Alabama, Alabama, thank you.
Thank you to the black votes who came out in droves. Thank you also to the white votes. Everyone voted against the odds and voted for what’s right and what wrong with America. You came out to fight for your own future against what Donald Trump was doing, that is, invoking the worst of America.
To Roy Moore and Franklyn Graham with their band of supporters. Christ is here but He is not on your side.
This is truly a tearful victory.
Thank you.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.


The last song


They say politics is dirty and dirty it is. When you place party first besides everything else. You are creating a massive problem that you won’t be able to get rid of.
The GOP has such a stain on them that I am not sure that they can correct it.
When you put party above criminality. It’s all over.
You are just driven by momentum at the moment and when you come to a stop, then that’s it.
The bad joys of America. The Grand Old Party might have just played it’s last song.
They did it all to themselves. Don’t matter how I look at it. They are in a mess.

So let’s talk about N.Korea because somethings have changed. First off, the back feed channel has an issue. A big issue. There seem to be a disconnect and that’s not playing too well for the N.Koreans. We knew what went on at the front Chanel and that was a no go.
What does all this mean?
Well, it means that Kim is in a precarious position unless the back channel starts moving again.

Russia is saying it’s time to talk with Kim.
It’s like the boss telling you what to do.
Maybe so. Russia now call the shots.
That puts them in charge. Isn’t it?
Flexing their world domination, but is Kim ready to talk.
Kim can be stubborn at times and his ego is far bigger that the entire country. Add these things all up and he will make you wait and wait.
But I expect the back channel to restart soon, saving Kim once again.
Of course, China has two hands here.
I won’t say anymore concerning this.
So I guess we have to sit and wait until Kim has had enough.
Some of the people there is (no doubt) in distress while others are well taken care of.
But don’t read into that too much. They remain loyal and till death do they path.
More to come…..


Ok! Sometimes it feels like we are at the corner of go and no go and sometimes it seems as if they both say go. It’s all well, except if the next step is at the edge of a cliff.

Alright. We question whether there would be war or just rumors of war and maybe it’s just that. Rumors of war!
But fear not and take it with courage. As the saying goes: take it like a man.

It seem so practical that this is just the scenario where this saying applies. However there is another saying: Everyone wants to go to Heaven but no one wants to die.
You may want war but you don’t want to take what could happen.
It’s difficult to accept war and not death.
Anyway, the news this morning is simply.
Our friend Kim may set off another missile soon.
By the way did you know that the phrase:
“ Anytime soon”
was established by the lighted stairway.

Of course the lightedstairway doesn’t get credit for the things that it does.
But we will continue to hold the cards.
Why? Because that’s the way, He, the father has set it.
We can pull away from everyone if we choose to.
It’s our purgative. Again that too, is set by the Almighty God.
Remember, the Almighty God does see things the way you do.

So trump wants to move the embassy.
Trump trump trump
You really think that would happen as smoothly as you think.
It will cause problems and lots of

If you don’t have enough security for the athletes, then the winter games could experience a tragedy.
Like in BOMB.
Just a friendly reminder.

Coming up
A very juicy story
So tune in

I want to end this post by saying that America is not the country that it once was or what it use to stand up for.
The bar has been lowered in many areas and now for the senate race in Alabama. The RNC is funding a child molester.

Not a Godly sight.
That’s one of the reasons, why the father gave me so many instructions.
I am not here “ By the way”
No it’s not like that. There are things that I can and can not do.

For I am just a messenger at the moment

You raise me up!


Sometimes during these tremulous times, we have to find The father within ourselves. The vehicle that is recommended are these two beautiful moving songs.

So with that, my recommendation this week is: “You raise me up “ song by Jarrod McNaughton
Nice work Jarrod.

Another recommendation is none other than:
“It is well with my soul” song by Jeremy Riddle

These songs do tremendous nurturing to me and I hope it does the same for you.

“Take my hand Precious Lord”
By Angela Primm and Jason Crabb
This is a superstar song that raises my pores and weakens my knees instantly. Of course it gives you teary eyes. It’s a feeling of gratefulness and love. I love it so much. When I listen to this sound, the father, lifts me up. This sound does it for me and I am sure it will do it for you.
God is so great.

Of course, you can buy these song at iTunes or at Amazon.
If you have a song that you think that I should listen to, then Let me know.


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