Another song

This week, I am recommending an old familiar
Song Called: Rock of ages.
This version is beautifully done by: T.Graham Brown, so sit back an enjoy.

It’s ok

This world,… this world. It can be seen as the school of discipline, or is it the school of the damn, or is it the school of Satan, or simply school of the believers and non believers.
I am not here to criticize you, but to merely remind you of the errors of your ways.
If you decide to repent and correct those errors. Then you chances of forgiveness just went up a few notches. If you haven’t, then it’s ok too. The choices you made belongs to you. So it’s ok.
The father’s only concern about you, is that Heaven, belongs to the pure in heart.

The Rapture?

It’s noteworthy that the presence of the second Christ is a mystery to you.
The Almighty God doesn’t want you to know of it.
The Bible doesn’t want you to know of it.
So the church doesn’t want you to know of it either.
But mind you, He might be already here.

The “Dead in Christ” is more of a concern to the father and not so much of the living, and that is due to the entanglement of too much chaos and negative influences in the world. Too many anti-Christ forces.
But what’s most important is that the “Dead in Christ” have already been PURGED and that’s an important factor for entry to the kingdom of Heaven.

This all brings us to a major point. There will be no Rapture and that’s for many reasons.
The Rapture was never brought up in any conversation with Him.
The Rapture is an invention of man and nothing more.
It a misinterpretation of the Bible.
You must obey the laws of nature.
I get it. Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but no one wants to die.

It’s important that ALL souls must be PURGED and that must be through death.
Even the first Christ whom you knew had to die in order to be PURGED of this world.
There is more to Death than people may think. Especially if you have all your ducks in a row and ready for the Heavens.

More to come……

You just never know what we will talk about next. It could be you.

I am contemplation whether to continue this series for lack of audience.
There weren’t too many clicks. If I get 10 thousand visitors per day, then that will be a good reason to continue.

Weapons 3

So many years ago, I was coming back from a long trip from across the seas and I decided to check in with my mom. Surprisingly, I found her at the back of the house painting or touching-up the lower back wall on the deck.
At 90 years old, I thought she would need some help. Don’t you think? Hmm!
So I took over the job and was speeding it up because I noticed dark clouds forming very fast.
So I stopped and started gathering up the materials that she had scattered about.
She is now waiting at the deck door and I had the drop cloth under one arm and the metal paint container with the brush in my other arm. At this point, it suddenly started to rain heavily while lightning was striking at various points in a distant.
As I started to make haste towards the door, starting a distance of about twenty feet, lightning struck and there was a one inch thick lightning rod that fired, right in front of me and froze exactly one inch from my nose and it stood there and I stood still too as I can clearly hear the sizzling.

Weapons series

Weapons 1, 2, 3, have been removed.
Stay tuned for other weapon issues.

‪There is no such thing as a “stable genius”. All geniuses are half-cracked anyway. They quite often cross the line of sanity. ‬
Yes, the line of reality seem very blurry to them.
Genius usually have bad eating habits. Eating on the fly and extending their loose lips to things that doesn’t concern them or anyone else for that matter.
Ranting about abstract things.
Having a 3 hour conversation about why 1+1 should be 3… themselves.
Their imagination is off the charts. Seeing things that not there or never ever existed.
But every once in a while they get one right, and then they boast about it for hours.
And sometimes they even become president. Lol

Here at the lightedstairway, you just never know what we will write about next.
It could be you.

Just for laughs.

Anytime soon!

Did you know that the phrase
“ Anytime soon”
Was originated right here by the lightedstairway?
Yes, I wanted to emphasize a more accurate description of a situation, so I expressed the incremental time frame in the phrase:
“ anytime soon”
Now you know.

So people come here to read about new points, new point of view.
Some people have expressed the enjoyment of reading my writings ✍️.
So I write for free.
Because the points made here are really intended for your salvation.
I know. I know. Some say: write a book.
The truth is, I can’t and I can’t explain why at the moment.
There are many things to talk about in a book or books ?. Things that I have never expressed here but they are compiled in hand written papers.
Secrets and methods that I can expressed on this blog.
I haven’t figured out how to express it to you as yet.
But if anyone wants to advise me on that.
I am listening.

The lightedstairway was the first to tell you about the hole in the ozone layer.

The lightedstairway was also the first to tell about the problem with the earth axle

The lightedstairway was the first to tell you about the slight rumble in the earth rotation.

So we are good for something.
So keep on reading because you just never know what we will talk about next.


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