Believing in God because

A few months ago, i spoke about believing in God because that’s all that He ask of you.
He has never asked you to jump over a cliff or even ask for your newborn. He has never asked you suffer for Him ( remember that) but all that He asked of you is for you to believe in him.
He is your only life line, then you can go ahead and use it.
One the their hand, satan will not offer you his lifeline because that is against everything he stands for. Satan wants your soul and to give your some consolation, God want your soul too, so he can start the process of eternal happiness where you would be the star attraction.
Satan wants your soul, so that he can have it as a trophy on the shelf of eternal damnation. “This is my shelf that has the collection of the fools that followed me. ” Yes, it’s the total opposite.

That brings us right back to “choices”; doesn’t it?
Well, each and every decision that we make in life will impact your relationship with God.
This is why I pleaded with you time and time again, to always include God in all your decisions.
So you thought that this world wasn’t manned by anyone, then think again.
All your actions and your thoughts are recorded for safe keeping until that great judgment day.
Trust me! Believe in God.
Believing in God keeps you clean, keeps you lite, keeps you safe.

Lately, Science have been making great contributions to life. Take for example; your headache that you had for the last couple hours. Yes, the one that drove you crazy. Well, you can go to a doctor and tell him about it and in a flash he would administer a pill that would almost immediately send the pain away.
I know it is hard to beat that and as a result your attention would be diverted very easily from the supreme Father to having all your faith in the doctor. So your doctor may shout out, “who is the boss now” or “who is the God, now”
He can give you a pill for just about everything and you are fixed. Wallah!
It hard to beat that, unless you were previously set for by the father and understand how these things work.

Well, It was written about two thousand years ago that the time will come when all the medicines and all other forms of knowledge will fill the world.
So in the final days, He will give the solutions to many aches and pains. Yes, it’s the same aches and pains that you were carrying around for centuries, from generation to generation. Those same aches and pain would finally find a resolution. They would finally come to rest.
Having said that. Let me ask you. Would you still belief that the scientist did it by themselves. No, no no. Don’t answer so quickly. Something for you to spend your thoughts on.

He told you what He would do in the final days! So, is it man’s doing?

Instead of rejoicing too soon about the scientist accomplishment, rejoice for both the scientist and to the almighty God, for planting in the scientist mind, the solution to the problem.
Remember He did not allow your scientist the pleasure of such accomplishments for thousands of years.
For thousands of years man lived in the dark.
For thousands of years man was denied the pleasures of instant hot and cold water, Or fans, or refrigeration, or cars
Now he implant ideas in your minds to such discoveries so that your life would be more enjoyable.

So knowledge is moving fast, very fast. It moves as such a pace that it is scary at times. It leaves you with the question . Where are we headed?
At the risk of being a nay sayer. I would keep my opinion about this.

Thank you


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