Meat eaters

So as you see, it is so easy to be sidetracked and I guess it’s because there is so much to cover.
Anyway, we intended to talk about meat eaters so let’s try harder. We tend to eat many variety of meats and many of us have developed a distinct recognition for the taste and texture of each.
If you were blind folded, would you be able to recognize the meat that you are consuming? Hmm.
It goes without saying that there are energy radiation from everything. As a matter of fact, that’s how we can tell one from the other. There is also another issue of personality. As man, animals displays distinct different personalities.
These personalities are surprisingly admired and can conclusively determine with great shock.
But yes, it is astonishing to see chip monks or mice display different desires, different personalities, Just like man.
This is the grand caveat, as we eat the meat so too we consume the personality of the beast.
Ever heard the saying we are what we eat. Well it’s a lot deeper than that.
But yes we acquire the personality of the animal that we have just consumed.
So if we eat lamb as do many religions, then we are for the most part passive, because lamb among many of the animals are very passive probably more passive than chickens.
The cow however has also maintained a more consistent passive role. Have you ever seen cows fighting? They just graze, rest and sleep.
As a matter of fact, for certain religions, the cow is considered very sacred and as you see for good reason.
So meat eaters before reading this have unknowingly ate strictly for taste.
As a matter of fact all religions won’t eat pork, even deep routed Christians too do not partake of pork as dictated in the bible. As a matter of fact most religions will not be in the same room with pork. Their are many reasons for not eating pork and this deserves an entire chapter.
More to come….


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