Survival mode

There is a craze that allowed so many rich people to invest in and to support the use of Bunkers to protect them from the inevitable.
It’s amazing how so many people all around the world have made such an investment and are still building Bunker.
But the latest question is, whether Bunkers are still the protection of choice. In the wake of continuous raining, floods, mudslides and volcanic eruptions. One should really query the survival of Bunkers.
Could the Bunkers survive the latest round of hot lava? Hmm!
We may have to rely on Personal submarines. That’s a switching of gears. Yes! Yes it is, because that maybe the only mode of survival. It probably would have survived the last episode with Noah, minus the animals. Maybe because of the room needed.

So who is going to donate a submarine to us here at the

Let’s do it before the government starts adding laws and taxes onto it.

The only way I see that a submarine could be at risk is by another submarine. There doesn’t seem to be any cheap method of survival, but mind you…. the poor might just be protected by the hand of the almighty God.

I came across a website that has a variety of subs available:

That’s my take on survival.
More to come….


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