Have the North Pole gone South? #1

It is no secret as a matter of fact nothing seems to be a secret anymore.
We are the witness to the new happenings around The world. The weather has total control over all the world as it always has, and lately we are living through the latest weather strategy, Chaos,chaos, chaos.
Some have said that there is no rhyme nor reason behind the latest weather patterns, but i believe that’s the way it suppose to be because of the times that we are in. Ultimately, we will lose the battle on the dependency concerning good weather patterns.
The summers are down to just “days of summer”
and the winters seems to be chasing away the spring.
Gardening seems to be the absent guest.
and the direction of the fishes are all in a mess.
Men are busy building bunkers way up north
And the once cold North Pole has the qualities of the south.

What’s next? Just put your hands together and Pray, pray, pray!
I am just a messenger


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