Everything man is doing, doesn’t always please God #2

A Few passages taken from the ebook.

Many groups of people here in this world have clearly experienced the pain of racism at one time or another. From the blacks to the Jews and to other races going back in time. They all have been enslaved and were bitterly challenged by the mighty without any regard.
Racism brought great undeserving pain into the world and now that the world is preparing for the great cycle change, there is no need for that purpose of pain. The last sentence can be taken two very profound ways which I won’t get into.

The blacks suffered unimaginable persecution of their dignity, a potentially collective lost of moral worth, but they persevered. A people whose own innate resilience of remarkable proportions were responsible for their very own survival throughout the centuries, to tell a great tale.
All because of the racist agenda by some.
But I believe that one of the greatest come-back was the repentance by those who saw within themselves, the moral codes of right and wrong and have allowed the performance to shine, as also seen through the eyes of God.

The Jews suffered persecution by the millions, an unforgettable and regrettable holocaust, all because of one mans racist agenda. An occult leader of satanic mastership that allowed himself to not only control the masses by the waves of hand motions, but was a threat to the very existence of human kind. He threatened the cultural alignment of God by painting a selfish and unbalanced world order. A satanic movement that yield a catch of the day, of the lost souls as a result of such an evil catastrophe. It wasn’t what the supreme father intended and as such it cut across His grain, but God allowed the world to challenge this problem in conjunction with most needed heavenly help and they whole heartedly performed magnificently. A performance that undoubtedly saved the world. A great shout out to the nation who identified the problem at the bud.
I am just a messenger


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