It is no secret as a matter of fact nothing seems to be a secret anymore.
We are the witness to the new happenings around The world. The weather has total control over all the world as it always has, and lately we are living through the latest weather strategy, Chaos,chaos, chaos.
Some have said that there is no rhyme nor reason behind the latest weather patterns, but i believe that’s the way it suppose to be because of the times that we are in. Ultimately, we will lose the battle on the dependency concerning good weather patterns.
The summers are down to just “days of summer”
and the winters seems to be chasing away the spring.
Gardening seems to be the absent guest.
and the direction of the fishes are all in a mess.
Men are busy building bunkers way up north
And the once cold North Pole has the qualities of the south.

What’s next? Just put your hands together and Pray, pray, pray!
I am just a messenger

A Few passages taken from the ebook.

Many groups of people here in this world have clearly experienced the pain of racism at one time or another. From the blacks to the Jews and to other races going back in time. They all have been enslaved and were bitterly challenged by the mighty without any regard.
Racism brought great undeserving pain into the world and now that the world is preparing for the great cycle change, there is no need for that purpose of pain. The last sentence can be taken two very profound ways which I won’t get into.

The blacks suffered unimaginable persecution of their dignity, a potentially collective lost of moral worth, but they persevered. A people whose own innate resilience of remarkable proportions were responsible for their very own survival throughout the centuries, to tell a great tale.
All because of the racist agenda by some.
But I believe that one of the greatest come-back was the repentance by those who saw within themselves, the moral codes of right and wrong and have allowed the performance to shine, as also seen through the eyes of God.

The Jews suffered persecution by the millions, an unforgettable and regrettable holocaust, all because of one mans racist agenda. An occult leader of satanic mastership that allowed himself to not only control the masses by the waves of hand motions, but was a threat to the very existence of human kind. He threatened the cultural alignment of God by painting a selfish and unbalanced world order. A satanic movement that yield a catch of the day, of the lost souls as a result of such an evil catastrophe. It wasn’t what the supreme father intended and as such it cut across His grain, but God allowed the world to challenge this problem in conjunction with most needed heavenly help and they whole heartedly performed magnificently. A performance that undoubtedly saved the world. A great shout out to the nation who identified the problem at the bud.
I am just a messenger

Bette Midler’s “From a distance ” is a song whose lyrics are still a tear jerker, even today. Why? because the lyrics are so thundering and true. As if it magnifies the current situation in the world and most importantly, the positioning of the heavenly father in relation to everything else. His intentions which are to bring changes and its these changes that are so desperately needed to establish true harmony. This is a promise and whether you believe in God or not, brace yourself for these changes will taunt your mind to the state of ” repentance. ”

In the time of Noah as now, the people took their disbelieving stances to the very end. They displayed a lost or waste of beautiful souls whose voices were loud and clear ringing out the anti-Christ within. It’s a choice that the wise can’t comprehend and sometimes the clouded visions of the many souls whose reasoning to a point, would seemed upside down.

The ironic thing about it, is that whomever you choose in your life, whether its Christ or satan, your life would continue as it must. The difference is that, one road would be fulfilled with the glory of God while the other would be a life of forsaken glory.
Everything could culminate to a point where you would question yourself. I have reach the limit of my wealth, but there is something missing.
How can I remove such void? I hate everything and everyone.
Bitterness and anguish could plagued all their doings and hatred can become their only friend.
Such souls can only find peace while they sleep, sometimes.

Sometimes you can readily tell such people. They are easily annoyed by very little effort as if they were wronged. They were wronged by their choice. They were wronged by their weakness of their minds. They were wronged by the darkness that they followed.
Other times it is very difficult to recognize such souls because they cloak themselves so very well but deep inside they are burning up.

They want your camaraderie and if they can’t persuade you, they will display moods of selfishness and intolerance. Their intentions are to lead you to nowhere, conforming to a lost soul, just as they are.

Little do they know that such emotions can be buried forever by just following the Christian way of living and by saying blatantly; no to satan.

This world is heavy on the side of satan and as God said ; He will destroy everything that man-made. What He meant was ; He will destroy everything that was made ” not ” in His name.

I am just a messenger
Repent !


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