Another outright plea!

Another outright plea!

It’s with a deep solemn tone that I write these words. It’s indeed a very rear time that we step outside of our comfort stance and dwell into the outer limits.

It’s been written, it’s been understood by some and still being sorted by many. It’s the Christian religion of mysteries beyond limits that the father has yet to reveal to all.
It’s equipped with unparalleled skill and passion and with a forgiving yet humble plea of a cry yet to be thoroughly understood. A cry that the father himself has initiated, a cry against the satanic infringement upon humanity, a cry that echoes from deep within the craw. It’s a cry that belches to the far winds.
It’s a cry that thunders;


For the Almighty God had made this world and everything in it. The one true God of the most high. There is no other. For all our adoration and all our humility is meant only for Him.

For i will do what I do best, that is ; just sit here and watch as I must.

Forgive me but this is incomplete and not the words that I wanted to write in its entirety concerning this matter and I hope I never will.
For I am just the messenger at the moment.


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