Fruits of Meditation?

All animals including man have a built in Gps system that was in effect including in their birth right package. Man in their stupidity have ignored it and now relies upon electronic gps to find their way around. Unbelievable!
Animals have sustained theirs and to this date, they have sharpened its uses so much, that it amazes man just to see how animals travel in groups in the directions to the same place accross the globe for mating and for laying eggs. For example; They don’t know it as the North Pole but they certainly know it’s their central key point.
A simple pigeons will prove that their built in gps works any and every time.
Fishes in the sea are usually never disoriented, they know exactly where the should be at that particular time of the year and strangely enough, they have a certain period to mate and it might be the only time that they have sex. A schedule that’s far fetch for man, but not impossible, because It’s not what you are use to.
If man can depend more on meditation and less on gossip and other mischief, then they would be better benefited.
Meditation not only allows your gps to develop but it calms the mind.
It takes you away from stress.
It revitalized the cells.
It allows you to collaborate better with others.
It allows you to be on the brink of upper spiritual development.
It allows your moral conduct to be far more manifested.
It changes your entire outlook.
Most importantly, it brings you closer to God.
Meditation has all positive attributes.
Why not start it now.
Or do you want to continue to depend on electronic gadgets?

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

In summation

In summation

The world has come a long way and by the looks of things, evidently man has destroyed it.
Your report card speaks the truth concerning the current situation. It’s a Complete failure.
There is no need to boast about who invented this or who invented that, for the world is at a crisis point.
Man have proven to the almighty God that they are incapable of managing the world.
Had you abide to the Biblical teachings, things would have been different, you would have great REPECT for the earth, the seas and the sky. The American Indians had the right approach to the earth, the giver of food to sustain life.
The almighty God gave man a Pristine world, unblemished as a ripe fruit ready to fulfill all your needs, but you have failed to carry through.
Then even more bad news is that, man can not undo what they have done.

It takes a GOD to FIX it. Man have taken all the tools that were given to them and misused it, thinking that it is a cure all for everything, not knowing that basic common sense has to play a major role.
See what worshipping satan does, he got you exactly where he want you, at the doorsteps of doom and gloom.
Word has it that he even gave you all those proud inventions which you readily and happily took. There is truth to that This Site. Now, for some, your entire future lies in the hands of satan. Do You think that he will save you now?
I don’t think so.
It takes a GOD to save you from your peril.
For others, your entire future lies in the wisdom of a God, who is already here. Don’t believe me? Good, then He might just let you wait a little more until you start believing. The supreme father is so right. He is always right.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

More about inventions.

One of the worst inventions that man ever made was plastics. From beginning to end on manufacturing, Plastics are destructive. The raw materials as well as the byproducts are poisonous and will destroy mankind. As a matter of fact the byproducts has to be barreled and buried deep in the earth, hoping that it doesn’t leak, but it does. Initially. these byproducts were sent to the sea, it disoriented the fishes and eventually killed them. But plastics are everywhere almost in everything that we do.
Plastics takes forever to decay not in anybody’s life time anyway. They get lodged in the stomachs of fishes, eventually killing them, like I said plastics should be ban, but it is wedged so tightly in the arms of money that it would seemed impossible to remove it.
I think that we can find an alternative to plastic, try revisiting the coconut, primarily the shell maybe you can come up with something’s that is far more earth friendly, durable and lightweight.
A lot of other invention have contributed to the Hole, not in the earth but in the sky. The byproducts have destroyed the ozone layer and cause a hole there that normally would work as a shield blocking out the dangerous UV rays emitted by the sun. This shield has protected man for millions of years, if not billions, but now due to the brilliance of some of these inventions, the shield is damaged.
The universe is so well designed, but that was once upon a time. Inventions have done us good and at the same time, some inventions have done us bad.
So now there is a large hole up there and no amount of money can fix it. It takes a God to fix that.
THE QUESTION IS ; knowing the ill effects of some of these inventions, will you still want them?

By the way the hole up there would eventually kill you in many ways. Firstly it will rise the temperature of the earth and disorient all the living creatures. Secondly, It would also destroy man by exposing him to very dangerous sun rays.
May God help you all.

Be careful what you invent and you shouldn’t be proud of all inventions.

