What has to be remembered here is that you must follow the supreme father wishes.
This Is extremely important,….if you want to get anywhere in this world.
You may have a grand idea of your way of doing things or even a particular lifestyle, but it may not be in alignment with the Almighty God. This will open a whole new can of worms for you.
You may also think that populous will make a difference. I don’t think so.

The Father rules and whether you are in agreement or not, will impact the world one way or another. Why? Because this is the time for it. We are in the final stages and don’t question that. I have proven this too many times, for those who have been constantly reading this website.

One hundred years ago or even less it will appear that you will get away with whatever you do.
But lately, everything seems to have an immediate response, an immediate feedback.

I am just the voice who spotlight these changes. The father along with the entire heavenly host does the rest.
See that empty seat next to Him, it’s mine. If you have problems believing that, then go ahead and try to occupy it and God will act immediately. I promise!

You may think I speak harshly with a voice of a warrior. It’s because I have been hardened by the rough of men.

Maybe thats why the Christ you know, took the quick way out, because back then, he was ordered not to oppose you, but to be gentle.

The acquisition of power is a job of the supreme father, a God and definitely not man.

Many years ago my personal quest was to douse selected individuals with divine strength and I still do today. It has to be done by me and only by me.
That’s the way He has designed it.

You have no idea how great thou art. You just don’t know but I hope as you read these writings, you will have a clearer vision.
The bottom line here is to respect the supreme father and respect His wishes.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

It’s time to register the time line of events which is critically important. Even scientists tend to track the worldly affairs of Biblical events. It’s normal because their very existence depends on it.
If your existence is threatened then it would be normal to know which way the wind is blowing.
NASA spends enormous amount of time looking in space for straying asteroids heading towards earth and I sure their are many others space enthusiast around the globe who have the same interest in the subject.
We have reached the point where man has lost control of the world. The spokes are now gone.
What is He talking about?
What spokes?
Nostradamus review of the final days has also the similar drawing of a ships steering wheel having no spokes.
No spoke means the control is lost.
Control went back to the Almighty God.

More to come…….,
For I am just a messenger at the moment

Intentionally removed

Who needs who?

I often bring up the point to many because it demonstrates how far can you go without the help of the supreme father.
The answer is simple; not very far and as a matter of fact ” nowhere”. These times are very crucial because we are in the final stages and survival seems to be unimaginable, but not impossible. There are people out there who believes that satan is the answer and the savior. The truth is satan does have as much of a chance as a snow ball in hell. His time has come and this time belongs to the supreme father. The choice is steering you right in the face. Take care of God’s entities and they will take care of you. Turn your back on them and they will turn away from you and the supreme father will do the same.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

Where is God?


Where is God?….. they cried.. and it becomes music to the ears of the atheist. I can understand that the feeling gets like this at times. Faith is our true friend as a matter of fact, it’s the only friend during these times.
Listen, we all have to wait and wait, but continue waiting, because He will answer. The quicker responses come to those who are alway well tuned.
What does well tuned means? Those that are always in prayer, day in and day out and believe me, I have been there.
The more you pray the more that you are moved up another level and you would feel it.
So yeah, God is there for those who carry His banner of prayer and I don’t mean those people who rush through prayer but take there time and meditate.

we all pray with sone degree of hope. Some people pray with the hope, that it lands correctly, some people pray as a way of trial, others pray with proper knowledge and technique. All in all, you as the reader would find something of interest that would benefit you. I will explain to you, how to spiritually prepare yourself to get the most out of your prayer indulgence.
Moe to come

For I am just a messenger at the moment

A bad image

The spirit! #1

The spirit!

Your spirit, the invisible image that takes the shape of your body and has the ability to move around at will.
Let’s talk about the makeup of the spirit and what it can do.
This topic holds interest to all and more so to the advance seekers.
It’s made up of a sort of invisible matter that can be felt but is intangible, can’t be squeezed between the fingers, can’t be dropped and has no resistance to external motion.

More to come
For I am just a messenger at the moment.



In a horse race, we focus on the favorite and we want that horse to win. Sometimes we expect some miraculous event to instantly happen, just so that our favorite horse can surprisingly spring ahead of the pack. We sweat, cross our fingers and may even mumble words that mimic praying.
But have we taken our eyes away from Destiny? Remember Destiny, that’s the marker. As a rule everything that we do. we must remember, Destiny.

Destiny is the maker or breaker of all your desires, all your fears, all your wants, all your needs. But Destiny has been the least one of our thinking. It’s the one that we always omit. It’s the one that we have forgotten.

His name is Destiny and he was sent from God. Destiny is the rule of God. It’s the direction of God, it’s the trump card of God, it’s the directional pathway of the almighty God.

Destiny is the blue print of the Plans of the Almighty God. Destiny is what you Never, ever want to tamper with. You would never win! As a rule, all your plans whether they are worldly or not, must conform to that of destiny.

Everything that you have or would challenge in life must be compared to Destiny, always remember how you are placed or positioned through the eyes of Destiny.

If you know Destiny, then you would win in all of life. But how do you know if you are conforming to Destiny?
The answer and more to come….

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

Prayer is one of the most important, if not the greatest door or channel to the heavenly host. It worked yesterday and it’s working today and will continue to work tomorrow. The sincerity of the heart is most needed ingredient. Although it’s extremely important to pray collectively in an appropriate place of worship as a church. We will focus on the raw that’s not having a church available.
What I am alluding to, it’s that when you are alone away from all and you feel in the mood to pray (when He is calling you) then the sincerity of the heart is all that is needed. You don’t have to go into the bushes or climb some dense obscure mounting top to find the father.
Speaking from experience, when the father wants to communicate with you, He would send the Angel to inform you of His meeting or if He has to send something to you, it will come at the most appropriate time as per His judgment and not yours, as such, you must stop whatever you are doing and go into a quiet area and wait.
More to come…..

For I am just a messenger at the moment.


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