Ongoing investigation

Surely, the Republicans would like the investigation to be gone, but there is hard evidence.
Trump would like this to be “not there” but trump you were the central focus of the entire operation.
The idea was to help you get elected so that you would remove the sanctions as well as disarm the U.S. military. As well as bring in Russian forces or operators and placing them in key Government roles.
The objective was to paralyze America, so that Russia would be the dominating force here in the world.
The Russian objective is still working because Trump still haven’t implemented the approved sanctions.
He is afraid to offend Russia and that holds his end of the deal.
So as much as he said that there is no collusion. The agreement that he made for the presidency is still being fulfilled.

Is was premeditated and there is a bit of proof. Trump and Giuliani together on television discussing that they have tricks up their sleeves. Just before the elections.
Someone should find that clip.

Russia use Facebook ads to tilt the election.
Russia use Hillary emails to tilt the election.
It was report on many occasions that voter at the machine pressed on the Hillary button and trump picture came up and vanished immediately.
This isn’t proven as yet but I am sure they have deleted vote.

There you have it, so find the evidence guys.


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