A big shoutout goes out to Kimmy Skota
For the beautiful rendition of Ave Maria.
Outstanding performance!
Thank you and God bless you.

Every time I hear her it’s like the first time.

Yes, she made everyone cried.

The messenger

Is it a curse?

The right foot leads the left and life continues on. But how? You may ask. Is it because you are limping on. Regardless what it is, you are moving on in a direction. Some direction, any direction. The truth is, it might just be in a circle.
Racism has always been the great chains that pulls you back, the stains that you just can’t seem to wash away.
Some people are already comparing this to the Roman Empire. It started to fester from the inside.
Racism is a curse that hugs you. That nobody else in this world wants.
None the less, you have to live with it, simply because you can’t shake it loose.
For the next few days or few weeks, you will be looking for justification trying to find the right that fits the wrong.
Trying to tell the world that everything is ok, but it is not.
It’s like walking in a shoe thats one size too small. You will get there, but how?


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