Our most interesting man

The great deceiver

So his grand papa came to America as an unaccompanied minor and he was treated with respect and allowed to enter. Hmm!

He was sent to corrective school for bad and intolerable behavior. Some still wonder if they should have kept him longer or maybe just kept him.
But they didn’t and set him off in the world where he invested his father’s money into many failed opportunities.

It just wasn’t enough, destiny pushed him forward.
Fast forwarding to today. Wallah!
He became the most INTERESTING man in the world. Maybe that should read: the most IMPORTANT man in the world.

“Like never before” is his motto. All other presidents couldn’t get the job done, so he has to do it.
He is the man who the whole world was waiting for.
A man who would lead the world greatest army.
A man who would promote peace. Yes peace like never before.

It turned out that he is the man who creates MAYHEM on whatever he touches.
He creates division on whatever he touches.
The great deceiver.

How could one man put children in cages?
Here there are children trapped in caves where officials and Navy Seals RUSH to get them out, but our own Mr. MAYHEM rushes to put then in cages and sees it as a trophy hit. “It will be a deterrent,” he says.
He calls it “zero tolerance” as he beats his chest.

How can one man think of cutting social security taxes depriving the poor and gives a tax break to millionaires? Easy, because our Pres. is a man without conscience. Zero tolerance and zero empathy.
Some Millionaire sees everything in zeros.

As the Bible unfolds. We have little over 123 days left to the midterms. Please vote to save America.
Vote Dems!
More to come…


So our little Mr. Mayhem has followers. Oh yeah! He has many followers. Because they all drank the cool-aid too. They are caught, hook, line and stinker.
Thank God that there are still level-headed people left in the world. We are not saying that we don’t like trump. We aren’t saying that we hate trump. But what we are saying is that we don’t like trump’s policies towards disabled, women, impoverished people or war hero’s. That’s about eveyone else in the world.
He hates the rest of the world.

Don’t tell us, it’s what he does, not what he says.
Mr Mayhem doesn’t know what he is doing and is not allowed to speak on his own.
Maybe this horror would all pass soon and everything will be back to normal.
Maybe not, because he has to complete his work here on earth. My man 45, Mr Mayhem!

Caught between Mueller’s cross hairs, Stormy’s attacks and Cohen’s confession. That leaves trump with very little wiggle room.

It doesn’t end here. My man 45, Mr. Mayhem himself, is now in a trade war with……


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