Which way is up?

The truth is that I have many friends who supports me and to them I say that I am truly grateful. These are people who seeks my wellbeing and the willingness to help me in any way. The greatest aspect that would come out of this is the returns from the supreme father. The gifts that he bestows to you in return.
The almighty God has set everything that way. You can’t separate the father and I. If I like you then he likes you too. If I don’t like you, then there is no way that the supreme father would ever help you or be on your side.

More to come

Which way is up?

A few years ago, I wrote a piece telling you that the end of the world began during the final minutes on the cross over two thousand years ago. Do you remember these words; I am the beginning and the end. Think of it for a while.
Times have changed since two thousand years ago. The population has increased since. We have fast moving cars, planes and boats. We didn’t have planes and cars, but much slower boats using lots of muscle power to keep them moving. There are many new things introduced to the man, but Man themselves haven’t changed much, his spirituality stayed, didn’t climb any. It was just a steady decline to earth as if they were still spiritually falling since the Book of Genesis.
That aspect of man is not something to feel good about through the eyes of God. Man have learned many more ways to kill another man. They invented many more dangerous tools to destroy another man in groups or armies and that’s not something to write home about either.
The aliens are not very happy with you either, but it is not all of you. Some of you I would recommend with full honors, feeling one hundred percent sure and there are many of you. So Yes, I do know a thing or two about aliens.
After a…..
More to come…..

It’s not about me 3

I digress, it would seem unfair to the grand majority or the powers that be, who unequivocally heeds to my wishes, so with this I would say that;  I rest my case.

However, it is and has always been also prudent to obey the wishes of the almighty God. You must do everything to please Him, the grand master, the grand architect, the Supreme…..Being, the one and only, the supreme Father.
If something is not clear to you, then I will be more than happy to bring clarity to a rather dubious situation.
This is where religion becomes very important especially to the religious scholars who takes things apart and sometimes they too are bewildered. This is also where pure upper knowledge comes in and can clarify the misunderstood.
More to come……

 For or I am just a messenger at the moment.


It’s not about me 2

So we are back again giving deep consideration to the mystical intentions of man, who at one time seem rather persistent in their quest of the forbidden enigma, which is referred to as; one world order.  Without getting into details of the downside which will befall man if they go down that road. We can focus intensely on the other road of recovery, ……towards world peace. I have seen the parallel between “the one world order” and the unsuccessful mission that was printed in the Holy Bible referred to as the; Tower of Babel.

More to come……

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

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It’s not about me

You, the public have learned many bits of new information regarding the mysteries of upper spirituality. Your minds have a clearer understanding and I am looking forward to continue such process as I am allowed to by the upper forces or the heaven.  Let me remind you ; I am not the source of such knowledge but the messenger. I am not the source of doings but merely the engager. They will always let me know when and what I can release to you.  Surely, I am an entity of the Trinity and as such, my knowledge is limited to you but unlimited to me. You may find me idle at times and it’s merely because I am waiting. Everything that I do must be sanctioned by the supreme being. As the Father always said, that I dont have to do anything, it will be done for me and boy was He right. He is and always will be right. You may want this or want that in this world but He may not approve it. Case and point; He doesn’t approve “the new world order”. So the risk is yours and I can only tell you what will be, if it happens. More to come…….

For I am just the messenger at the moment. Repent!


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