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To all those interested parties. Our friend down at the Korean Peninsula is relaxing and smoking his cigars while reading newspapers. He loves those things. Meanwhile his people are on the job developing military weapons, specifically missiles.
He is aware of everyone’s concern regarding his infamous missile testing and he wants them to wait.
I don’t believe that he is venturing in cyber tactics strongly as yet. But he maybe getting money from many sources but also from submarine business ventures.

I am about to kick things up a notch which means my 24/7 security should also he kicked up a few notches.


Nice strategic move by Russia regarding Cuba. First they got rid of US diplomats by piercing them with high pitch frequencies noise that damaged their Tympanic membranes, sending them back home. Only to step up diplomatic relationships to subsequently moving right in.
Very cleverly done. Only a mastermind like Putin would pull off something like this.
But trump don’t listen or maybe he does but matters of Russia takes all his emotions away. He refuses to hear anyone else.
Thats why I call him comrade trump. The Russian operative sitting in the White House.
So I wanted the media to investigate the noise but it never came to be.
Now Americans are once again on edge.

Of course referring to a strategic position, I was being  sarcastic.


Denials, denials


If trump doesn’t have his way with the Americans accepting Putin’s denials regarding the Russian conspiracy in our democracy. Then there is a possibility of sinister activities done to selected people.
You have to Remember that the more he settles in that new seat, expect the worst.
Between he and Putin, you could say goodbye to American democracy.
The media is the final wall that he has to breakdown. Yes, his so-called fake media wall.

News you can use.


I bring you these information because I can. I also have the authority to in this world. But maybe one day I won’t and subsequently you will lose.
Just to prove to you that I can and that I am.

I have drop many clues in my writings over the years but it was up to you.
Many of my writings have been deleted, but maybe the clues will come again. maybe!
It’s all up to Him, the Almighty God.


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