The Rapture?


It’s noteworthy that the presence of the second Christ is a mystery to you.
The Almighty God doesn’t want you to know of it.
The Bible doesn’t want you to know of it.
So the church doesn’t want you to know of it either.
But mind you, He might be already here.

The “Dead in Christ” is more of a concern to the father and not so much of the living, and that is due to the entanglement of too much chaos and negative influences in the world. Too many anti-Christ forces.
But what’s most important is that the “Dead in Christ” have already been PURGED and that’s an important factor for entry to the kingdom of Heaven.

This all brings us to a major point. There will be no Rapture and that’s for many reasons.
The Rapture was never brought up in any conversation with Him.
The Rapture is an invention of man and nothing more.
It a misinterpretation of the Bible.
You must obey the laws of nature.
I get it. Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but no one wants to die.

It’s important that ALL souls must be PURGED and that must be through death.
Even the first Christ whom you knew had to die in order to be PURGED of this world.
There is more to Death than people may think. Especially if you have all your ducks in a row and ready for the Heavens.

More to come……

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I am contemplation whether to continue this series for lack of audience.
There weren’t too many clicks. If I get 10 thousand visitors per day, then that will be a good reason to continue.

Weapons series


Weapons 1, 2, 3, have been removed.
Stay tuned for other weapon issues.

The “crowd size” is on the table again and this time, it spells trouble for the GOP. There were millions of anti-trump women voters who held massive rallies all across America.
They made there voices heard loud and clear, while trump failed to find an agreement to solve the government shutdown.
It’s fair to say that the GOP owns this, since they’re total control at the moment.
So yes, all across the nation, women have been fired up and very adamant against the so-called trump movement.
They has been growing increasingly stronger ever since the last gathering.
Converting this to actual vote counts against the GOP, spells big trouble for them.
Trump strategy of tax reform isn’t cutting it as he expected and one of the reasons is that it cuts off the poor but gives massive breaks and refunds to the rich among other vital agendas as immigration and healthcare, women related issues.etc.
The women are proving that and are taking the fight to him.

Trump dilemma 7


It’s evolving that many South Korea prefers the friendship of the North Korea rather than the Americans. This percentage has increased significantly since the latest entry to the Olympic Games participants.
It’s a move that I expected as the north continues to charm the south, driving a wedge between the United States and it’s one time friend, the South Koreans.

Then again, the South has no choice and maybe running out of options, since the North had them in their cross-hairs for a very long time now.

There is an old saying: when your hands are in the lion’s mouth, you Don’t taunt the lion.

Of course, the looming question that’s on most everyone’s mind is whether there will be a Peninsula unification.
Don’t keep your hopes up too high on this. Not anytime soon. It’s way too far in the distant to be recognized.
Anything can happen between now and then.
Trump might decide to hit his very large workable nuclear button or Kim might just go for it too.
Kim is a fearless lone star leader, who knows precisely what his options are and is willing to exercise them.
Surprisingly, he has matured into a no-nonsense trigger-happy warrior, who acquired his attitude from none other than the Donald.

Kim continues to acquire money and knowledge. The two main ingredients that moulds him into the respected, bad boy of the world, feeding directly into trump’s dilemma.

You just never know what we will talk about next. It could be you. We don’t know either.
So keep checking in with us.

@potus is a complete mistake for presidency. Even Russia realizes that too. They think that he is a lightening rod and he is bad for the world.
Something that I have been telling u from day one.
Trump has brought the world to war, now he has to complete it for us to survive.

The continent of Africa is undoubtedly the richest soil on this earth and I am sure it has undiscovered resources that this world has yet to know about.
China who is hungry for natural resources has found it wise to interact in many different ways with Africa.
It’s a well known fact that in many countries, China has been anchoring their people there. Bringing in different businesses and making various agreements.
So it’s s clever ploy, yes and China has plans for the future and is setting to execute such plans.
So yes, they have unmasked the prize that sits below the earth’s surface in the wealthy ground, of Africa.

Stable genius ??


‪There is no such thing as a “stable genius”. All geniuses are half-cracked anyway. They quite often cross the line of sanity. ‬
Yes, the line of reality seem very blurry to them.
Genius usually have bad eating habits. Eating on the fly and extending their loose lips to things that doesn’t concern them or anyone else for that matter.
Ranting about abstract things.
Having a 3 hour conversation about why 1+1 should be 3… themselves.
Their imagination is off the charts. Seeing things that not there or never existed.
But every once in a while they get one right and then they boast about it for hours.
Sometimes they even become president. Lol

Here at the lightedstairway, you just never know what we will write about next.
It could be you.

Just for laughs.

It seems that circumstances has worked up to a heightened level of awareness. The anticipation of the inevitable that’s prevailing at the moment.
The possibility does exist, stemming from the fact of kim’s Readiness.
So Let’s not try anything provoking.
No outrageous rhetoric.
However You would get your chance of a sit down conversation, that would be around the middle of the year.
For the time being, just stand down.

Trump dilemma 4


In the midst of all this chaos, expect Russia to be involved in the next elections in favor of the GOP, once again.
The GOP is deliberately not doing anything about the prevention, so things could be in their favor.

Trump has done everything to please Russia, as in removing troops from their border which is a highly strategic move needed for Russia.
Trump, AKA Comrade Trump still refuses to implement the latest round of sanctions. As a matter of fact, he has dismantled that related agency too.

So I guess the CIA gets a day off as well.
According to trump, they don’t do a good job anyway. THEY ARENT NEEDED.

America doesn’t have much left to keep them alive anymore.
Comrade trump says he want to rebuild the military. Hmm!
That won’t be acceptable to Russia.
So Don’t expect him to do that.
Don’t be surprised if he probably would delay it as much as possible

The military is the last stray before the fall.
I don’t see you winning ww-3. As a matter of fact, any, right now.

It’s probably because you are so mangled in defense, courtesy’s of Comrade Donald Trump.

Military Morale is down and it’s probably due to the loss of proper leadership.
There you have it.
I know, I know. It’s doom and gloom.
Did you expect differently?
Listen, Russia can do anything ( anything) they want and it would be easier for them, if the Dems don’t take control in the next election.

Kim is aware of a possible trap and he may respond with the release of a missile or missiles.
Ok be careful.
Lose it!

Thank you

Back in the US
My advise to you trump is to forget this wall. It will cause great harm and you will be putting all of America at risk.
You have no idea.
I can’t say anymore at this time.

Forget campaign promise. It was a good idea then, but it’s no longer a good idea.
The last time I gave trump advise, I told him not to touch Comey. Look how that turned out.

The last time we spoke about trump, it concerned the dilemma that he might be running out of options as he was increasing being frustrated.
So Kim reading what I wrote as well, made an advance move by opening talks with South Korea.
Now, the question is what’s the outcome?
It is good that trump stop the military training. As I have repeatedly said before, it wasn’t helping the situation any.

My sources in N.korea are saying:
Kim’s quest is to drive a wedge between South Korea and America.
The big question is: would he succeed?

Keeping checking in with us here at the lightedstairway.
You just never know what we might talk about.

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