It’s not about me

You, the public have learned many bits of new information regarding the mysteries of upper spirituality. Your minds have a clearer understanding and I am looking forward to continue such process as I am allowed to by the upper forces or the heaven.  Let me remind you ; I am not the source of such knowledge but the messenger. I am not the source of doings but merely the engager. They will always let me know when and what I can release to you.  Surely, I am an entity of the Trinity and as such, my knowledge is limited to you but unlimited to me. You may find me idle at times and it’s merely because I am waiting. Everything that I do must be sanctioned by the supreme being. As the Father always said, that I dont have to do anything, it will be done for me and boy was He right. He is and always will be right. You may want this or want that in this world but He may not approve it. Case and point; He doesn’t approve “the new world order”. So the risk is yours and I can only tell you what will be, if it happens. More to come…….

For I am just the messenger at the moment. Repent!


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