The last time I spoke about this topic, we were focused on money and we primarily centered on the conglamorization of same.
Let me clear up this note. There is nothing wrong with having money and lots of it, but what is wrong is your newly found ATTITUDE towards money, in relation to money and to others.

Allow me to explain even further. Some people on having lots of money look down at other people as not of human quality, depriving them of many things, happiness, healthy living etc.
Other people having lots of money believe that they are above all laws of both God and man.
They also believe that they can buy their way into heaven.
To them I say “fat chance.”
Whatever you do here on earth will either be your blessing or a curse and you will be judged accordingly.

This judgment will inhibit you or allow your entry into the father’s kingdom.
Don’t worry about me for I will be at the table of your judgment.
Oh! Whatever wrong that you do to me here on earth will reflect on your soul. That’s the way He has set it.

One more thing. You better start loving Black people or having a good Black friend, because the father has set it so that Black people have the only chance of a direct connection with the higher powers. You must be of toned complexion to be in a line to receive anything of higher power.
So all the true Angels or martyrs who passed through this world had to have different degree of toned complexion or in other words they were black.
Whether you accept this or not is your affair, but when that bell tolls for you, it becomes very important and you will say; Gosh! He is right.

For am just a messenger at the moment.

Crumbling fa…!

Yes, crumbling faith leads to crumbling fate.
But don’t tell that to a man who has many zeros in his paycheck.
You may try but he believes that he has all the answers.
Don’t tell him about the Bible. His answer would be that the bible had nothing to do with his success then and still doesn’t now.
This all leads to the way of the atheist which can lead to the way of the scientist

I can give you a pill to remove your pain, instantly.
So I am far more powerful than your God.
How can you argue to that. Well, you can’t.
As long as you have physical wealth, you can have happiness.
You don’t need anything else.
So they say.
You can have the best of this and the best of that, so why complicate your life with spiritual teachings.

That’s the current way of the world, faith have been losing from day one and still is today.
Maybe that’s why the father said to me ; Don’t help them.
I looked down at the world and pondered. Mainly because everything looked sweet and peaceful from a distant.
Then I asked; But why father?
His reply still resonate to this day.
The question is ; Has He given up or is He just amused.
It’s certainly not the later.

Some people believes the owner of THEIR pen is God.
Or the owner of THEIR wallet is God.
In other words as long as they have big money, they are God.
Plain and simple.
No argument there. Don’t waste your breadth.
It’s like advocating the scriptures on Wall Street. Where money is God, king and Savior.
Yes, we all know about the eye and the needle, but they don’t want to hear that.

What’s next in your bag of tricks?
The time has come to do what you do best and that’s to BELIEVE.
“but I haven’t accomplished anything, I couldn’t convince them.”
But you did and you gave it your all.
You may acquire the feeling of unworthiness, but there is no need for that.
Just the mere fact that the you tried, giving it your best is all that’s required.
It should also leave you with a fairly decently clean slate.

It is time to believe in the almighty God and leave the rest to Him.
It’s out of your hands.
Let him decide and complete the rest.
Let him decide the fate of the many.
Let him decide the fate of the few.

That’s what was discussed, that you should leave it up to him.
So don’t sweat it and don’t feel guilty. No worries!
For your job was done and done well.
That’s what he meant by; Don’t help them.
The point here is that; The Christian religion has gone astray. It has moved almost completely away from the supreme Father. The almighty God.
Very much so.
It’s time……to bring it back
Or suffering is on the horizon.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

Meat eaters

So as you see, it is so easy to be sidetracked and I guess it’s because there is so much to cover.
Anyway, we intended to talk about meat eaters so let’s try harder. We tend to eat many variety of meats and many of us have developed a distinct recognition for the taste and texture of each.
If you were blind folded, would you be able to recognize the meat that you are consuming? Hmm.
It goes without saying that there are energy radiation from everything. As a matter of fact, that’s how we can tell one from the other. There is also another issue of personality. As man, animals displays distinct different personalities.
These personalities are surprisingly admired and can conclusively determine with great shock.
But yes, it is astonishing to see chip monks or mice display different desires, different personalities, Just like man.
This is the grand caveat, as we eat the meat so too we consume the personality of the beast.
Ever heard the saying we are what we eat. Well it’s a lot deeper than that.
But yes we acquire the personality of the animal that we have just consumed.
So if we eat lamb as do many religions, then we are for the most part passive, because lamb among many of the animals are very passive probably more passive than chickens.
The cow however has also maintained a more consistent passive role. Have you ever seen cows fighting? They just graze, rest and sleep.
As a matter of fact, for certain religions, the cow is considered very sacred and as you see for good reason.
So meat eaters before reading this have unknowingly ate strictly for taste.
As a matter of fact all religions won’t eat pork, even deep routed Christians too do not partake of pork as dictated in the bible. As a matter of fact most religions will not be in the same room with pork. Their are many reasons for not eating pork and this deserves an entire chapter.
More to come….

Still on veggies?

The last topic involved home grown vegetables and its benefits to you as an apartment farmer. We have essentially discussed the possibilities of still growing a limited amount of food in an apartment or house without access to large outdoor areas.
This is two fold for seniors because it keeps them physically mobilized during these processes.
Of course, if you are in the tropics as in the “terrorist free zone” which I have identified as below the equator. To me everything above the equator seems to be in the hot zone. Maybe that’s why cruise ships are commonly traveling to the Caribbean as opposed to Europe. I am not saying that’s it is totally trouble free, but it is at the minimum as relative to Europe.
These observations have always remained constant. The tropics has its own fruits in alignment with the temperature and other geo statistical data and as expected, they are very delicious.
So we have these observation in our sight and with it, we can plan vacations or long term alternate living, thus the piece I wrote called ” living in the maybe”.
It might be too late, since many Europeans and others have already bought into tropical real estate and many have already made it their permanent homesteads.
None the less, it is worth the extra efforts.
More to come because we have yet to discuss “meat eaters” .

