Have I lost or have I won?

Have I lost or have i won?

This is a poem written by the “lighted stairway”, about twenty or possibly twenty five years ago Clicking Here.
It came to me while I was laying face down in my pillow, tired, in a dark bedroom.
Not wanting to move as the transmission came through from the father. I grabbed a pen and what turned out to be an old letter that was sitting on the bedside table. Without moving my head still face down, I wrote this transmission, after which it took me three days to decipher, for all the lines were written over each other and numerous words were missing. However, the fun was still intact.
Finally, it was all right side up and made complete sense.
I hope that you enjoy it’s read as I did, deciphering it.

Here it is;

If I asked you to follow Christianity and you said no
you may think that I have lost and you have won.
You see, he wasn’t looking for a headcount on my part
But just an sincere effort to do his work
With your back to me as you walk away, I would say aloud;
Go in peace and God bless you!
That blessing that I have bestowed upon you
Might be the key that would finally open your heart.
Then you too would be touched
And the day would come, when you too would beckon another.
To do what I did and say what I said.
Follow the Christ.
Then He would smile…… and I would smile
For nothing in this world would give Him more pleasure.

For I am just a messenger in disguise.


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