‪North Korea Kim isn’t just a bad boy, but a BAD DOG for Russia and China. He is also strengthening their unity of world supremacy.‬
With the testing of the hydrogen bomb, it just proves to you that I am right. 5 more years and forget it.

With the recent hacking in the US elections, Russia has proven their expertise in their ghostly actions, leaving the world in total surprised. So America beware, because all the national polls couldn’t be so wrong.

EVERYONE was supporting one candidate, but hitting a different button at the machines.

Forget who won and who lost for a minute, just look at what happened just before your eyes and you didn’t see it. As if Magic.
Some people will say, thank you russia not really being aware of the vast implications of what just happened to them.
A major election was just thoroughly manipulated. An extremely high risk of security breached.


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