Total commitment

It’s time to reiterate.
Some people just haven’t completely understood while others are still naive concerning me or what I carry. understandingly so.
Many people just assume, perhaps I am just a randomly selected person to do the father’s bidding. Others think it’s free for all.
Some think that they can do the same job.
While there are still those who are just unable to differentiate the issue.

So allow me to clarify without spilling my guts.
So the father, also known as the Almighty God. The Divine ruler of all, meaning everything that’s here on earth and above or beyond.
He sent me here with strict instructions.
That means there are things that I can do and there are things that I can’t do and there are many that I can’t do.
Everything that I do must come from Him and that’s what make it so miraculous.

The Power that I carry must be returned to Him. It is His. We both use it. That’s one of His instructions.
So now you understand that I live by His instructions and must obey. Obedience is natural for me.

Man on the other hand and as much as I like them, falls far below the father. The father comes first, second and third to me.
As a matter of fact, they, man are all looking for salvation for their own souls.
Lost in a sense that they aren’t sure of their own fate. Then again, Who is?
They need the Almighty God.
However, there are those who will loudly proclaim that they are going to heaven based on their numerous readings of the Bible. Considering themselves well versed.
Oh yes, they are sure. So they say, but one of the instructions from the Supreme father is that; all men must be judged without exception and He pound on that with force.
I am not saying that atoning yourself by daily reading doesn’t add up. Yes it does. Keep it up. But there are other factors too.

So you must be judge on your merit or lack thereof. All men, priest or pundit. Rabbi or high priestess. All men must be judged. There are no groups or group who would have preferential treatment.
Okay, now you know.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.



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