A country in turmoil.

Well we have reached an apex where expectation exceeds reality.
Kim can be considered a superpower in terms of fire power.
He runs an entire nation as he chooses. No promises to anybody or answers to anyone. Kim plays his cards as he wishes and it’s all in his favor.
With the current trump intervention from the west, Kim could turn out to be a master player, still holding all the cards.
On the other side, America run by trump is having a two front war. A war of tariffs with its best allies, turning over old friendships of very close allies as he welcomes America’s all time rival.
(Trump has created so much attention with this summit that if he fails. It can be a devastating lost to him or a never-ending war, just to hide face.
Trump could start a war regardless of the outcome, if there is any slight dissatisfaction.)

To trump, this is great as he marches to the drumbeat of a crude and well executed Putin’s plan. Squeeze America economically as she steadily sinks, keeping it vulnerable and ripe for the picking. I present America to you, Putin.
A job well done.
Don’t worry, we have them fighting against each other. The right vs the left and everyone else against each other. The defense agencies are still trying to recover. Forget the news media, I have them totally confused having no idea of my next move with Putin.
A country in total turmoil.

Two Rocket-man Tacos to go, heavy on the sanctions.
Gimme a Dotard to go, heavy on the China tariff source.


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