I need more meditation


So Russia has their latest missile called “satan2”.
That’s big bad boy. Whew!
I believe America should label their missile as “Satan’s finger”.

Wow! I think I need more meditation.

Why is it, to express the bad boy image, people always seem to select an association with Satan?

Remember Satan was kicked out of heaven. So with that Logic, he can’t be all that bad.

Obviously, the entities in heaven can be badder or should I say the baddest.
Gentle Jesus can pull a sweet devastating sword too. just that this time he is a far cry from gentle, but that’s the way the father wants him. So he has to obey.
So don’t associate gentle Jesus continuously as a powder-puff.
He knows war and can fight with the power of ten million armies. Make no mistake about that.
But the question still remains.
Why does people still migrate to Satan?
He is a defeated man. Damaged goods!

The answer could be that they just couldn’t bring themselves to see Christ as one of heaven most devastating powerful warriors.
Well, he is!

So don’t expect to enter Heaven if you omit Christ. FAT CHANCE!
If you are having problems with him on earth, then don’t expect to be up there.
I don’t care what you read or where you read it.
Christ is the final decision maker on your fate.
And you can’t go to anyone else for help because Christ governs everything and everyone.
That’s the way the father has set it.
So do some heavy thinking, because you won’t get a second chance.


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