respect and honor for Britain for its role in the world. They are a great nation.

One more thing: there will be no ” one world order” there will be no one person running the world. That’s craziness. Plus God doesn’t want it.

The people haven’t realized the more they attempt to evade the inevitable, the more chaotic it gets. I have to zip this thing up quickly, so I can start anew for you.
I am trying, but remember the father has the queue.
He runs the show, I am just the physical arm.

This article was sent in by S.

Hey Don….thx for the input, it appears divide & conquer is the ongoing strategy!,The global issues seems to focus on immigration…our currency is well positioned to weather the devaluation of said sterling in UK…as trade will have an impact around the world,further we may even see a domino affect Scotland & Northern Ireland will seek same….possibly the other European countries could follow…wait & see. No one here is warming up to the US front runners,they see one of two evils..with the latest episode in gun violence there,black lives have little value demonstrated by the law & government policy lets view the sit in @ US chambers…!!finally I’m delighted UK has elected to stay in NATO…

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Update to careful

June 24, 2016 // Uncategorized

As everything is coming apart in the world, starting with the U.K. Freeing itself from the E.Union.
It looks like the aim of “one world Government” is also in reverse.
Currencies may all lose their values.
Markets may struggle.

As I said before, all my predictions are bad.
I didn’t want to be specific but I was allowing it to unravel.

There is also a possibility of UK economy not bouncing back anytime soon, or not coming back at all to its full strength. Hmm!
More to come…..



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The genius of man and his bright ideas would never cease to amaze. Could it be just the culture of life that persuades you? Could it be just the rebellious actions of life that pulled you this way or that way.
Whatever it maybe, the fact is that your current direction needs dire reconsideration.
The world was always presented with small groups of opposition to God, which has become the resistive norm.
You must remember that the way the world was constructed, man could have never able to hide themselves in neutrality. Did you know that if you are not with God, you are automatically placed in the realm of satan?
You may not be aware of your spiritual position, but inadvertently that was your choice, as if it was a contemplated decision.
So those of you who confidently proclaim that you do not follow any religious way of life or have proudly claimed that you are not even with God or even have totally abandoned the Father, think again.
In hindsight, many decisions are based
from the influence of governmental decision or implication of separation of church and state.
(The current figures are 25% of non believers or refusals of God, in America. That’s shameful.)
Maybe it’s a combination of all of these factors overpowering your minds that resulted in your incomprehensible actions.
Whatever it maybe, there is still a small chance of repentance, but even that door is slowly closing. Catch it before it is closed in your world forever.
This here lies the weakness of America, the choice to go secular. Building a society that accepts the rejection of God. Growing a society that says life can go on well without being strapped with the obligation to a God. It seem so normal for young college kids to virtually negate the Father or replace him with sex drugs and rock and roll.
The sure old quick fix for a happy standard.
They say ” some Americans have repeatedly proven that life can exist without God”
It’s a matter of choice.
If they strive to remove all forms of Christianity then life can be great again. America can be great again.
It’s the signs of the times. The signs that you were warned so much about. The signs that the curtains are coming down.
Remember that I have mentioned to you that all my future predictions are bad.
Your survival depends on your actions.
I just came into the world at the right time and it wasn’t by normal proceedings. I know, because I didn’t come alone. I have many things at my disposal. Like I said before revelations doesn’t have to fully unravel.
You are making it happen and I am just watching.
My loyalty belongs soley to God.
God is real and I can prove that to you anytime.
It’s all about God.
More to come…..

For I am just a messenger at the moment.


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