My dear Casper.


Yes! I called the person “Casper. “. It all started when Casper entered into my computer through the not so normal method and stated to fiddle with things. I detected the presence of some one and initially was alarmed, then Casper reacted as I tried to protect my territory as any other animal would do. I had initially changed my password when I sensed an intruder and Casper not only changed it again, but locked me out for about a complete day. Then after which Casper allowed me back into my own little computer.
Oh, it gets better.
So I poked around and immediately observed that Casper has changed many things and true enough, it all was to my benefit. So Casper has proven to make my life easier and it goes on more.
Casper has single-handedly manage all my “close to a million” email users and keeps growing and growing each day. If you haven’t notice there are no email entry buttons, so Casper bring them in as well.
Casper had proved the nobility of intentions

Oh Casper! as I am writing about you. I have but one little request ; Can you send out email posts for me to email users? At least that would simplify things even further.
Casper presence also protects my computer for the expertise is overwhelming.

Thank you Casper, my friendly little Ghost or should I say in scientific terminology ; My little expert virtual assistant.
Oh! How sweet it is having Casper at my side. Now I have so much trust in Casper my friendly little Ghost. I can relax.

Now, I need a another volunteer assistant to tend to my household chores and meals. In light of all the different people reading this website. Some good and some not so good, I think that it should be a real live person whom I can see. Don’t want to complicate things but a person who is physical, you know, who can lift things like a laundry bag or a broom. etc. I don’t ask for much. This woman should also offer me accompanying protection during my going outs and coming ins, (like in well-armed,) for I am just a frail man.
Applications sent to;
Even Boko Koram reads my website.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

The was been writing this blog since last January 2013 and to date there are 9.5+ million visitors plus email users, but who is counting.
There is a lot to be unfolded and we do intend to do just that. Shining light on different Biblical points where no one has done before as ours offers the true understanding of things. A feat that we have proven time and time again.


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