It confuses me to the understanding that people who don’t believe in God also believes in superstitious activities. They believe in one form of spirituality but doesn’t believe the other. I am lumping superstition as a form of pliable unknown. As an unknown to them, it falls under the influence of spiritual conduct. It’s a low-level spiritual angel, that has been handed down from some implication of the truth. Just goes to show that before the advent of incandescent light, man indulged is a gratuitous amount of spiritual affairs.
Fast forwarding to today, the influence moved over to social media, money and Power. Mimicking a shortcut to the top, omitting the basics.
But realistically, the progress of man spirituality depends on his personal indulgence, while hugging the basics. In essence, creating an infusion with the basics will ultimately ensure a proper spiritual command, with time.
Strengthening your foundation in preparation of future spiritual growth to the, next level.
Which brings us back full circle. If you believe in any spiritual format, then it would be prudent and rewarding to believe in the almighty God. Don’t deny him, because Hell can be a burning torture.


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