The Russian probe

In the midst of the Russian investigation. I have mentioned before that the Russian aren’t done with us as yet. No, no, no. They are working secretly to create chaos in America and with trump in the White House, they already have one foot in the door. If they can create internal chaos even between the races as what’s going on now with the NFL and with the Spanish community. Installing chaos in our agenda and they are experts at influencing the masses. Quiet and slick, but effective. As reports show they are experts at American social media.
America has equal experts here but they are not tuned in to execute such jobs. I think we have to step it up some. Gee, it just occurred to me that we have the wrong president at the moment. We need an American president to activate our intelligent agencies to answer Russian aggressive activities.
We haven’t had an American president in about eight months. Hmm!
But on the bright side, Mueller is working on it.
Houston, we have identified the problem and our man Mueller is working on it.
I am still waiting for the experts to find voter count interference.

Gun toting nazis

Intentionally removed


It confuses me to the understanding that people who don’t believe in God also believes in superstitious activities. They believe in one form of spirituality but doesn’t believe the other. I am lumping superstition as a form of pliable unknown. As an unknown to them, it falls under the influence of spiritual conduct. It’s a low-level spiritual angel, that has been handed down from some implication of the truth. Just goes to show that before the advent of incandescent light, man indulged is a gratuitous amount of spiritual affairs.
Fast forwarding to today, the influence moved over to social media, money and Power. Mimicking a shortcut to the top, omitting the basics.
But realistically, the progress of man spirituality depends on his personal indulgence, while hugging the basics. In essence, creating an infusion with the basics will ultimately ensure a proper spiritual command, with time.
Strengthening your foundation in preparation of future spiritual growth to the, next level.
Which brings us back full circle. If you believe in any spiritual format, then it would be prudent and rewarding to believe in the almighty God. Don’t deny him, because Hell can be a burning torture.

Who needs Jesus????
June 6,
As I have always told you how God works. There was once upon a time and granted, it’s necessary when starting a religion. That the proper mental preparation was imposed upon you as a novice. The positive and holy aspect of looking at situations and at the world, was the platform from which the Christian religion was built. Honor thy neighbor. Help the poor. Love thy enemy, humble yourself to the almighty God. Honor thy father and mother. Don’t do this and don’t do that. So the philosophical approach was introduced to you as your new thinking and it was and still is imperative to have everyone on the same page.
Having the right thought pattern was the key or the most needed approach, not only to live your righteousness lives, but to be accepted to the Heavens and indeed, it is necessary.
The pious mentality engulfed with humility and lamentable attitude was always the door to the next level. But to this date, many will question this approach and many have. They will want to question the almighty father and oppose Him to the very end.
Many have thought; if you grow up in a good family and go to the fine colleges, get a fine education, get a good job. Who needs Jesus?
Have an exotic car, a dog, large house and a cool few millions in the bank. I have reached, said he.
Who needs Jesus?
That’s for the poor people, not us the middle class or the rich. Who needs Jesus?
Well the truth is; there is no argument there.
If you believe that you have conquered, then there is no argument there and I am not going to preach you a sermon.
Bad news!
The only very bad news is that when you die, you are stripped of everything because God now takes over.
All that you ever worked for and ever stressed over. All the best schooling and the fine kids and big dog, big house and the cool millions are now taken away.
In essence, you are back at square one.
Well, who cares. It was a nice ride!
Indeed it was, but it isn’t over,
Not at any stretch.
Why? Because you are now the subject of all your actions. Everything that you ever did in life, both good and bad are presented to you.
The big decision has to be made about your next level. Where to allocate you? We have to put you somewhere. Almighty God wants your souls and Satan wants your souls too.
But it isn’t up to you. Where you go next is up to us. Better yet, it all depends on the quality of your soul.
So you are now dead and you stand there stripped of everything awaiting your fate. Ask yourself this question; in your glorious days having fine school, fine job, fancy car, the grand house, millions in the bank. Your attitude told the story: who needed Jesus then!
Remember the phrase ; who needs Jesus? Well, so you are standing there hoping you will be living with the father in his glory. But you didn’t want Jesus when you had everything but you want him now. This subject will be brought up as a Turning point against you and the result may not be good. You didn’t need him then. Don’t think you can live with Him in glorious Heaven after.
Death is just the beginning!
Life on earth was just your big examination.
Eternity is what it is, forever. While your time on earth was just temporary.

We must continue to pray. If you ignore God, then the almighty God will ignore you too. Disasters will always reminds us who is the Boss.
Always remember that we are placed here to correct our actions, not to go wild and protest the father’s advice. So to those devoted Christians, continue the sanctity of your life’s work.
Never protest the father. You have no position.
Don’t let people who misunderstands the Bible, tell you otherwise. Always Humble yourself and honor God’s word.

Deleted post sorry you missed it

It has been many exhausting months now since trump, the elections and the sanctions have been exposed. It’s gratifying to say thank you, to the United States house and the senate for their added sanctions.
A bipartisan group of senators is moving to check President Trump on Russia by bolstering congressional oversight before he can lift sanctions.
Great news, keeping Russia in check.
Thank you!

