One of my orders here on earth is to “judge each soul”. This means that’s every soul in this here world will be judged on the Merits of their beliefs.
These are my divine orders and as I have always said, if you want to know who I am, then do as you claim you always do. You have claimed that the heavens are always speaking to you. Ok, Let then give you the answer. Pray on it and don’t stop till you have the clear answer. I have no problems with that. If you are tuned into God as you claim you do, then He, the father will give you the answer.
However, if this is of any consolation to you, there are also a few societies and institutions who have already came to their private conclusion concerning me and such includes; the Catholic church, the successors of the founding fathers of America and a few more mystical organizations.

I do have some admiration to these organization, for some of the WORK that they have done in the world and in Setting America, but at the same time:: don’t come close to me for MY POWER IS FAR TOO GREAT, AS A MATTER OF FACT, I DON’T LIKE ANYONE CLOSE TO ME.

Whenever I run into these people or sometimes having a conversation with them, after two minutes into the conversation, behold, they are in some kind of daze and virtually haven’t heard a word that I said. They are in a daze because they have never seen that much Divine Power. That’s when I abruptly walk away, I guess because I am use to it and they have never experience anything like this.
It is the same all the time and that’s why I keep way from them.
At times, I have had my tango with the rogue ones, but I always win, just as the supreme father said.

So there you have it. There are more organizations who have privately concluded and I don’t know them nor do I keep check.
What I do know is that they are all obsessed with my spiritual strength, but then again who won’t be.

You know what’s really amazing, everyone have been giving you; “soon” or “I don’t know ” dates or sometime in the future, but as soon they have seen me. “Well things a different now, things are much closer than we previously thought.” They shouted.

Things may get a little chaotic in the world from now on, but have faith as the prophecies unfold.

I am just a messenger

So you want to be as Jesus having ” ultimate divine power”, well you have no idea the kind of beasts that you have to deal with on earth. They are called humans, that’s some Humans. They were the ones that agreed to crucify Christ way back when. So before you proclaim that you are like the Christ, think about the bad boys here on earth. It becomes a daily battle defending God’s property from these beasts and if they only had “ultimate divine power,” They would instantly go AT The supreme Father.

If satan only had “ultimate divine power,” he won’t be standing here on earth flexing it, but He would be in heaven right now looking for the throne. So please understand “ultimate divine power” with regards to the beasts on earth.
But as the father always said; I have made you invincible. So as a result as some have said; satan and Obama, “the dynamic duel” are out of gas.

NO ONE ELSE on earth can acquire this ultimate divine power, because the supreme father not only made it impossible but He has built-in devices to destroy you. So hands off!

It’s the same beastly humans who after crucifying the Christ, consequently looked at satan for the riches and glory here on earth.
Don’t be angry with me if I said that, the truth hurts. However, the Christ has a far different roll this time and maybe that’s why the supreme father has equipped Him with a sword and a ” no-nonsense mind”, Because of the beasts here on earth.
The father has given the Christ dominance over everything and every group of people. No one is special. However, Christian do have a slight edge. I have to take care of Christians first. As disorganized as they are, as troublesome as they are. I have to follow through.

Everyone is grueling and salivating over “ultimate divine power” but they will never get it, period. I am not here for that. Lets put it this way, I am actually saving your life because the supreme father will destroy you if you attempt the impossible task of trying to acquire it. In addition, the heavenly host is constantly looking after it, because this precious cargo belongs only to the Holy Trinity. That’s how heaven stay in command and rules.

So God sent the Christ back with a “no-nonsense mind” and a “bloody sword” in His mouth. That’s why I said to you that you would never see gentle Jesus again. The supreme father doesn’t want Him in that role anymore, that was done to accomplish a special task here on earth and it was done.

Anyway peace be unto to you!

I am just a messenger

The church, the bride, the relationship. It leaves many questions open.
Is the church living out its bridal duties or is the church in trouble due to marital problems? I spoke about the unification of Christianity a while ago and to this date it is still in disarray. The egos are running wild because everyone thinks that they have an upper hand or a special pass to greatness. Let me set the record straight; you are all the same whether you are Preacher or a patron in church.
Once you have the correct mindset of humility in combination with supplication to the heavens then and only then, you can have access to the entire kingdom.
Now, if unification is not on your agenda because of the selfish and unbalanced reasons mentioned, then Heaven will have to be Totally REARRANGED to accept you and it may NOT be entirely, to your liking.
You see, the Heavens do not need your opinions, the Heavens aren’t looking for other kings that’s un-unified. The Heavens aren’t looking for people with bright ideas. The last person who had a bright idea was satan and you all are quite aware, how that ended up.

