Finding solace in a troubled world.
Let’s pray.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

Going my way, perhaps?

Supreme Court rules; Prayers that open town council meetings doesn’t violate constitution.
Finally America, you seems to be trying to get back on track. However, there is still work that needs to be done, because the vote was too close. 5/4
It’s safe to say that you are getting back to your roots from wandering so far off-course. There might be hope left for you after all. Your fate is in your hands. Don’t mess it up!

I can only help you if you are doing right or trying to correct your wrongs. Then I would help you in ways that no man this here world can help you.
So keep it up America and let the rest of the world praise you and look up to you, instead of hating you and always looking for ways to bring you down.

Christianity is your cradle America, don’t let the bough break.

I had very bad news news for you America, but now! let’s see how that goes.

For I was just a messenger in…

Coming up!

Which is better? prayer or meditation?

The answer coming up and don’t tell me about this man wrote this or that man wrote that. If what those man said had some degree of credence to take you there, then they should be of high standing from the supreme father. But they are not, for I was sent from the top and they have grown from the last rung of the ladder and it is not my intention to put them down. On the contrary, for they too are truly admired for their diligence.

So in essence, listen to what I have to tell you for the stripes and ranking are laden upon me in the form of his extreme power that continuously flows from me and always did. So I was told by the most high.
So Maybe, I do know a thing or two of how to get there.
So listen up!

You know, whenever I talk about power, I sometimes get this surge of attack, I understand that people out there seek me out to touch me or my clothing and I have no problems with that. Here is the thing, it is when they have bad intentions and that’s where I have issues and that’s quite understandable, from anybody standpoint.

So as I have mentioned before, I am not only protected by the heavenly host but by self elected builders, priest, rabbis and other souls who in earnest will and have collectively lend their talents to my welfare and I think that’s because of their spiritual side of which they cherish enormously.
For they see within me, the truth and most importantly ” I am who I said I am”
and they also believe that in doing so, they will rise above or expeditiously move up the stairway of higher spirituality.

I too believe that the supreme father will grant them that privilege. He always smile whenever someone helps me. For its a tough world out there, brought about by the inequities of others.
It’s what I learn to live with!

For I am just a messenger at the moment.


It’s a word that many people kick around and I am not sure if everyone truly understand what the Christ you know meant by that. So far, the have been explaining or shinning light on certain areas that needs better understanding.
Here again, the idea of forgiveness is up for re-examination.

As Christian, you were thought to forgive and it became so universal, that it lends an attitude to go ahead and live carelessly and subsequently, you won’t have anything to worry about because you will be forgiven.
All that may have just a tint of truth to it, however, at the same time, the Christ you know took His time during His existence here on earth to explain what is required of the quality of your lifestyle and of course, there is a reason for that.
So in effect, forgiveness is a BUNDLE, meaning that it doesn’t come by itself. In addition to what is also included in that bundle is not only the quality of your lifestyle, but sincere repentance.
The bottom line here is that you can’t exploit one phase of the Bundle and not the whole.

Forgiveness is not a free for all campaign and it never was. If forgiveness was so carefree as everyone described, then ask yourself. Why isn’t Satan forgiven and took his seat back up there? It has to do with trust, a security issue.
Take a look at the security of heaven and you will understand why forgiveness is just the beginning.
At judgment day, you will individually see what I am talking about, because you will be judged and forgiven accordingly cytotec pills.
So, in essence, you don’t have the power to forgive, but forgive that person in your heart and don’t introduce spite or other forms of enmity, with that, leave the rest up to those who are authorized to do same. The body of Angels will examine the entire scroll of that person and take it from there. Again, at judgment day it will become more apparent to what I am talking about.

Seek the complete package and then and only then, you won’t have anything to worry about.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

I know some Americans and I know them very well, as a result I believe that;
it’s way too early to ban affirmative actions.

We have lived on this earth for a very long time and our ancestors have had the adventures of many experiences as well. It’s chaotic in many ways and oh so confusing. Our different worldly leaderships have set their own agendas.
We have one super power defending Christianity from being slaughtered around the world, while the other administration is condemning christianity. It’s so bad that they even got the nice sweet, gentle, little nuns all riled up, that they are suing the administration. Unbelievable!
It’s amazing how someone can push you that far.
Just like the Bible stated would happen in the final days. Chaos, chaos, chaos. Courtesy of Barack Obama.
Barak! your Russian sanctions are not working, it seems that you are not getting the agreement from the other countries that you are depending upon. Contrary to what you said on national tv. Just thought that I would let you know.

More to come.

For I am just a messenger at the moment .

When an order is administered by me, it’s the father’s request and not mine.
That’s means, it must be followed on God timing and most definitely not on yours, ..kinda like immediately.
Always remember, where the supreme father is concerned, you no longer have a time table, so you must make his request an utmost priority and get it done, like yesterday.
The supreme father is very responsive at this phase of the world.
So please, put away your egos and your stance in life and follow through with it and all will be well. As long as you keep reading what I am writing on this website, because he might just kicks in. So all will be well, because it’s coming straight from Him. I am just a messenger.
I don’t follow what’s going on around the world all the time, but he does and when he wants to say something about it, then I will talk or give an order or something.

I have a few bombshells to deliver, some you may like and some you may not. Soon.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

I read on the paper that the founder of the biblical code has the last laugh.
My question is; did he really have the last laugh?
He might be rich from this but the end result is;
Is he now the same size as an Elephant and I wonder if he can pass through the eye of a needle.
Their goes his last laugh and there are many in the world who laugh at Christ and laugh at the supreme Father.
He might ague that the bible made him do it.
But he didn’t follow the teachings of Christ… in the bible.

As was written; In the final days, the people will make fun of God, make fun of Christ, make fun of the Bible, make fun of everything in heaven.
Heaven is real and Hell is real and so is Death. We all have to die and die poor, for you will be stripped of everything. Now that judgement is here once again, this is also the end of recycling. Time to go up or down.

There goes your last laugh, your laughter at God, your laughter at Christ, your laughter at the Bible, your laughter at religion. Your last laugh before …….

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

I want to re-address this topic which was initiated some time ago.
Man meaning logical thinkers use a strategy of sequencing. A logical deduction allows them to move to the other step. All scientific theories comes about using this method. So the dots must be connected in order to deduce.
If the dots aren’t in a sequential order them the summation will be aborted.
This is the pathway of man. There is nothing wrong with that, as a matter of fact that’s the bases of all the mechanics of science. All equations, all theories, etc..

However, the Almighty God works on a different premise. He is the commander behind everything. The method in which the Father approaches such a problem is unique and doesn’t follow a logical sequence of events.
The Father will give you the results or the summation, them the logical sequence of events prior to the summation will all fall into place.
Ain’t that pretty?

Everything in the universe that has the slightest connection with the summation will obey the Father and follow in its predetermined action or actions.
Ain’t that sweet?
How can you not love God?

Even if you are a lazy scientist, then you must love God even more, because after you have identified your results, just sit back for the prior steps to fall into place. Lol

Not so fast hombre! Of course that would never happen because that’s the work of only a God…..from the Holy Trinity and these procedures are called,…. Miracles.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

What control??

It’s safe to say that the degree of frictional intensity seems to be increasing in the world, but I have yet to see the reason. Maybe that’s the way it supposes to be.
However as I said before that control of the world is no longer reachable by man for the time being. This means that whatever is done at the moment will have a non-calculated or non-determined output. You can also look at this in a different way; As situations that would have seemed not just rudimentary but also premeditated, will via away from what should have been. Away from the hands of man.

More to come………
For I am just a messenger at the moment.


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