The church: survival to supremacy

It’s no secret that the Catholic Church came a very long way in more ways than one.
They were in existence for about two thousand years and that’s a very long time. Considering the perils and the fight from survival to supremacy, but it was well thought of.
Not only did they out-perform every other church in history, but the venture of being ubiquitous, grew them into new heights. Their winning goal was to place a Church everywhere in all lands and that they did. They literally came to your door step. Further more, they were the first to establish organized religion. Formatting a methodical procedure for each child to attain different catholic teaching elevations. So yes, that aspect of admiration is truly marked.
Now, the church had their dark side too. Anyway, I don’t want to get into that here, but the church has been through many changes as the world turns. Personally, I think that they should hold steady.
People would come and people would go, but people can also bring you down to their level and that’s a big problem.
Sometimes you have to draw the line, even if it cuts into your bottom line, because at the end of the day. You still have your soul.
Listen, the whole world has shifted to rotate around money and nothing more. It seem to be their God and that’s how Satan wants it.
It scary the way the world is being redesigned.
Anyway, I am drifting away from the main topic.

So the church survived and it’s a combination of being pious and bare that works. Thus the saying; practice what you preach.
Kinda reminds me of another saying; “As poor as a church mouse”
Depicting everything related to the church, even the rodents are poor. Lol
This may seem all trivial, but when it’s you and you alone, not the church, who stands in front of the judgment board.
It also reminds me that everyone without exceptions must be judged. EVERYONE!
You may regret all your acts or maybe you won’t have to, because you lived clean and God-fearing.
Mind you, at the judgment board, it’s not a two-way communication. You are not allowed to speak, but the bad and the good will be read to you and the final decision has nothing to do with anything in the world.
But it will be all due to your thoughts, words and deeds.


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