With all the tension and more questions than answers. The one that sticks out most is the one than that’s hanging on everyone mind.

Its been a long time relationship between Putin and trump although trump says otherwise. But the facts are the facts. I also said that trump holds no good intention for democracy, which would lead into the main question. Is Putin coming to take over America. Maybe it’s too soon and it looks like next year.  I am not saying that he will have success.

What I am saying is that he has plans but he may not have the success that he is looking for. Looks like some military resistance. Never mind Trump, he is an easy sellout.
After reading this, putin might change his mind. Because it was suppose to be secretive I formation


Welcome to the Putin circus show

Before this year ends, they will be broken up.
Although the blue wall may try to stop him doing that and many other things.
So let see what happens.
As I was saying NATO will be no more.
Just the way Putin wants it.

It very hard to convince trump supporters but everyone is hoping that the American people will rise up.
Again maybe after the election.

The GOP is still stuck in the, DOH!
Wake up guys while you still have a country.
See what you can salvage.


The Russian military can not act unless they receives an order from their commander himself who is none other than Vladimir Putin himself.
So Putin is responsible for all the hacking of American elections and disrupting our democracy.
Some say Putin Should be indicted?
Some say to hold him until all questions are answered.
What say you??????

There is a possibility that trump may withdraw his military and right now he is seeking a reason to do so. This may be due to an order sent down by Putin, which will ultimately give russia more freedom. Who wants the US military up in their faces all the time, if you are the enemy.


There are laws that prevent CIA agents from so-called torture being applied to terrorists.
Locking children in cages can be considered torture. Inhumane behavior by many standards.

The trump admin have always had trouble obeying these laws and here it is, the same inhumane activities have been applied to innocent children.
Just look at their ages. Who in their right mind will want to torture these tiny tots.
A complete madman.
A Satan disguised as man using immigration as an excuse to make innocent children suffer.

Locking up children in cages is a sign of moral deficiency. There is absolutely nothing to be proud about. No moral equivalency.
No justification or attempted justification with law or laws.

Locking up children in cages with the intent of permanently separating them from their moms is inline with Hitler and Jews.

It displays the monster mentality that lurks deep in your mind and finally surfacing revealing the real you.

The monster within. There is no apology for that, none that you can offer. It’s just the way it is with you. A derange individual who need help.
Hitler had supporters too who were willing to give their little lives up for him and that they did.

So Hitler set off to have a war with the world or anyone who opposed him. Everyone did.
It kinda remind me of the current trade war with everybody.
Strangely, how life blueprints itself.

We are currently in a world war with TRUMP against the world.

The great deceiver

So his grand papa came to America as an unaccompanied minor and he was treated with respect and allowed to enter. Hmm!

He was sent to corrective school for bad and intolerable behavior. Some still wonder if they should have kept him longer or maybe just kept him.
But they didn’t and set him off in the world where he invested his father’s money into many failed opportunities.

It just wasn’t enough, destiny pushed him forward.
Fast forwarding to today. Wallah!
He became the most INTERESTING man in the world. Maybe that should read: the most IMPORTANT man in the world.

“Like never before” is his motto. All other presidents couldn’t get the job done, so he has to do it.
He is the man who the whole world was waiting for.
A man who would lead the world greatest army.
A man who would promote peace. Yes peace like never before.

It turned out that he is the man who creates MAYHEM on whatever he touches.
He creates division on whatever he touches.
The great deceiver.

How could one man put children in cages?
Here there are children trapped in caves where officials and Navy Seals RUSH to get them out, but our own Mr. MAYHEM rushes to put then in cages and sees it as a trophy hit. “It will be a deterrent,” he says.
He calls it “zero tolerance” as he beats his chest.

How can one man think of cutting social security taxes depriving the poor and gives a tax break to millionaires? Easy, because our Pres. is a man without conscience. Zero tolerance and zero empathy.
Some Millionaire sees everything in zeros.

As the Bible unfolds. We have little over 123 days left to the midterms. Please vote to save America.
Vote Dems!
More to come…


So our little Mr. Mayhem has followers. Oh yeah! He has many followers. Because they all drank the cool-aid too. They are caught, hook, line and stinker.
Thank God that there are still level-headed people left in the world. We are not saying that we don’t like trump. We aren’t saying that we hate trump. But what we are saying is that we don’t like trump’s policies towards disabled, women, impoverished people or war hero’s. That’s about eveyone else in the world.
He hates the rest of the world.

Don’t tell us, it’s what he does, not what he says.
Mr Mayhem doesn’t know what he is doing and is not allowed to speak on his own.
Maybe this horror would all pass soon and everything will be back to normal.
Maybe not, because he has to complete his work here on earth. My man 45, Mr Mayhem!

Caught between Mueller’s cross hairs, Stormy’s attacks and Cohen’s confession. That leaves trump with very little wiggle room.

It doesn’t end here. My man 45, Mr. Mayhem himself, is now in a trade war with……

Happy Independence Day America.
To all those intelligent agencies who puts their lives on the line keeping us safe. Thank you
To the media who keep us in the know, bringing to us the truth all the time.
Thank you

As the midterms approaches, keep in mind that these agencies are the fabric that binds America together.
Vote right!
Happy birthday America!

A very strange and peculiar situation happened this morning and I am bringing this up because it marked an event that I and the father talked about.
It all happened when i ask a lady if I can share the bench with her, to which she quickly responded, of course.
As she adjusted her position and I sat, she asked if I was ok. To which I responded that I am a little exhausted but I will be fine.
She then requested if she can fetch me a cart because I didn’t had one. To which I responded: oh no I just need a little time and I will be fine. It’s now beginning to whirl in my mind the kindness and compassion of this lady.
I can now feel her kind emotions as they radiate from her body
She followers up by offering me some water to which again I said that I am fine.
I know that’s it’s not very often that you run into a kind and compassionate soul.
Shortly after her entire family came up to get her and with that she explained that she was leaving and if I needed anything she would be happy to fetch it for me and with that I responded with a smile to her entire family.
As she left there was a lingering feeling of compassion to helping another souls.
If only she knew, but I think that kindness was her and is her and the day has come for her to be paid dividends from the Almighty God, just as He said. He would help those in abundance if they helped me.


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