Believe in God because…#2

It is a beautiful thing to believe in God. You have no idea. Don’t let material wealth put you on some short-lived pedestal. The real deal is the supreme Father.

While some of you take such great care of your bodies, you should also spend as much time taking care of your soul. Although you are unable to see your soul, you need to be aware that you are made up of half physical and half mystical being. The mystical is not visible to the naked eye, rather it works through the mind. That brings us to the mind which is also not visible, however, you know it is there. It processes your thoughts, but you cannot see it. It manages your feelings and you cannot see it. It manages pain, and although you cannot see as I’ve said, you can feel it. When your mind is out of sync with your brain, it is said that you are a lunatic. It all adds up; indeed. You have a mind that cannot be seen or touched, but you believe in it.

I am asking you to believe in God, whom you cannot see or touch as well. Believe with constant prayer and you will begin to feel the effects of Him because you will be opening the door to higher spirituality. Once that door is opened, you will have also opened the door to many new unlimited spiritual experiences. And when another person tells you to “not believe in God because they are unable to equate the supreme being to the feeling from praying and feel he does not exist”……. you may look that person straight in the eyes and ask; “Who is the Lunatic now?” … “You are out of Sync.”


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