Next stop on the train


For this short time, as the weather stands still and the seas are calm. We can reminisce peace. For that’s all that we will be granted, a short interval of peace.
So cherish it before the storm arrives.

What else is going on? The Russians are all over America and their spies are here too. They came in to see, none other than el trumpo.
Who would think that America would get like this. But what brought us here?
Was it the will to die or should I say the will to not live anymore.
America has stoop to new lows. Having no more international respect. It’s no longer the shinning star on the hill.
Gone are those days, but it was all a matter of time. America was brought down by the great Russians, without pulling a trigger.
As if someone said : here it is. Well someone did.
The big looming question is: Could America be saved?
It’s a very complicated answer.
It is worth the effort. Listen! Right now America is torn, right down the middle.
The great fighting force is now fighting amongst itself.
The GOP refuses to protect their democracy.
Yes, it’s very entertaining for the Russians to sit back and enjoy the show.
So they are having everything handed to them on a platter. Theirs for the taking.
Who needs a wall, when the Russian spies come and go at will. They don’t need to jump over any twenty-foot wall.
Trump can also redirect his 26 billion Wall money and buy Russian vodka, so he can entertain his long time friends as they come over.
What a guy!
The Next stop on the train, maybe war with North Korea.
Who knows, that may put a notch in his belt.
Maybe…..or maybe not.

Oh, you don’t need a wall trump, it will cause great problems for you and for the American people.

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