Where is the food?

The foods that we eat have a great bearing on how we feel. I do understand that in today’s society money allows us to eat well or lack of money sometimes allows us to not eat at all.
I also do understand that hunger hurts and as citizens of the world, we ought to make certain that we help each other to have a decent meal. So we should take a little from ourselves and donate it to maybe a shelter or some sort.
There are many Christian organization that have designed themselves to collect and provide food for the poor and needy.
So seek out these christian organization and donate to them with a little prayer than what little you give can fill someone’s heart with contentment.
In certain places where it is possible to have a garden, the benefits of a proper vegetable meal can be more practical than lets say city folks, but none the less, you can still grow vegetables in large pots making certain that they get adequate water and sun light.
Nothing taste better than a home grown vegetable and probably is better for you, considering its pesticide free or as they say organically grown by your own hands.
So knowing these facts can allow you to make a difference in the world and also keep you healthier.
Tomorrow, we will discuss meat eaters……

Guns and attitude

Whether you like it or not, we are in a world wide conflict and I have mentioned this some time ago.
Many of you are taking this very mildly and that maybe good. It’s it is necessary to remember so that you too can be vigilant.
Many of us have never hoped for this situation, but as a famous singer put it; we didn’t start the fire.
These situations are complex as they are part and parcel of the world in which we live. When it rains, we prepare ourselves by wearing a rain coat, boots and an umbrella, so too, we must prepare ourselves for what’s presented to us.
What are the options; living in fear. Running from somebody or something doesn’t make Jack a brave boy but possibly a dead boy and I am not promoting war by any means, just simply bringing to light the inevitable.
Option 2 is to continue the attitude of what you have started.

The events of the Bible have had many attempts to establish timelines by Biblical scholars with no avail for centuries with error after error. Well it’s on your lap now, in front your door and in your face.
We have reached a vivid and yet fearful bench mark. World war three was brought to our doorstep by Isis and leaves no room for retreat, for they can change the world in a heartbeat. Isis has the power to move, to change…. to conquer and to apply extreme damage. Maybe it’s destiny that brought us to this point and destiny will decide our fate.
My recommendation is lose the guns and find the right attitude. A frequent dose of prayer.
One every hour is a good start.

I hope that You wasnt expecting me to give you a ball by ball summary of what’s coming down. I have to keep the suspense and let you earnestly work towards the goal. So yes, things a shaping just fine.

Living In the maybe.

As a world traveler at one time, who at many times would fall asleep wherever I hung my hat.
It had became both quite cumbersome and weary, but it was what it was.
However, in retrospective and also very opinionated but some of the most affordable housing or even comfortable general living condition can be found outside of the U.S. and I am not trying to devalue what was and still can be a place of the norm.
In light of all the increase in the cost of living, increase of this cost and increase in that cost, making it a place that literary seem to push me out of their creation, my argument would seem more valid.

Maybe it’s me thinking that the living conditions here is only for the elite and maybe not the simple.
None the less, it has become almost impossible to find a right niche that can satisfy both the wallet and the conditions conducive to my imaginative lifestyle expectations, which surprisingly is very very simple. Sometimes I think I invented the word simplicity, but that’s another issue.
Maybe my expectations here were a little too high in comparisons to work rendered or maybe it is just my normal conditional expectations.
Maybe I am awaiting an invitation from someone across the horizon.

The fact is that, I have experienced much more cheaper conditions elsewhere and it can be made quite comfortable, mimicking a little taste of heaven.
I am not looking for a reason to leave but then again, maybe I am subliminally positioned to an elusive condition.
Or Maybe, it’s just me.

Oh! maybe I am just being a fusspot?
Easy for you to say.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

Your feedback is required.

Which way is up?

The truth is that I have many friends who supports me and to them I say that I am truly grateful. These are people who seeks my wellbeing and the willingness to help me in any way. The greatest aspect that would come out of this is the returns from the supreme father. The gifts that he bestows to you in return.
The almighty God has set everything that way. You can’t separate the father and I. If I like you then he likes you too. If I don’t like you, then there is no way that the supreme father would ever help you or be on your side.

More to come

Which way is up?

A few years ago, I wrote a piece telling you that the end of the world began during the final minutes on the cross over two thousand years ago. Do you remember these words; I am the beginning and the end. Think of it for a while.
Times have changed since two thousand years ago. The population has increased since. We have fast moving cars, planes and boats. We didn’t have planes and cars, but much slower boats using lots of muscle power to keep them moving. There are many new things introduced to the man, but Man themselves haven’t changed much, his spirituality stayed, didn’t climb any. It was just a steady decline to earth as if they were still spiritually falling since the Book of Genesis.
That aspect of man is not something to feel good about through the eyes of God. Man have learned many more ways to kill another man. They invented many more dangerous tools to destroy another man in groups or armies and that’s not something to write home about either.
The aliens are not very happy with you either, but it is not all of you. Some of you I would recommend with full honors, feeling one hundred percent sure and there are many of you. So Yes, I do know a thing or two about aliens.
After a…..
More to come…..


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