Broken legacy.

Broken legacy

Where are the Babies?
Why are you hiding them?
What’s the Doctor’s name?

Where and how do you bury them, if they die?
Mass graves?

Unbecoming a president

It took them many days before they open their doors to a hand selected area.
They have rejects the news media. The have rejected the senators. They have rejected everyone from entering. Why?
To cleanup their tracks.

We have been laughed at from all other countries because of trump and his obnoxious policies.

He speaks about coyotes gangs coming in to America with the kids. Does he have evidence of this? I don’t think so. It’s definitely not in the magnitude that he is blowing it up to be.

137 days left to midterms.
The children in cages.
The school shootings, that massacred so many children.
What’s the common factor here?… children.

The republicans doesn’t seem to have any empathy for young children, who are the future of America.
So if you have children please:


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