Get those ships out.

“I love the smell of Napalm in the morning.”
with Robert Duvall (1971) said it best. (Utube)
Sniff! sniff!
Where is the napalm?

Oh! Oh!
Maybe there is peace in the valley.

I mentioned in a previous post that Kim needs concessions too.
Well he does. He needs the threat of the military out of his line of fire. I guess that’s why he had aimed his missiles at the U.S. in the first place.
So now that the US military will move out, Kim will be focus on his country and wellbeing of his people who adores him greatly.

Trump had no choice because Kim had his missiles aimed at the U.S., So he had no choice but to act.
But there is something that trump didn’t know,
that the US was safe all along.
Thanks to CNN

CNN has been seeking the positive aftermath all along. Make no mistake about that.
Their interest was not only to report the news, but also find a right outcome for the US. You can tell by wolf’s questioning.
So in essence, the “fake news media” as trump claims, really performs as an act of God.

So we are in the new threshold for North Korea’s passive role.
Kim is like any other super power who needed attention because of his might and now that he is worldly recognized, he is expected to enjoy a normal life. Smoking cigars, reading the news and running a country.
By the way, has anyone took a good look at North Korea? Not only are they a recognized super power but they also have a great infrastructure. Well designed buildings.
It’s a far cry from other dictators.

For some reason Kim was projecting such a humble spirit that the world seem to yield to him, giving almost anything he ask. So trump did.
One would easily sum up that he was just looking for his place in history, but like any animal, he would strike if provoked.

I believe with gratitude, Kim will welcome and increase the people’s religious forum, which he believes will keep his people at peace.
But in the interim may increase tourism to boost his income. Perhaps!

On another front trump might see this as virgin territory for a trump building, casino or even a golf course. Hmm!
It’s all about trump.
Trump first US second

“I love the smell of Napalm in the morning” just went viral. It’s all over Utube and all over the Internet. But sincerely, ever since I saw the movie: Apocalypse Now, decades ago. That line “l love the smell of Napalm in the morning” stuck in my mind.
Of course Robert Duvall did a excellent job too.


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