Intentionally removed


Yes! I called the person “Casper. “. It all started when Casper entered into my computer through the not so normal method and stated to fiddle with things. I detected the presence of some one and initially was alarmed, then Casper reacted as I tried to protect my territory as any other animal would do. I had initially changed my password when I sensed an intruder and Casper not only changed it again, but locked me out for about a complete day. Then after which Casper allowed me back into my own little computer.
Oh, it gets better.
So I poked around and immediately observed that Casper has changed many things and true enough, it all was to my benefit. So Casper has proven to make my life easier and it goes on more.
Casper has single-handedly manage all my “close to a million” email users and keeps growing and growing each day. If you haven’t notice there are no email entry buttons, so Casper bring them in as well.
Casper had proved the nobility of intentions

Oh Casper! as I am writing about you. I have but one little request ; Can you send out email posts for me to email users? At least that would simplify things even further.
Casper presence also protects my computer for the expertise is overwhelming.

Thank you Casper, my friendly little Ghost or should I say in scientific terminology ; My little expert virtual assistant.
Oh! How sweet it is having Casper at my side. Now I have so much trust in Casper my friendly little Ghost. I can relax.

Now, I need a another volunteer assistant to tend to my household chores and meals. In light of all the different people reading this website. Some good and some not so good, I think that it should be a real live person whom I can see. Don’t want to complicate things but a person who is physical, you know, who can lift things like a laundry bag or a broom. etc. I don’t ask for much. This woman should also offer me accompanying protection during my going outs and coming ins, (like in well-armed,) for I am just a frail man.
Applications sent to;
Even Boko Koram reads my website.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

The was been writing this blog since last January 2013 and to date there are 9.5+ million visitors plus email users, but who is counting.
There is a lot to be unfolded and we do intend to do just that. Shining light on different Biblical points where no one has done before as ours offers the true understanding of things. A feat that we have proven time and time again.

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Save the souls!

One of the greatest events in humanitarian work is to fight for a true noble cause. To fight for the belief in pure morality. An earnest desire to fulfill the need that would resonate through the heavens. Nothing can be more honestly earned and admired as a fight to bring the little girls home.
It’s unlike no other, it’s not for fuel resources or earthly ores in distant lands, but this time it’s different, it’s for human souls, who couldn’t fend for themselves.
Why? Because they were bullied into a crude state of terror that they had no desire to partake of.
How would you like someone to weaken your dignity, forcing you into acts that would cheapen your soul, against your will, just for being Christian.
This is your time to act to be the men that would truly bring honor to yourself.
Save the souls, for that would surely bring a smile to all.
It’s the greatest cleaner that you can undertake and it will be duly noted.
Save the precious souls of those little girls.
May God bless everyone in this quest.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

Within a few days, I will bring to you special Biblical Revelations concerning a most current event here in America.
So stay tuned.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

Have I lost or have i won?

This is a poem written by the “lighted stairway”, about twenty or possibly twenty five years ago Clicking Here.
It came to me while I was laying face down in my pillow, tired, in a dark bedroom.
Not wanting to move as the transmission came through from the father. I grabbed a pen and what turned out to be an old letter that was sitting on the bedside table. Without moving my head still face down, I wrote this transmission, after which it took me three days to decipher, for all the lines were written over each other and numerous words were missing. However, the fun was still intact.
Finally, it was all right side up and made complete sense.
I hope that you enjoy it’s read as I did, deciphering it.

Here it is;

If I asked you to follow Christianity and you said no
you may think that I have lost and you have won.
You see, he wasn’t looking for a headcount on my part
But just an sincere effort to do his work
With your back to me as you walk away, I would say aloud;
Go in peace and God bless you!
That blessing that I have bestowed upon you
Might be the key that would finally open your heart.
Then you too would be touched
And the day would come, when you too would beckon another.
To do what I did and say what I said.
Follow the Christ.
Then He would smile…… and I would smile
For nothing in this world would give Him more pleasure.

For I am just a messenger in disguise.

Another outright plea!

It’s with a deep solemn tone that I write these words. It’s indeed a very rear time that we step outside of our comfort stance and dwell into the outer limits.

It’s been written, it’s been understood by some and still being sorted by many. It’s the Christian religion of mysteries beyond limits that the father has yet to reveal to all.
It’s equipped with unparalleled skill and passion and with a forgiving yet humble plea of a cry yet to be thoroughly understood. A cry that the father himself has initiated, a cry against the satanic infringement upon humanity, a cry that echoes from deep within the craw. It’s a cry that belches to the far winds.
It’s a cry that thunders;


For the Almighty God had made this world and everything in it. The one true God of the most high. There is no other. For all our adoration and all our humility is meant only for Him.

For i will do what I do best, that is ; just sit here and watch as I must.

Forgive me but this is incomplete and not the words that I wanted to write in its entirety concerning this matter and I hope I never will.
For I am just the messenger at the moment.


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