If you were reading this Blog regularly, it would be of NO surprise of the current REQUEST there from Kim.
Kim want his concessions too. As a matter of fact, China doesn’t want the US any part of the Korean Peninsula.
Ok trump it seems that Your newly found friend president xi doesn’t want the US troops there, but he won’t tell you that, so He sic his top dog behind you. This is like walking on eggshells
More to come….

Just came back back from an exhausting trip.
So in reviewing this whole situation, it’s plain as day, that China is flexing its muscles.
It all coming to the point where trade is also not satisfactory with China and they want the world to know of its bargaining strength.
It’s complicated now.
So Kim had two meeting with China where he went over to meet with president Xi. It means that all Kim’s moves were premeditated.


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