In summation

In summation

The world has come a long way and by the looks of things, evidently man has destroyed it.
Your report card speaks the truth concerning the current situation. It’s a Complete failure.
There is no need to boast about who invented this or who invented that, for the world is at a crisis point.
Man have proven to the almighty God that they are incapable of managing the world.
Had you abide to the Biblical teachings, things would have been different, you would have great REPECT for the earth, the seas and the sky. The American Indians had the right approach to the earth, the giver of food to sustain life.
The almighty God gave man a Pristine world, unblemished as a ripe fruit ready to fulfill all your needs, but you have failed to carry through.
Then even more bad news is that, man can not undo what they have done.

It takes a GOD to FIX it. Man have taken all the tools that were given to them and misused it, thinking that it is a cure all for everything, not knowing that basic common sense has to play a major role.
See what worshipping satan does, he got you exactly where he want you, at the doorsteps of doom and gloom.
Word has it that he even gave you all those proud inventions which you readily and happily took. There is truth to that This Site. Now, for some, your entire future lies in the hands of satan. Do You think that he will save you now?
I don’t think so.
It takes a GOD to save you from your peril.
For others, your entire future lies in the wisdom of a God, who is already here. Don’t believe me? Good, then He might just let you wait a little more until you start believing. The supreme father is so right. He is always right.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.


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