So If you are having problems with the Christ, then you are out of gas with the supreme father. Remember these words ; you can only go to the father through the Christ.
If you are having problems with the Christ, then you are out of gas with the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Trinity is purely unified. They think the same and act the same. See that as an example.

So now it is clear that unification is also your ticket to a better acceptance in heaven. A better position for you. A better relationship for you. You may be still stubborn to unification as expected but that can change only by an asserted unified effort.
Remember these notices that I bring to you are to set you right for the best position. The rest is up to you, but at this moment, the Heavens must change to accept a scrambled, disarray and un-unified Christianity. Only you can change that.
If not, It will cost you. Restrictions!
Humble yourself!

I am just a messenger

Ps As I brought this topic up, Heaven is being changed as we speak. It should be completed soon. That goes to show that they heard my concerns as i wrote and they acted.

We strive each day to bring you this most needed knowledge and we have it free for the taking. But in reality, you really don’t get anything for free. It’s a give and take conditions. We provide knowledge that may even save your precious little life one day, so take this moment to display your sincere gratitude to the father in a very simple way. If you can afford a cup of coffee, then you can afford a donation of equal proportions.
But to take and not leave a donation is an impulsive reaction that’s not conducive to your nobility or even to the fair trade balance of the universe. What does this mean? It means that there is a reaction from the universe to snatch and run from you, leaving you with the short end of the stick, in response to your actions of taking something without leaving anything. So it’s all up to you and with that, we say, Thank you!

To those of you who have already done so, then the universe will act accordingly, providing abundance to you, for it will be recorded. So allow us the liberty to publicly say; thank you kindly….. and God bless you.

I am just a messenger

The healer #1

So you want to be a healer? I am using the Catholic Church as an example because they have the specified room and apparatus for what I am about to discuss. If you know someone Who is sick and of course, he/she could be a family member or relative and you want to help them, then you can go to the Catholic Church and light a candle with a prayer of healing towards that person. Unbeknownst to you, the sick person will receive the ray or spark of healing light that you just administered. Some people leave a little note under the candle to ensure its purpose. This process can become more complex with varying colored candles and longer burning durations, but be careful because it winds itself into occult works which is out of our realm. So stick to just small white candle and a prayer, let the almighty God do the rest.
This process can be considered miraculous, because that ray of light will penetrate the spiritual world and go straight to the sick person and do its job. So for the rest of the journey after lighting the flame, the candle rays becomes totally spiritual, penetrating walls and other obstacles. In essence you have become an instant healer. Do remember that more complex healing requires graduation of your spirituality from the supreme father or through my help.
Of course you should leave a donation in the box so that the use of the facilities are always available to you. Someone has to clean the candle remains and replace fresh candles as needed. someone has to purchase more candles that is free for use to you. It would be unconscionable to go to the candle manufacturer and request free candles. He would reply that he needs to buy food for his children. So be kind and grateful and give, so we can continue to provide you with supplies, knowledge and everything else. Just think if no one gave donation, eventually all processes and knowledge will cease and die with the person or institution and you will be left in the dark.
So give.

Ps I mentioned colored candles, so you can recognize an active occult worker and that’s a sign to get out of Dodge.

I am just a messenger

The promise #1

I want everyone to remember this ; within you lies the a microcosm of heaven. That’s what is in you, that’s the spark that dwells within, thus the reason for going within. Now, some people see that spark in different ways, as different things, some people describe it differently because of what it does in their lives. some people see it as some power, some see it as a divine gift, but it still a tiny spark that the father have placed in everyone, believers and non-believers. It is a snapshot of heaven, a promise of a reward due to you, if you abide by the request of the father.
It’s like carrying around a picture of a house that you want to get to.
Whatever is out there, is in there. I hope you fully understand that simple statement. So the Biblical characters did have different experiences concerning that spark and so would you. As a result the effects of this tiny light would have different expressions.
So this light was placed there by the supreme father for his son, the Christ, so the world would see him as a beacon for all Christians.

