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The lighted stairway was found on the premise of writing spiritual literature to comfort the curious and unsettled mind. Over a decade and a half ago, we were doing just that. Writing spiritual material for all levels whether you are new or whether you have been around the circuit a few times looking for information to move up to another level, that would enhance your spiritual life has been our tireless agenda.

We have occasionally wrote information for levels far beyond what this world has to offer and much greater than man’s spiritual knowledge. knowledge beyond any human on the face of this earth. Getting you ready for the master Himself.
I am the founder and author of the lighted stairway and my name is Don la Vende. ( retired). However the LightedStairway continues on with help from various people. I came into the world with unlimited supply of Divine Power, beyond any man and beyond any angel. it’s a Divine Power of supreme spirituality. Such Divine Power was bestowed by The Supreme Being Himself and as the mighty Angel said ” that’s because of who you are.”
It can’t be with any other and will be picked up when my job here is done. That’s also His instructions.

Having such strength allows me to unconditionally help others which we have done over the years. Healing diseases that are incurable.
Regardless of the fact that’s not our main purpose here in the world, but to pass the time, we have decided to use our services to help others.
So please be kind enough to help us, help others.

Email us; healmyaids@gmail.com
Phone 407 412 9752


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