The president of these U.S is literally begging for a summit. He will do anything to have one which would put Kim in an authoritative position.
It’s not that you have no Choice, trump, nor is it that you are defenseless. Hmm! It’s just that you have very little knowledge about dealing.

Trump! You are not presidential material, because you should have this sowed up already.
But now you are begging Kim. Please Kim, give me a win. I need it. It will make me look so good, hiding most of my shortcomings.
That all what counts. I will give you anything you want Kim.

I added this piece yesterday but decided then to remove it and so I did.
The point here is that trump is not dealing with only Kim but with China.
In light of the rift between China and U.S. extends to North Korea too.
Make no mistake about it but China plays an extremely major role here.
Nothing much may come out of this.


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