Healing has been exercised by many people throughout time and it undoubtably works.
There were, and still exist great healers in this world. That’s means there is no secret to healing and by sincere praying, you too can find that ability within. I am not going to stand here and say that you can heal everything, because there will come a time, when you too will realize that in order to heal more complex sickness has to be ordain by God Himself.
These are examples of healing ; the removal of cancer, removal of tumors, reversal of strokes. There are such a wide range of diseases that can be corrected and there are many people quite capable of the task.
I am not going to give you a step by step processes because a true healer must be highly develop by Father himself or sometimes through me. That is what separate the men from the boys.
But there is no great magic to healing someone. you can start by just by simple sincere praying does the trick. Then again, I tend to make things sound simple.
There is something else to note here, that evil people heals as well. But I always make an example out of them, because their clients come to me stating that; ” someone else tried but its taking too long.” So I would get the job done in very little time usually a few minutes instead of years.
And there reaction would be ; wow!
It pays to love and follow God, but I know your head can increase in size once you start healing, but please remain humble.

This is a warning to you ; do not go to these evil people to have anything done.
Why ; because you don’t know exactly what they do to obtain the results.
They would perform all sorts of devilish works just to accomplish the same results as the heavens and for the rest of your life, you would be carrying an unnecessary burden as a result. Seek the person though prayer.
When I am set to heal someone, I carry nothing in my hands nor would you see me do anything but look at you or just listening to you.

Now, as far as your feelings are concern; there are people out there whose feelings are so much on the mark. It’s incredible. There are ways to increase the accuracy of your feelings. Try prayer and meditation, its works great because by constant successions, you too would realize the strength of your feelings. Some decades ago I wrote some papers on personal development.
Within them, I spoke about feelings and how to turn them into an accurate clocks. It works because many people out there who have read my papers, now know exactly who and when a person will call them on the phone. Ain’t that sweet? The bottom line here is that everything related to your body can be accurately sharpened.

One more note;
If I am harsh with you, it means that there is something about you that is not right, check yourself and correct it.
Some preachers out there are so enjoyable to listen to as ; Joel, jake, Jesse Hinn, Joyce and many others and i find humor in the things that they say. Great shout out to them.

I m just a messenger

How you can effect the spiritual world.
I mentioned that the spiritual world has dominance over the physical world. This means that the spiritual world having the supreme father as the chief commander controls the physical world. However there are processes that can be done here on earth to influence the spiritual world. One of the major procedures to distract or invoke the attention of the spiritual world is through prayer.

Lets take for example the Catholic Church Rosary.
The rosary is a series of repetitious prayers said as a sequential plea to invoke Mary the mother of the Christ. By repeating her name along with addressing her, Mary mother of God…. You are in effects sending to her a plea for her assistance to intercede for you to the Heavenly Father.
By repeating the series of words, you are doing two things, begging or petitioning and two; you are demonstrating humility by setting a plateau upon which she stands. Having stated these two things, you can now proceed to explain why you want her to intercede for you.

So praying is very important because it invokes a Holy entity as the Christ, Mary or even Saints for your plea. Some people prefer to pray mentally while others pray vocally.
Once you have experience with both methods they can both do their desired purpose, but loud praying sets of a much better emotions and gets all your cells on board, praying along with you.

Another point here which needs to be address is your attitude towards prayer. I mentioned earlier that by the repeated segments of the rosary, you are sending request by supplications, so its imperative to keep that humble begging status as you invoke the entity.
Never hurry pray, never think about other things while praying, never pray without respecting the entity, never pray if you are just from drinking alcohol, quarreling, swearing or other wild emotions.
Always treat prayer with the utmost of sanctity.

There are many other prayers which are already written for you. The lightedstairway has an Ebook of prayers available.
There are also other organization as churches, who have prayer-books available.
The psalms from the “Biblical book of psalms” are also used for invocation.
You can pray by simply speaking out your plea for the right occasion.
Praying is an imperative and its profoundly imbedded in Christianity, so it’s an extension of you.
If still in need of a prayer, then use ” the our father “. It worked then and still echoes today.

A rule for your life should be; never be caught without a prayer. Always carry one with you in the event you are alone, simply say it and the beautiful part about it, is that you don’t need a purpose to prayer. In other words still pray even if things are going extraordinary well for you.
Never be ashamed to pray, because you are blessing your own life here on earth, as well as your life up there. This habit ensures the holy entity of whom you are invoking, to have your attention even in good times.

So there it is, you can influence the spirit world.
There are other methods by which you can also influence the spirit world and we will be discussed them in the future. For example candle use as well as other things.

God bless you!
I am just a messenger
Repent !


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