The last time I spoke about this topic, we were focused on money and we primarily centered on the conglamorization of same.
Let me clear up this note. There is nothing wrong with having money and lots of it, but what is wrong is your newly found ATTITUDE towards money, in relation to money and to others.

Allow me to explain even further. Some people on having lots of money look down at other people as not of human quality, depriving them of many things, happiness, healthy living etc.
Other people having lots of money believe that they are above all laws of both God and man.
They also believe that they can buy their way into heaven.
To them I say “fat chance.”
Whatever you do here on earth will either be your blessing or a curse and you will be judged accordingly.

This judgment will inhibit you or allow your entry into the father’s kingdom.
Don’t worry about me for I will be at the table of your judgment.
Oh! Whatever wrong that you do to me here on earth will reflect on your soul. That’s the way He has set it.

One more thing. You better start loving Black people or having a good Black friend, because the father has set it so that Black people have the only chance of a direct connection with the higher powers. You must be of toned complexion to be in a line to receive anything of higher power.
So all the true Angels or martyrs who passed through this world had to have different degree of toned complexion or in other words they were black.
Whether you accept this or not is your affair, but when that bell tolls for you, it becomes very important and you will say; Gosh! He is right.

For am just a messenger at the moment.

Pulled pork?

Romney may like pulled pork, but I don’t think it’s on a Jewish menu nor the Hindu menu either nor even the Muslim menu.
Oh, some of our beloved Christians just love to be openly defiant. Lol
Don’t attempt to prove anything to me Romney. Your faith is your own kiddo.
Eating pork is not a Geo-porklitical prerequisite.

Crumbling fa…!

Yes, crumbling faith leads to crumbling fate.
But don’t tell that to a man who has many zeros in his paycheck.
You may try but he believes that he has all the answers.
Don’t tell him about the Bible. His answer would be that the bible had nothing to do with his success then and still doesn’t now.
This all leads to the way of the atheist which can lead to the way of the scientist

I can give you a pill to remove your pain, instantly.
So I am far more powerful than your God.
How can you argue to that. Well, you can’t.
As long as you have physical wealth, you can have happiness.
You don’t need anything else.
So they say.
You can have the best of this and the best of that, so why complicate your life with spiritual teachings.

That’s the current way of the world, faith have been losing from day one and still is today.
Maybe that’s why the father said to me ; Don’t help them.
I looked down at the world and pondered. Mainly because everything looked sweet and peaceful from a distant.
Then I asked; But why father?
His reply still resonate to this day.
The question is ; Has He given up or is He just amused.
It’s certainly not the later.

Some people believes the owner of THEIR pen is God.
Or the owner of THEIR wallet is God.
In other words as long as they have big money, they are God.
Plain and simple.
No argument there. Don’t waste your breadth.
It’s like advocating the scriptures on Wall Street. Where money is God, king and Savior.
Yes, we all know about the eye and the needle, but they don’t want to hear that.

What’s next in your bag of tricks?
The time has come to do what you do best and that’s to BELIEVE.
“but I haven’t accomplished anything, I couldn’t convince them.”
But you did and you gave it your all.
You may acquire the feeling of unworthiness, but there is no need for that.
Just the mere fact that the you tried, giving it your best is all that’s required.
It should also leave you with a fairly decently clean slate.

It is time to believe in the almighty God and leave the rest to Him.
It’s out of your hands.
Let him decide and complete the rest.
Let him decide the fate of the many.
Let him decide the fate of the few.

That’s what was discussed, that you should leave it up to him.
So don’t sweat it and don’t feel guilty. No worries!
For your job was done and done well.
That’s what he meant by; Don’t help them.
The point here is that; The Christian religion has gone astray. It has moved almost completely away from the supreme Father. The almighty God.
Very much so.
It’s time……to bring it back
Or suffering is on the horizon.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.


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