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As a writer for the lightedstairway.com. I have the opportunity to discuss many topics of which my knowledge is specific. The lightedstairway.com was design to bring you explanations of all realm of spirituality. I have been writing since it’s conception and have enjoyed bringing you the explanation on many divine topics. Having experiences of many spiritual matters, it gives me that added approach with enthusiasm. I am not in the habit of blowing my own horn but my predictions have always met their mark.
My name is Don Lavende, writer and blogger I hope that you will enjoy my writings as I have enjoyed bringing them to you.

Hello I am Sandy and I am a volunteer writer for the lightedstairway, bringing to you my opinion of various matters. I am another of the few writers here. All volunteers for our work is purely charitable. It’s fun. If you are a writer and want to write for us, then join us, even from your own bed. It’s fun. 






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