In the midst of trump ranting about Obama and always praising himself. There are crucial activities going on.

North Korea is building missiles to reach New York and Washing DC. The project will be ready in about two months.

That is what trump should be concerned about.

Before the end of the year, Kim Jung Un will attain long range projection of his Killer missiles.
Meanwhile have patience, the project is not done as yet. He is not ready to test.

America has reached its crossroads once again with regards to guns. Should they have it or should they not?
As with everything else, money holds as the deciding factor and that’s sad.
Money has been ruling everything so far and morality is really, out the door and to an extent.
Be that as it may, the question still maintains its merit. Should guns or should guns not?
Some blame the bearers of the gun as the factor that’s responsible for their actions. Attributing it to their abnormal state of mind, while other blame having the guns as a factor or their actions.
The fact is that in America, it has always been a long-standing debate. But I will interject one more factor into the equation.


Meaning don’t expect to have all Guns and Peace as a package.
You must decide whether peace is more important to you or guns are more important to you.
But you can’t have both. Plain and simple.
You will never have PEACE in this land together with Guns.
As yourself: Did you ever have Peace?
I wonder why.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

The debate

I have been listen to gun debates and I got to say irrespective to what just happened in Las Vegas, the pushback seem to be there.
So I just have two questions for these Macho pro-Gun Slinging senators.
Maybe I am missing something, but remind me why does a regular citizen need an Automatic Gun.

I have seen the sorrow and the horror of what went wrong in Las Vegas.
But do you pro Gun-toting law makers are ever affected by dead Americans savagely killed and laying in the streets, like what happen with in Vegas?
Does DEAD Americans laying in the street affect you?
Answer that Rep Mark Amodei
Every time you apply laws against the freedom of these guns, you will ultimately affect future massacres.

Why are you arming yourself with such enormous fire power?
Unless you WORKING UP to overthrow the United States Government? IDK

America mourns

A horrific incident occurred in Las Vegas at a country music event and many people died.
Our sincerest condolences goes out to families of those who died and our thoughts and prayers goes out to the wounded.
This is the time America mourns its dead and unify itself.


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