The silent takeover . +update


The grand conspiracy

It is safe to say that if Hillary had won the election, we would probably have never known the stronghold that Russia had on America.

A) Money laundering with intent to control America financial institution.
B) People whose paid job it was to tear down America.
C) Having people in place for the final takedown.

Putin is truly a mastermind having a well laid-out plan to overthrow America without a war.

He even placed a trusted comrade in the Whitehorse. Donald Trump along with a US general and other spies.
Getting ready for the kill.

America! You was in serious trouble and it would have happened without you even knowing anything.

So Hillary did play a major role with her defeat, unbeknownst to her. Her defeat brought everything to light. Just as the father told me.
I did say that to you that I went to the almighty God after the election and told him: “ I lost”
RPLY: No you didn’t. You can’t lose. In time you would see. It will be all revealed to you.
Me: I was confused not knowing the full knowledge of what he was talking about.
He showed me the (US presidency for the Russian sanctions.) which I brought to your attention and it snowballed into the current knowledge.

So the father was right as always. It is now being revealed with the help of Mueller and the news media investigative reporters, who are doing such an excellent job.
Now you fully understand why trump hates the news media so much, because he knew that they would find out everything.

Yes the news media looks into everything as if they are the new guardians. It more than just news but unveiling all kinds of facts and anyone who opposes the media. Then watch out, because they are up to no good.

I know some may say that we, Americans have already lost and I think that they said that because Trump already has his seat in the White House.
Looking at it from that angle I may have to agree…..somewhat. But the fat lady haven’t sang as yet.
So we still have a chance to UNWIND what Russia have done and take the country back, even though the window of opportunity is rapidly closing. As long as he stays there.

Sometimes, Somethings are so emotionally intense to the mere fact that the jewel can be saved…..just in the nick of time.
Russia you might be very good, but we have beaten you…again.

All your operators should either be in handcuffs or im…….
Granted, the Intelligence Agencies saw abnormally excessive movement, lots of chatter, but couldn’t add it up. Until the purpose was brought to light.


Now we know that all the president’s men were busy with the biggest conspiracy of all time.


You can’t dispute what i say because we have hard evidence

What’s your opinion?


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