He would help those who help me.

A very strange and peculiar situation happened this morning and I am bringing this up because it marked an event that I and the father talked about.
It all happened when i ask a lady if I can share the bench with her, to which she quickly responded, of course.
As she adjusted her position and I sat, she asked if I was ok. To which I responded that I am a little exhausted but I will be fine.
She then requested if she can fetch me a cart because I didn’t had one. To which I responded: oh no I just need a little time and I will be fine. It’s now beginning to whirl in my mind the kindness and compassion of this lady.
I can now feel her kind emotions as they radiate from her body
She followers up by offering me some water to which again I said that I am fine.
I know that’s it’s not very often that you run into a kind and compassionate soul.
Shortly after her entire family came up to get her and with that she explained that she was leaving and if I needed anything she would be happy to fetch it for me and with that I responded with a smile to her entire family.
As she left there was a lingering feeling of compassion to helping another souls.
If only she knew, but I think that kindness was her and is her and the day has come for her to be paid dividends from the Almighty God, just as He said. He would help those in abundance if they helped me.


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