I do a fair amount of predictions here as everyone who constantly reads my blog already knows.

Or at times as a quickie, I will run it on Twitter. @lightedstairway.com.    However some people wants me to predict more. It’s all good, but I will only publicly do it by requests.

Some people are querying whether there will be a summit. Well it’s back and forth. No one knows where it will go. Lol., just kidding.

The summit is struggling to happen. However, I don’t believe anything will come of it as far as the gains and loses are concerned. Trump maybe rushing this too much with too much expectation.

He has to remember that Kim is no fool. Trying to place a wedge between China and Kim is so far fetch, that it can throw this entire summit in the garbage.

Now as far as denuclearization is concern, don’t waste your eagerness. realistically people, Kim and China will never give that up. They are just enjoying attention and making a mockery of trump. Having him like s puppet on s string.

They are enjoying having the entire world looking on.  Who and what can beat that attention?

Summit or no summit?
we will soon find out, won’t we.




It’s been a very long time that he has been calling it a “ witch hunt”.
Well, the evidence is here, that we found the “witch.”
His voice is on tapes.
The grand wizard himself. A man embroiled in conspiracy and entangled the United States government in his notorious behavior for the entire world to be whiplashed, as his decisions all became contrary to the normal mode of procedures and decision making.
A man who blatantly blasted former U.S. presidents as if they were on the opposing team from another country.
But never said one word against America’s most watched adversary, Russia.
That in and of  itself had everyone bewildered to a point of, huh!


The question is: would he try to steal and destroy those tapes, walking in the eerie footsteps of an impeachment past? Nah! Too much drama here and it’s too late to steal those tapes.


However can the tapes hang him?… maybe or maybe not.  Well I think the tapes has enough evidence to do some damage.


Personally, I think the tapes may contribute  enough for an impeachment. But not right now, this is a long drawn out process.         One might think that there maybe a preponderance of evidences that may hit its mark. Possibly a combination  of obstruction of justice together with the newly found tapes that ties it all up. 




We are so observant at every little action from the Hawaii volcano, that it could pose somewhat of a surprise to us.
If this volcano continues on its spewing of lava, there is a possibility of part or all of the island sinking or collapsing.
The aftermath could also be in the form of a giant sinkhole.
Only time will reveal the final outcome.


Congratulation to the “human spider” the goodly gentleman from Africa who scaled four stories, a feat that you would only see on the movies as camera tricks, but tricks it wasn’t, because he too was at RISK and could have fallen.
He made it look so easy as he rushed to save the child’s Life.
It was uniquely his destiny to challenge RISK in front of the entire world.

I couldn’t imagine any other person who could have done the same, in such little time with so much confidence.
What are the tools needed: skill, courage and the will to save someone else’s life against the odds.

God bless you sir


The president of these U.S is literally begging for a summit. He will do anything to have one which would put Kim in an authoritative position.
It’s not that you have no Choice, trump, nor is it that you are defenseless. Hmm! It’s just that you have very little knowledge about dealing.

Trump! You are not presidential material, because you should have this sowed up already.
But now you are begging Kim. Please Kim, give me a win. I need it. It will make me look so good, hiding most of my shortcomings.
That all what counts. I will give you anything you want Kim.

I added this piece yesterday but decided then to remove it and so I did.
The point here is that trump is not dealing with only Kim but with China.
In light of the rift between China and U.S. extends to North Korea too.
Make no mistake about it but China plays an extremely major role here.
Nothing much may come out of this.

It’s note worthy that having one negative thought against the supreme Father is enough to cancel your entry, and/or will destroy your life here in earth. Regardless if you just one person, or one church, or one country and that’s how strict the supreme Father is.
So think twice, before welcoming such thoughts.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

Gas prices are going up and up ever since president Trump pulled out of the Iran deal.
Some art of the deal.
Of course gas prices will affect the poor even more.
So the tax return that trump boasts about that everyone and their uncle got WILL be taken back from you.
Some crafty art of some deal.

There is a craze that allowed so many rich people to invest in and to support the use of Bunkers to protect them from the inevitable.
It’s amazing how so many people all around the world have made such an investment and are still building Bunker.
But the latest question is, whether Bunkers are still the protection of choice. In the wake of continuous raining, floods, mudslides and volcanic eruptions. One should really query the survival of Bunkers.
Could the Bunkers survive the latest round of hot lava? Hmm!
We may have to rely on Personal submarines. That’s a switching of gears. Yes! Yes it is, because that maybe the only mode of survival. It probably would have survived the last episode with Noah, minus the animals. Maybe because of the room needed.

So who is going to donate a submarine to us here at the lighted-stairway.com?

Let’s do it before the government starts adding laws and taxes onto it.

The only way I see that a submarine could be at risk is by another submarine. There doesn’t seem to be any cheap method of survival, but mind you…. the poor might just be protected by the hand of the almighty God.

I came across a website that has a variety of subs available: thrillist.com

That’s my take on survival.
More to come….

Congratulations to the new Royal, couple Kate and Harry. Best wishes to you both and God bless you.

It was amazing to see love displayed so softly but yet so real. You can actually squeeze the love between them or even touch it.

A sin??

It’s note worthy that sin as you know it, is a reflection of negative activities stemming from your thoughts, words and deeds, for sin is designed in your life system.
All religions recognizes this as is.
It is not something that you can remove, but there is a possibility of making above and beyond efforts to outweighs your negative record.
Of course, this is with the aid of repentance.
I have discussed this topic and will again sometime in the future. “The mechanics of sin”.
However, as a messenger of the supreme father and by my rank, position and worthiness, that I can not sin.
It will show up, but will be automatically removed by the Heavens.
I brought this up, but it is no secret.


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