He is already here? #4

He is already here #2
I have mentioned on many occasions that; ” you would never see gentle Jesus again”. It’s not that he is staying away from man because of what happened on the cross. It’s not that you were so disobedient that he moved away from you. It’s not that he has such a distain for man.

No none of the above, but the real reason is that his message for that time required him to demonstrate humility and gentleness, setting an example for you to follow. He had shown you many new principles during that time and left a record of the way that you should live your life. He left with you the blue-print of a true Christian on the right road to the father.
His job was done and his role was completed.

It’s important to remember that all members of heaven are quite capable of defending the heavens and is also well equipped to fight against all evil. He wanted you to depend on the heavens for all your protection and everything else, because the heavens are always ready to help you against all foes. ” let the heavens do everything for you” was the mantra to carry for life and Christ taught you that.
The rule is ; as a Christian whatsoever you need and you pray diligently for it and it is in line with the supreme father, then the heavens will grant it.

His job was done, the mission completed. That role was now history. The Christ that you don’t know is different, because his orders are different. He is forbidden by the supreme father to carry the same roll as he did two thousand years ago.
He is equipped with a bloody sword in his mouth this time depicting his change of roll.

He came to teach then, now He is here to collect.
Everything about Christ must be ordain by the supreme father.
All other Gods must obey.
The Christ or the sufferer must follow the instructions of the supreme father. You must follow the advise of the Christ, the sufferer, the bridge…….. to the kingdom.
More to come…

For I am just a messenger at the moment.


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