The promise #1

I want everyone to remember this ; within you lies the a microcosm of heaven. That’s what is in you, that’s the spark that dwells within, thus the reason for going within. Now, some people see that spark in different ways, as different things, some people describe it differently because of what it does in their lives. some people see it as some power, some see it as a divine gift, but it still a tiny spark that the father have placed in everyone, believers and non-believers. It is a snapshot of heaven, a promise of a reward due to you, if you abide by the request of the father.
It’s like carrying around a picture of a house that you want to get to.
Whatever is out there, is in there. I hope you fully understand that simple statement. So the Biblical characters did have different experiences concerning that spark and so would you. As a result the effects of this tiny light would have different expressions.
So this light was placed there by the supreme father for his son, the Christ, so the world would see him as a beacon for all Christians.

Healing has been exercised by many people throughout time and it undoubtably works.
There were, and still exist great healers in this world. That’s means there is no secret to healing and by sincere praying, you too can find that ability within. I am not going to stand here and say that you can heal everything, because there will come a time, when you too will realize that in order to heal more complex sickness has to be ordain by God Himself.
These are examples of healing ; the removal of cancer, removal of tumors, reversal of strokes. There are such a wide range of diseases that can be corrected and there are many people quite capable of the task.
I am not going to give you a step by step processes because a true healer must be highly develop by Father himself or sometimes through me. That is what separate the men from the boys.
But there is no great magic to healing someone. you can start by just by simple sincere praying does the trick. Then again, I tend to make things sound simple.
There is something else to note here, that evil people heals as well. But I always make an example out of them, because their clients come to me stating that; ” someone else tried but its taking too long.” So I would get the job done in very little time usually a few minutes instead of years.
And there reaction would be ; wow!
It pays to love and follow God, but I know your head can increase in size once you start healing, but please remain humble.

This is a warning to you ; do not go to these evil people to have anything done.
Why ; because you don’t know exactly what they do to obtain the results.
They would perform all sorts of devilish works just to accomplish the same results as the heavens and for the rest of your life, you would be carrying an unnecessary burden as a result. Seek the person though prayer.
When I am set to heal someone, I carry nothing in my hands nor would you see me do anything but look at you or just listening to you.

Now, as far as your feelings are concern; there are people out there whose feelings are so much on the mark. It’s incredible. There are ways to increase the accuracy of your feelings. Try prayer and meditation, its works great because by constant successions, you too would realize the strength of your feelings. Some decades ago I wrote some papers on personal development.
Within them, I spoke about feelings and how to turn them into an accurate clocks. It works because many people out there who have read my papers, now know exactly who and when a person will call them on the phone. Ain’t that sweet? The bottom line here is that everything related to your body can be accurately sharpened.

One more note;
If I am harsh with you, it means that there is something about you that is not right, check yourself and correct it.
Some preachers out there are so enjoyable to listen to as ; Joel, jake, Jesse Hinn, Joyce and many others and i find humor in the things that they say. Great shout out to them.

I m just a messenger

The history channel has a new version of the Bible and has attracted many people breaking attendance records. Now, we have already seen the Bible illustrated from different versions, but this version has an edge. The edge was simple from the line ” He is already here” . Everyone wants to know what or who, they were referring to. Everyone is also anxious to see the timeline of events.
Just think if that line wasn’t there. It probably won’t break any record.
Or do you really think that all these people have been changed overnight to be devoted followers.

If I had asked you to become a Christian and you said no, you may have thought you’ve won. That does not deter my ability to do His work. He was never looking for a headcount on my part…. just an effort to do His work.

Go ahead and walk away with your back toward me. I would say, “Go in Peace and may God Bless You.”
That blessing that I bestowed upon you will someday be the key that will finally open your heart.
The day will come when you beckon another to become a Christian. The day will come when you beckon another to feel and experience what you have experienced.
On that day He would smile and I would smile…. for nothing would please Him more!

The Pope

The pope resigning should not be news, I am sorry I didn’t bring it to your attention sooner, but it’s something that was expected. It is prophecy unfolding!
congrats to the new pope!


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