News you can use 7 📝/ The wait

So let’s talk about N.Korea because somethings have changed. First off, the back feed channel has an issue. A big issue. There seem to be a disconnect and that’s not playing too well for the N.Koreans. We knew what went on at the front Chanel and that was a no go.
What does all this mean?
Well, it means that Kim is in a precarious position unless the back channel starts moving again.

Russia is saying it’s time to talk with Kim.
It’s like the boss telling you what to do.
Maybe so. Russia now call the shots.
That puts them in charge. Isn’t it?
Flexing their world domination, but is Kim ready to talk.
Kim can be stubborn at times and his ego is far bigger that the entire country. Add these things all up and he will make you wait and wait.
But I expect the back channel to restart soon, saving Kim once again.
Of course, China has two hands here.
I won’t say anymore concerning this.
So I guess we have to sit and wait until Kim has had enough.
Some of the people there is (no doubt) in distress while others are well taken care of.
But don’t read into that too much. They remain loyal and till death do they path.
More to come…..


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