Everyone knows that trump was inquiring about pardoning himself and his children. It goes to show that he is worrying about what’s to come. His lawyers talked about “statute of limitations” but apparently it has no bearing on Mueller’s investigation.

The almighty God is always right. He said to me that very soon new revelations will be exposed to you and there it was.
Believe in God!
Trust me people
Believe in God!
He has armed me, he has empower me, he has fortified me with all of His own divine Power.
I can go on and on.
Trust in Him and believe.
For He believes in me, with this I can stand here and tell you.
Believe in God.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

Ps 7/29/2017
As I said. After the elections, I knew something was not passing the smell test. So be that as it may, I consulted the supreme father and told Him that I think I lost. His reply was that, I did not lose and in time it will be revealed to you.
The message here is what started the investigation of the infiltration of the Democracy of these U.States.
Let me say one more thing.
The Almighty God is very active in the world at the moment. Some may have noted this, while others may have not.
None the less, it’s the truth.
The world is undergoing a metamorphosis with each power throughout the world flexing their muscles. I am on it, observing everything and everyone. As if I had a choice in the matter, but I don’t. He wants me to be left right and center, observing everything.
So stay tune, as it gets juicy.
I want to say some words about the illuminati. First off, they have never really rolled out the red carpet but quite the opposite. Their rule seem to be: any help we give to you must result in, what’s in it for them.
I have to remind them that the almighty God stands firm and makes no deals with anyone. It’s not an answer they want to hear, but it’s an answer that they must accept.
Their fate always lies at the short end of the stick, since the almighty God holds all their cards, primarily of life and death of which no one has control of but Him, the father.
Whether you are an illuminati member or not, the fate of your soul may not lie in Satan’s hands. Whatever you do can make all of the difference in your life.
Ironically, many people and mystics have changed and are currently following Christianity.
Sadly, Bunkers may not be your dependable lifeline as expected either. Why? Because…..
Anyway, on a better note, the father has always said that those who helps me will always be highly rewarded.
For I just a messenger at the moment.


It’s atrocious that after all the warnings and pleas which I have thrown out to the public and directed it also to tv ministers. One would think that there is some direction to God.
The evangelical ministers actions are contrary to the plea of the father’s. Take my words very seriously guys, because I am not joking. I never joke with matters of the father. You may not see with me on some issues, but that doesn’t mean I am wrong. It means you are opposing the words and wishes of the father.
It means that the ground that you are standing on has changed for you.
It means changes are there and may not occur here on earth. Remember whatever you do here can be redirected or affect a direction or decision for you. It means that there is a possibility that the forthcoming changes maybe not in your favor.
Everything that I ever told you must come through, because that’s the way he has set it. So I am not disappointed, oh no. After spending so much time on earth, I am not surprised of your actions either. In time you will understand what I am talking about. Remember, a tint of evil is all that’s needed to keep Heaven away.
I have always ask: Do you think that you know the father better than I? Then why is there no evidence presented as I look at you. I see you the same as I see someone in your congregation. As a matter of fact, I can’t tell of your supposed advance stance with the father as you may have in your mind, because there is none.
Yet still you oppose him. God has always said to me that those who ever opposed you are evil and I must remember that. Evil can not enter through the gates of Heaven.
So you can continue to have fun and be happy with the things that you are doing, but when the time comes, well.
There is someone here on earth who is the key to your entry. Believe it or not!
For I am just a messenger at the moment, ahem!


The rise

There seem to be a rise of evil in the world setting out to be out of control, but ironically it’s being harvested by the managing elite. But that’s no surprise and it’s nothing new. However, there seem to be no voice that man heeds to and that’s the disappointing aspect. When all chaos seems to be uncontrollable, then you can smell the danger all around.
The question is: If this is the way it has to be?
It’s even more dangerous when things just presents itself, sneaking up on you as if it’s part of your life.
Those voices along with my voice, yes these seemingly quiet voices that virtually has no overtones to your guidance, as they try in vain to save mankind in an effort to steer you right. Maybe it’s Hope, which is your last line of defense, the hope that may save you or ……maybe not. It’s not the hope,….maybe it is you.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

Stuck in the rut

Everybody wants an edge with the almighty God and they would attempt all desperate moves. The General consensus of the father’s view of man is not favorable. You should have concluded that from atrocities as the great flood. A lesson to be learned that you are judged by your thoughts, words and deeds which was and still basic concepts. People tend to ignore these little actions and tend to migrate to the bigger things, but these are what’s required. Time and time again, the almighty have indicated to you exactly what he is looking for. It is no secret, but man think otherwise and then they wonder why they would be stuck in the rut. In time you will see what I am talking about. Take care of the poor said He, but man thinks the opposite. Forget the poor while I win votes, forget the poor while I get rich. Life is all about the NOW and not a promise of something in the sky.
While I just stand by and watch you for the day will come when I will watch you as you eat your words, but it maybe too late.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.


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