Anytime soon!

Did you know that the phrase
“ Anytime soon”
Was originated right here by the lightedstairway?
Yes, I wanted to emphasize a more accurate description of a situation, so I expressed the incremental time frame in the phrase:
“ anytime soon”
Now you know.

So people come here to read about new points, new point of view.
Some people have expressed the enjoyment of reading my writings ✍️.
So I write for free.
Because the points made here are really intended for your salvation.
I know. I know. Some say: write a book.
The truth is, I can’t and I can’t explain why at the moment.
There are many things to talk about in a book or books ?. Things that I have never expressed here but they are compiled in hand written papers.
Secrets and methods that I can expressed on this blog.
I haven’t figured out how to express it to you as yet.
But if anyone wants to advise me on that.
I am listening.

The lightedstairway was the first to tell you about the hole in the ozone layer.

The lightedstairway was also the first to tell about the problem with the earth axle

The lightedstairway was the first to tell you about the slight rumble in the earth rotation.

So we are good for something.
So keep on reading because you just never know what we will talk about next.


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