The Russian probe

In the midst of the Russian investigation. I have mentioned before that the Russian aren’t done with us as yet. No, no, no. They are working secretly to create chaos in America and with trump in the White House, they already have one foot in the door. If they can create internal chaos even between the races as what’s going on now with the NFL and with the Spanish community. Installing chaos in our agenda and they are experts at influencing the masses. Quiet and slick, but effective. As reports show they are experts at American social media.
America has equal experts here but they are not tuned in to execute such jobs. I think we have to step it up some. Gee, it just occurred to me that we have the wrong president at the moment. We need an American president to activate our intelligent agencies to answer Russian aggressive activities.
We haven’t had an American president in about eight months. Hmm!
But on the bright side, Mueller is working on it.
Houston, we have identified the problem and our man Mueller is working on it.
I am still waiting for the experts to find voter count interference.


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